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High Jump, Women

Date3 – 4 September 1972
LocationOlympiastadion, Olympiapark, München
Participants40 from 22 countries

In 1971, Ilona Gusenbauer of Austria had won the European Championships and also jumped 1.92 (6-3½) later in that year to equal the last world record set by the redoubtable Iolanda Balaş. Gusenbauer was favored. There were 40 high jumpers in München and 23 qualified for the final so the competition seemed endless. Seven jumpers were alive after 1.85 metres (6-0¾), but at 1.88 (6-2) only three cleared – Gusenbauer in her second attempt, but home crowd favorite Ulrike Meyfarth and Yordanka Blagoeva (BUL) had first attempt clearances. At 1.90 (6-2¾), Meyfarth cleared on her second jump and won the gold medal. She went on to better the world record with 1.92 (6-3½). Meyfarth was only 16-years-old in 1972 – actually 16 years, 123 days on the day of her victory, and she remains the youngest winner of an individual medal in track & field athletics. The 1972 high jump competition still had a mixture of straddlers and floppers, with Gusenbauer using the straddle and Meyfarth the flop.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1152Ulrike MeyfarthFRG1.76 (=6)1.92 (1)Gold
2145Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.76 (=1)1.88 (2)Silver
315Ilona GusenbauerAUT1.76 (=1)1.88 (3)Bronze
4103Barbara InkpenGBR1.76 (22)1.85 (4)
532Rita SchmidtGDR1.76 (=1)1.85 (5)
6219Sara SimeoniITA1.76 (=6)1.85 (6)
7228Rosie WitschasGDR1.76 (=6)1.85 (7)
849Debbie BrillCAN1.76 (=6)1.82 (8)
9221Andrea BruceJAM1.76 (=17)1.82 (9)
10297Ellen MundingerFRG1.76 (=6)1.82 (10)
11161Audrey ReidJAM1.76 (=6)1.82 (11)
=1274Grith EjstrupDEN1.76 (=1)1.82 (=12)
=12128Rita GildemeisterGDR1.76 (=1)1.82 (=12)
14170Renate GärtnerFRG1.76 (=6)1.82 (14)
15327Miloslava HübnerováTCH1.76 (=20)1.82 (15)
=16204Erika RudolfHUN1.76 (=17)1.79 (=16)
=16168Ria AhlersNED1.76 (=6)1.79 (=16)
18329Alena ProskováTCH1.76 (19)1.79 (18)
=19187Cornelia PopescuROU1.76 (=6)1.76 (19)
=19403Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.76 (15)1.76 (20)
2175Solveig LangkildeDEN1.76 (16)1.76 (21)
22325Milada KarbanováTCH1.76 (=20)1.76 (22)
23196Magdolna Csábi-KomkaHUN1.76 (23)1.71 (23)
24 r1/2400Breda BabošekYUG1.73 (24)
25 r1/270Marima RodríguezCUB1.73 (25)
26 r1/2350Antonina LazaryevaURS1.73 (26)
27 r1/2102Ros FewGBR1.73 (27)
28 r1/2311Trix RechnerSUI1.73 (28)
29 r1/251Louise HannahCAN1.73 (29)
=30 r1/2101Penny DimmockGBR1.70 (=30)
=30 r1/2398Deanne WilsonUSA1.70 (=30)
32 r1/2377Cindy GilbertUSA1.70 (32)
=33 r1/2305Michiyo InaokaJPN1.65 (=33)
=33 r1/2232Doris BisangSUI1.65 (=33)
=35 r1/2233Mihoko YamaJPN1.65 (=35)
=35 r1/2301Roxana VulescuROU1.65 (=35)
37 r1/2210Lára SveinsdóttirISL1.60 (37)
38 r1/2378Sandi GoldsberryUSA1.60 (38)
AC r1/2290Nnenna NjokuNGR– (NH)
AC r1/2250Wu Yu-ChihTPE– (NH)
DNS255Kari KarlsenNOR– (DNS)
DNS201Margit PappHUN– (DNS)
DNS240Gladys ChaiMAS– (DNS)
DNS261María Luisa VilcaPER– (DNS)
DNS342Galina FilatovaURS– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (3 September 1972 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 1.76 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts
=1Ilona GusenbauerAUT1.76003Q
=1Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.76003Q
=1Grith EjstrupDEN1.76003Q
=1Rita GildemeisterGDR1.76003Q
=1Rita SchmidtGDR1.76003Q
=6Debbie BrillCAN1.76004Q
=6Rosie WitschasGDR1.76004Q
=6Renate GärtnerFRG1.76004Q
=6Ulrike MeyfarthFRG1.76004Q
=6Ellen MundingerFRG1.76004Q
=6Sara SimeoniITA1.76004Q
=6Audrey ReidJAM1.76004Q
=6Ria AhlersNED1.76004Q
=6Cornelia PopescuROU1.76004Q
15Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.76049Q
16Solveig LangkildeDEN1.76114Q
=17Erika RudolfHUN1.76115Q
=17Andrea BruceJAM1.76115Q
19Alena ProskováTCH1.76116Q
=20Milada KarbanováTCH1.76127Q
=20Miloslava HübnerováTCH1.76127Q
22Barbara InkpenGBR1.76138Q
23Magdolna Csábi-KomkaHUN1.76226Q
24Breda BabošekYUG1.73014
25Marima RodríguezCUB1.73024
26Antonina LazaryevaURS1.73114
27Ros FewGBR1.73115
28Trix RechnerSUI1.73136
29Louise HannahCAN1.73226
=30Penny DimmockGBR1.70003
=30Deanne WilsonUSA1.70003
32Cindy GilbertUSA1.70236
=33Michiyo InaokaJPN1.65002
=33Doris BisangSUI1.65002
=35Mihoko YamaJPN1.65113
=35Roxana VulescuROU1.65113
37Lára SveinsdóttirISL1.60001
38Sandi GoldsberryUSA1.60112
NHNnenna NjokuNGR
DNSMargit PappHUN
DNSGalina FilatovaURS
DNSKari KarlsenNOR
DNSGladys ChaiMAS
DNSMaría Luisa VilcaPER

