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Long Jump, Women

Date31 August 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico, Roma
Participants30 from 18 countries

In August East German Hildrun Claus twice broke the world record at the German Olympic Trials and was favored. Elżbieta Krzesińska was also back to defend her title. But the gold medal went to Vera Krepkina, better known as a sprinter, and the co-holder of the 100 metre world record. She had placed second in the 100 at the 1958 European Championships, but had no major podium finishes in the long jump. Claus led the final in round one with 6.21 (20-4½), before Krepkina took over with 6.22 (20-5) in the third round. In round four Krepkina delivered the gold medal mark with 6.37 (20-10¾), while Krzesińska moved into second with 6.25 (20-6¼). She would improve that in round six with 6.27 (20-7) to cement the silver medal, Claus holding on for the bronze but never improving her opening jump.

1159Vera KrepkinaURS6.14 (3)6.37 (1)GoldOR
2151Elżbieta KrzesińskaPOL6.13 (4)6.27 (2)Silver
388Hildrun ClausGER6.21 (2)6.21 (3)Bronze
486Renate JunkerGER6.00 (7)6.19 (4)
5171Lyudmila RadchenkoURS5.83 (16)6.16 (5)
687Helga HoffmannGER5.90 (12)6.11 (6)
753Joke BijleveldNED5.90 (13)6.11 (7)
8172Valentina ShaprunovaURS5.80 (=18)6.01 (8)
9195Mary BignalGBR6.33 (1)6.01 (9)
1019Beverly WeigelNZL6.12 (5)5.98 (10)
11153Maria ChojnackaPOL5.95 (10)5.98 (11)
12109Fumiko ItoJPN5.88 (14)5.98 (12)
13152Maria BibroPOL5.92 (11)5.86 (13)
14139Madeleine ThétuFRA5.96 (9)5.85 (14)
154Norma Croker-FlemingAUS5.80 (=18)5.82 (15)
16128Willye WhiteUSA6.07 (6)5.77 (16)
179Helen FrithAUS5.98 (8)5.62 (17)
18141Brita JohanssonFIN5.84 (15)5.57 (18)
19200Christina PersighettiGBR5.82 (17)5.57 (19)
20 r1/2108Akiko FukudaJPN5.78 (20)
21 r1/2185Piera TizzoniITA5.65 (21)
22 r1/237Vlasta PřikrylováTCH5.64 (22)
23 r1/210Sylvia MitchellAUS5.60 (23)
24 r1/217Visitación BadanaPHI5.59 (24)
25 r1/213Lin Chau-TaiTPE5.51 (25)
26 r1/2110Yasuko KimuraJPN5.45 (26)
27 r1/231Sally McCallumCAN5.22 (27)
28 r1/2207Ilana KaraszykISR5.08 (28)
29 r1/2214Aycan ÖnelTUR4.97 (29)
AC r1/2127Annie SmithUSA– (AC)
DNS24Gertrude FriesAUT– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (31 August 1960 — 9:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 5.80 metres advanced to the final.

124Mary BignalGBR6.33×6.33-Q
225Hildrun ClausGER6.216.21--Q
314Vera KrepkinaURS6.146.14--Q
49Elżbieta KrzesińskaPOL6.136.13--Q
520Beverly WeigelNZL6.12×6.12-Q
61Willye WhiteUSA6.076.07--Q
78Renate JunkerGER6.006.00--Q
829Helen FrithAUS5.985.98--Q
918Madeleine ThétuFRA5.965.745.96×Q
1022Maria ChojnackaPOL5.955.95--Q
1112Maria BibroPOL5.925.92××Q
126Helga HoffmannGER5.905.62×5.90Q
1327Joke BijleveldNED5.905.90--Q
1413Fumiko ItoJPN5.885.715.88×Q
155Brita JohanssonFIN5.845.655.84×Q
1631Lyudmila RadchenkoURS5.835.705.83-Q
1726Christina PersighettiGBR5.825.82--Q
=187Norma Croker-FlemingAUS5.805.80--Q
=1828Valentina ShaprunovaURS5.805.80--Q
204Akiko FukudaJPN5.785.78××
2130Piera TizzoniITA5.655.63×5.65
223Vlasta PřikrylováTCH5.645.645.57×
2321Sylvia MitchellAUS5.605.475.205.60
2416Visitación BadanaPHI5.595.385.59×
2510Lin Chau-TaiTPE5.515.514.545.10
2611Yasuko KimuraJPN5.45××5.45
2717Sally McCallumCAN5.224.97×5.22
2819Ilana KaraszykISR5.084.784.925.08
292Aycan ÖnelTUR4.974.974.924.84
AC23Annie SmithUSA×××NM
DNS15Gertrude FriesAUT

Final Round (31 August 1960 — 15:45)

19Vera KrepkinaURS6.376.×OR
26Elżbieta KrzesińskaPOL6.27×6.17×6.25×6.27
314Hildrun ClausGER6.216.216.18××6.136.11
45Renate JunkerGER6.196.175.946.
519Lyudmila RadchenkoURS6.165.996.006.165.835.915.90
63Helga HoffmannGER6.116.025.886.115.90×6.09
716Joke BijleveldNED6.116.11××
817Valentina ShaprunovaURS6.016.015.955.77
913Mary BignalGBR6.01××6.01
1011Beverly WeigelNZL5.985.985.815.91
1112Maria ChojnackaPOL5.985.985.675.86
128Fumiko ItoJPN5.985.825.985.74
137Maria BibroPOL5.865.865.50×
1410Madeleine ThétuFRA5.855.735.855.83
154Norma Croker-FlemingAUS5.825.825.645.75
161Willye WhiteUSA5.775.77×5.28
1718Helen FrithAUS5.62×5.625.61
182Brita JohanssonFIN5.575.575.565.52
1915Christina PersighettiGBR5.575.465.425.57