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Shot Put, Women

Date26 July 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants20 from 13 countries

The favorite was likely Tamara Tyshkevich (URS) but her countrywoman Galina Zybina had thrown 15.19 (49-10) a few weeks before the Olympics, but that was never ratified as a world record. In The Complete Book of the Olympic Games Wallechinsky has noted of her, “Zybina had watched her mother and brother die of cold and starvation during World War II. She barely survived herself and entered adolescence thin and sickly.” During the competition, Zybina had the three longest throws and had secured the gold medal with her opening round 15.00 (49-2½). In the final round, she recorded a world record of 15.28 (50-1¾). Marianne Werner (FRG) put 14.57 (47-9¾) in round six to prevent the Soviet medal sweep.

1490Galina ZybinaURS13.66 (3)15.28 (1)GoldWR
2763Marianne WernerGER13.62 (4)14.57 (2)Silver
3491Klavdiya TochonovaURS13.88 (1)14.50 (3)Bronze
4492Tamara TyshkevichURS12.76 (8)14.42 (4)OR
5767Gertrud KilleGER13.71 (2)13.84 (5)
6971Yvette WilliamsNZL12.64 (10)13.35 (6)
7342Marija RadosavljevićYUG13.15 (5)13.30 (7)
8839Meeri SaariFIN12.57 (=12)13.02 (8)
9649Paulette VesteFRA12.91 (7)12.96 (9)
10593Magdalena BregułaPOL13.05 (6)12.93 (10)
11768Dorothea KressGER12.57 (11)12.91 (11)
12913Jaroslava Křítková-KomárkováTCH12.57 (=12)12.73 (12)
13720Eivor OlsonSWE12.70 (9)12.46 (13)
14343Nada KotlušekYUG12.35 (14)11.98 (14)
15 r1/216Ingeborg PfüllerARG11.85 (15)
16 r1/2594Elżbieta KrysińskaPOL11.50 (16)
17 r1/2869Gretel BolligerSUI11.48 (17)
18 r1/21052Janet DicksUSA11.44 (18)
19 r1/215Ingeborg MelloARG10.82 (19)
20 r1/2373Choi Myeong-SukKOR10.76 (20)
DNS884Agnes OlsenDEN– (DNS)
DNS239Raayah RonISR– (DNS)
DNS290Lotte HaideggerAUT– (DNS)
DNS238Olga WinterbergISR– (DNS)
DNS116Esther BrandRSA– (DNS)
DNS318Toyoko YoshinoJPN– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (26 July 1952 — 10:00)

All those reaching 12.30 metres advanced to the final.

119Klavdiya TochonovaURS13.8813.88-QOR
27Gertrud KilleGER13.7113.71-Q
326Galina ZybinaURS13.6613.66-Q
422Marianne WernerGER13.6213.62-Q
516Marija RadosavljevićYUG13.1513.15-Q
63Magdalena BregułaPOL13.0513.05-Q
721Paulette VesteFRA12.9111.8111.9412.91Q
820Tamara TyshkevichURS12.7612.76-Q
914Eivor OlsonSWE12.7011.8911.8912.70Q
1023Yvette WilliamsNZL12.6411.2612.64Q
119Dorothea KressGER12.5712.0612.57Q
=1210Jaroslava Křítková-KomárkováTCH12.5712.57-Q
=1218Meeri SaariFIN12.5712.57-Q
148Nada KotlušekYUG12.3512.35-Q
1515Ingeborg PfüllerARG11.8511.4211.8511.30
1611Elżbieta KrysińskaPOL11.5010.7610.7111.50
171Gretel BolligerSUI11.4811.2910.8411.48
185Janet DicksUSA11.4410.82×11.44
1912Ingeborg MelloARG10.8210.829.9710.33
204Choi Myeong-SukKOR10.7610.5410.3210.76
DNS13Agnes OlsenDEN
DNS17Raayah RonISR
DNS6Lotte HaideggerAUT
DNS24Olga WinterbergISR
DNS2Esther BrandRSA
DNS25Toyoko YoshinoJPN

Final Round (26 July 1952 — 15:10)

19Galina ZybinaURS15.2815.0014.5814.0414.5514.3315.28WR
25Marianne WernerGER14.5713.8913.91××14.0414.57
310Klavdiya TochonovaURS14.5014.42×14.5014.1114.0614.35
412Tamara TyshkevichURS14.4214.4214.1313.5714.0013.4513.88OR
513Gertrud KilleGER13.84×12.4913.4813.7713.7413.84
614Yvette WilliamsNZL13.3512.2711.5413.3512.6812.2811.73
74Marija RadosavljevićYUG13.3013.23×13.30
82Meeri SaariFIN13.0212.0512.6113.02
96Paulette VesteFRA12.9612.9612.2312.88
108Magdalena BregułaPOL12.93×12.3912.93
117Dorothea KressGER12.9112.9112.5212.61
1211Jaroslava Křítková-KomárkováTCH12.7312.1812.5912.73
131Eivor OlsonSWE12.4612.4611.2812.05
143Nada KotlušekYUG11.9811.98×11.76