Qualifying Round, Group A (3 September 1972)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.60 m1.65 m1.70 m1.73 m1.76 m
=1Ilona GusenbauerAUT1.76003--ooo
=1Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.76003--ooo
=1Rita GildemeisterGDR1.76003--ooo
=1Rita SchmidtGDR1.76003--ooo
=5Rosie WitschasGDR1.76004-oooo
=5Renate GärtnerFRG1.76004-oooo
=5Ulrike MeyfarthFRG1.76004-oooo
=5Ellen MundingerFRG1.76004-oooo
=5Audrey ReidJAM1.76004-oooo
=5Ria AhlersNED1.76004-oooo
=5Cornelia PopescuROU1.76004-oooo
12Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.76049ooxxoxxoo
13Solveig LangkildeDEN1.76114--ooxo
14Erika RudolfHUN1.76115-oooxo
15Alena ProskováTCH1.76116ooooxo
=16Milada KarbanováTCH1.76127ooxooxo
=16Miloslava HübnerováTCH1.76127oxoooxo
18Barbara InkpenGBR1.76138ooxxooxo
19Magdolna Csábi-KomkaHUN1.76226-oooxxo
20Breda BabošekYUG1.73014-oxooxxx
21Marima RodríguezCUB1.73024--xxooxxx
22Antonina LazaryevaURS1.73114-ooxoxxx
DNSMargit PappHUN
DNSGalina FilatovaURS

Qualifying Round, Group B (3 September 1972)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.60 m1.65 m1.70 m1.73 m1.76 m
1Grith EjstrupDEN1.76003--ooo
=2Debbie BrillCAN1.76004-oooo
=2Sara SimeoniITA1.76004-oooo
4Andrea BruceJAM1.76115-oooxo
5Ros FewGBR1.73115oooxoxxx
6Trix RechnerSUI1.73136-xoxoxoxxx
7Louise HannahCAN1.73226oooxxoxxx
=8Penny DimmockGBR1.70003oooxxx
=8Deanne WilsonUSA1.70003oooxxx
10Cindy GilbertUSA1.70236xooxxoxxx
=11Michiyo InaokaJPN1.65002ooxxx
=11Doris BisangSUI1.65002ooxxx
=13Mihoko YamaJPN1.65113oxoxxx
=13Roxana VulescuROU1.65113oxoxxx
15Lára SveinsdóttirISL1.60001oxxx
16Sandi GoldsberryUSA1.60112xoxxx
NHNnenna NjokuNGR
DNSKari KarlsenNOR
DNSGladys ChaiMAS
DNSMaría Luisa VilcaPER

Final Round (4 September 1972 — 15:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.60 m1.66 m1.71 m1.76 m1.79 m1.82 m1.85 m1.88 m1.90 m1.92 m1.94 m
1Ulrike MeyfarthFRG1.92019--ooooooxooxxx=WR
2Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.88006--ooooooxxx
3Ilona GusenbauerAUT1.881511--xoxoooxxoxoxxx
4Barbara InkpenGBR1.85006-ooooooxxx
5Rita SchmidtGDR1.85116--ooooxoxxx
6Sara SimeoniITA1.85127--oooxoxoxxx
7Rosie WitschasGDR1.85228-oooooxxoxxx
8Debbie BrillCAN1.82004--ooooxxx
9Andrea BruceJAM1.82005-oooooxxx
10Ellen MundingerFRG1.82015--ooxooxxx
11Audrey ReidJAM1.82026--oxoxooxxx
=12Grith EjstrupDEN1.82115--oooxoxxx
=12Rita GildemeisterGDR1.82115--oooxoxxx
14Renate GärtnerFRG1.82226--oooxxoxxx
15Miloslava HübnerováTCH1.82238-ooxooxxoxxx
=16Erika RudolfHUN1.79004-ooooxxx
=16Ria AhlersNED1.79004-ooooxxx
18Alena ProskováTCH1.79014--xoooxxx
19Cornelia PopescuROU1.76003-oooxxx
20Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.76005ooooo
21Solveig LangkildeDEN1.76112---xoxxx
22Milada KarbanováTCH1.76236-oxoxxoxxx
23Magdolna Csábi-KomkaHUN1.71001--oxxx