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High Jump, Men

Date23 November 1956
LocationMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants28 from 19 countries

At the US Olympic Trials in June, Charlie Dumas had cleared 7-0⅝, becoming the first man to legally jump over 7-feet. The mark was ratified by the IAAF as 2.15 and 7-0½. The Americans dominated the world list with only Sweden’s Bengt Nilsson, 1954 European Champion, considered a threat, but he was injured shortly before leaving for Melbourne and failed to qualify for the final. The big surprise of the competition was Charles “Chilla” Porter, jumping in front of his home fans, who delighted in his successes. He had little reputation but pushed Dumas to the end. Dumas was clear thru 2.08 (6-9¾) and then had one miss at 2.10 (6-10¾), Porter also clearing on his third attempt. That had Dumas in the lead but he also went over 2.12 (6-11½) on his third attempt to solidify the gold.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1323Charlie DumasUSA1.92 (=4)2.12 (1)GoldOR
2307Charles PorterAUS1.92 (=4)2.10 (2)SilverOR
3326Igor KashkarovURS1.92 (=1)2.08 (3)BronzeOR
4321Stig PetterssonSWE1.92 (=7)2.06 (4)OR
5310Ken MoneyCAN1.92 (17)2.03 (5)
6328Vladimir SitkinURS1.92 (=1)2.00 (6)
=7308Colin RidgewayAUS1.92 (16)2.00 (=7)
=7324Phil ReavisUSA1.92 (=7)2.00 (=7)
9316Julius ChigboluNGR1.92 (=4)2.00 (9)
10325Vern WilsonUSA1.92 (=7)2.00 (10)
11619Maurice FournierFRA1.92 (3)1.96 (11)
=12315Yukio IshikawaJPN1.92 (=13)1.96 (=12)
=12322Patrick EtoluUGA1.92 (=7)1.96 (=12)
14620Ajit SinghIND1.92 (=13)1.96 (14)
15621Ernie HaisleyJAM1.92 (19)1.96 (15)
16312Peter WellsGBR1.92 (=7)1.96 (16)
17320Ciriaco BarondaPHI1.92 (21)1.92 (17)
18317Joseph LeresaeKEN1.92 (=13)1.92 (18)
19318Vincent GabrielNGR1.92 (22)1.92 (19)
20288Yang C. K.TPE1.92 (=7)1.86 (20)
=2162José da ConceiçãoBRA1.92 (18)1.86 (=21)
=21311Nagalingam EthirveerasingamSRI1.92 (20)1.86 (=21)
23 r1/2314Gian Mario RoveraroITA1.88 (23)
=24 r1/2309John VernonAUS1.82 (=24)
=24 r1/2466Maridjo WirjodimedjoINA1.82 (=24)
26 r1/2320Bengt NilssonSWE1.82 (26)
27 r1/2467I Gusti Putu Oka MonaINA1.82 (27)
AC r1/2327Vladimir PolyakovURS– (NH)
DNS639Víctor CarmonaPUR– (DNS)
DNS313Brendan O'ReillyIRL– (DNS)
DNS286Walter HerssensBEL– (DNS)
DNS76Richard EstickJAM– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (23 November 1956 — 10:00)

All those clearing 1.92 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.70 m1.78 m1.82 m1.88 m1.92 m
=1Igor KashkarovURS1.92001----oQ
=1Vladimir SitkinURS1.92001----oQ
3Maurice FournierFRA1.92002--o-oQ
=4Charles PorterAUS1.92003o--ooQ
=4Julius ChigboluNGR1.92003o-o-oQ
=4Charlie DumasUSA1.92003o--ooQ
=7Peter WellsGBR1.92004o-oooQ
=7Stig PetterssonSWE1.92004-ooooQ
=7Yang C. K.TPE1.92004o-oooQ
=7Patrick EtoluUGA1.92004oo-ooQ
=7Phil ReavisUSA1.92004o-oooQ
=7Vern WilsonUSA1.92004o-oooQ
=13Ajit SinghIND1.92005oooooQ
=13Yukio IshikawaJPN1.92005oooooQ
=13Joseph LeresaeKEN1.92005oooooQ
16Colin RidgewayAUS1.92014o-xo-oQ
17Ken MoneyCAN1.92015xoo-ooQ
18José da ConceiçãoBRA1.92016oxooooQ
19Ernie HaisleyJAM1.92025o--xxooQ
20Nagalingam EthirveerasingamSRI1.92115o-ooxoQ
21Ciriaco BarondaPHI1.92116ooooxoQ
22Vincent GabrielNGR1.92136o--xxoxoQ
23Gian Mario RoveraroITA1.88003o-ooxxx
=24John VernonAUS1.82003ooox--
=24Maridjo WirjodimedjoINA1.82003oooxxx
26Bengt NilssonSWE1.82136xoxoxo-xxx
27I Gusti Putu Oka MonaINA1.82224-oxxox--
NHVladimir PolyakovURS
DNSVíctor CarmonaPUR
DNSBrendan O'ReillyIRL
DNSWalter HerssensBEL
DNSRichard EstickJAM

Final Round (23 November 1956 — 14:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.80 m1.86 m1.92 m1.96 m2.00 m2.03 m2.06 m2.08 m2.10 m2.12 m2.14 m
1Charlie DumasUSA2.122412--oooxoooxoxxoxx-OR
2Charles PorterAUS2.102311o-oooooxoxxoxxxOR
3Igor KashkarovURS2.08006--ooooooxxxOR
4Stig PetterssonSWE2.06227--ooooxxoxxxOR
5Ken MoneyCAN2.03117oooooxoxxx
6Vladimir SitkinURS2.00003--oooxxx
=7Colin RidgewayAUS2.00004o-oooxxx
=7Phil ReavisUSA2.00004-ooooxxx
9Julius ChigboluNGR2.00048-xoxxoxooxxx
10Vern WilsonUSA2.00115-oooxoxxx
11Maurice FournierFRA1.96002--ooxxx
=12Yukio IshikawaJPN1.96003-oooxxx
=12Patrick EtoluUGA1.96003-oooxxx
14Ajit SinghIND1.96004ooooxxx
15Ernie HaisleyJAM1.96114o-oxoxxx
16Peter WellsGBR1.96126ooxoxoxxx
17Ciriaco BarondaPHI1.92113-oxoxxx
18Joseph LeresaeKEN1.92114ooxoxxx
19Vincent GabrielNGR1.92225ooxxoxxx
20Yang C. K.TPE1.86001-oxxx
=21José da ConceiçãoBRA1.86002ooxxx
=21Nagalingam EthirveerasingamSRI1.86002ooxxx