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100 metres Backstroke, Men

Date28 – 29 August 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants39 from 26 countries

Roland Matthes had won this event and the 200 backstroke in 1968. Since Mexico City he had bettered the world record in the 100 back four times and the 200 back five times. Other than Mark Spitz, and possibly including him, there was no heavier favorite in Munich. Matthes did not disappoint. He took the lead in the final from the start, with American Mike Stamm close at the turn. But he could not match Matthes on the in-run and Matthes defeated Stamm by over a second, with Americans John Murphy and Mitch Ivey placing third and fourth, respectively. Four days later Matthes would complete the double-double by again winning gold in the 200 backstroke.

1Roland MatthesGDR1:00.01 (1 h6)58.44 (1 h1)56.58 (1)Gold
2Mike StammUSA58.63 (1 h4)58.74 (2 h1)57.70 (2)Silver
3John MurphyUSA59.93 (1 h3)58.64 (2 h2)58.35 (3)Bronze
4Mitch IveyUSA58.15 (1 h5)57.99 (1 h2)58.48 (4)
5Igor GrivennikovURS1:00.05 (1 h1)59.15 (3 h2)59.50 (5)
6Lutz WanjaGDR1:00.62 (2 h4)59.83 (3 h1)59.80 (6)
7Jürgen KrügerGDR1:00.65 (2 h6)1:00.06 (4 h2)59.93 (7)
8Tadashi HondaJPN1:00.89 (3 h3)1:00.43 (4 h1)1:00.41 (8)
9Bob SchoutsenNED1:00.76 (1 h2)1:00.48 (5 h1)
10Ejvind PedersenDEN1:00.83 (2 h3)1:00.53 (5 h2)
11Jean-Paul BerjeauFRA1:00.83 (3 h6)1:00.59 (6 h1)
12Erik FishCAN1:00.81 (2 h5)1:00.73 (6 h2)
13Ian MacKenzieCAN1:01.11 (4 h3)1:00.92 (7 h1)
14Clive RushtonGBR1:01.07 (4 h5)1:01.25 (7 h2)
15Mike RichardsGBR1:01.03 (4 h6)1:01.27 (8 h1)
16Nenad MilošYUG1:00.94 (3 h5)1:01.29 (8 h2)
=17Pierre BaehrFRA1:01.13 (3 h4)
=17Zoltán VerrasztóHUN1:01.13 (2 h1)
19Lars BørgesenDEN1:01.23 (2 h2)
20Colin CunninghamGBR1:01.28 (4 h4)
21Anders SandbergSWE1:01.41 (5 h4)
22Helmut PodolanAUT1:01.49 (5 h3)
23László Cseh, Sr.HUN1:01.63 (3 h2)
24Clay EvansCAN1:01.69 (3 h1)
25Piotr DłucikPOL1:01.94 (6 h3)
26Róbert RudolfHUN1:02.34 (5 h6)
27José Joaquín SantibáñezMEX1:02.46 (4 h2)
28Andreas WeberFRG1:02.49 (7 h3)
29Predrag MilošYUG1:03.02 (5 h2)
30Rômulo ArantesBRA1:03.18 (4 h1)
31Hsu Tung-HsiungTPE1:03.31 (5 h1)
32Gustavo GonzálezARG1:04.16 (6 h2)
33Adel Youssef AminEGY1:04.40 (6 h6)
34Neil MartinAUS1:05.13 (6 h4)
35Sergio HasbúnESA1:06.53 (6 h1)
36Gerardo RosarioPHI1:06.85 (7 h2)
37Sarun VanCAM1:07.26 (7 h1)
38Chiang Jin ChoonMAS1:07.65 (7 h6)
39Mark CrockerHKG1:11.20 (5 h5)
DNSReynaldo PatiñoESA– (DNS h5)
DNSBruno BassoulLBN– (DNS h6)
DNSGiuseppe D'AltruiITA– (DNS h4)
DNSDimitar KolarovBUL– (DNS h5)

Round One (28 August 1972 — 11:15)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Igor GrivennikovURS1:00.05Q
2Zoltán VerrasztóHUN1:01.13
3Clay EvansCAN1:01.69
4Rômulo ArantesBRA1:03.18
5Hsu Tung-HsiungTPE1:03.31
6Sergio HasbúnESA1:06.53
7Sarun VanCAM1:07.26

Heat Two

1Bob SchoutsenNED1:00.76Q
2Lars BørgesenDEN1:01.23
3László Cseh, Sr.HUN1:01.63
4José Joaquín SantibáñezMEX1:02.46
5Predrag MilošYUG1:03.02
6Gustavo GonzálezARG1:04.16
7Gerardo RosarioPHI1:06.85

Heat Three

1John MurphyUSA59.93Q
2Ejvind PedersenDEN1:00.83Q
3Tadashi HondaJPN1:00.89Q
4Ian MacKenzieCAN1:01.11Q
5Helmut PodolanAUT1:01.49
6Piotr DłucikPOL1:01.94
7Andreas WeberFRG1:02.49

Heat Four

1Mike StammUSA58.63QOR
2Lutz WanjaGDR1:00.62Q
3Pierre BaehrFRA1:01.13
4Colin CunninghamGBR1:01.28
5Anders SandbergSWE1:01.41
6Neil MartinAUS1:05.13
DNSGiuseppe D'AltruiITA

Heat Five

1Mitch IveyUSA58.15QOR
2Erik FishCAN1:00.81Q
3Nenad MilošYUG1:00.94Q
4Clive RushtonGBR1:01.07Q
5Mark CrockerHKG1:11.20
DNSDimitar KolarovBUL
DNSReynaldo PatiñoESA

Heat Six

1Roland MatthesGDR1:00.01Q
2Jürgen KrügerGDR1:00.65Q
3Jean-Paul BerjeauFRA1:00.83Q
4Mike RichardsGBR1:01.03Q
5Róbert RudolfHUN1:02.34
6Adel Youssef AminEGY1:04.40
7Chiang Jin ChoonMAS1:07.65
DNSBruno BassoulLBN

Semi-Finals (28 August 1972 — 17:30)

Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Roland MatthesGDR58.44Q
2Mike StammUSA58.74Q
3Lutz WanjaGDR59.83Q
4Tadashi HondaJPN1:00.43Q
5Bob SchoutsenNED1:00.48
6Jean-Paul BerjeauFRA1:00.59
7Ian MacKenzieCAN1:00.92
8Mike RichardsGBR1:01.27

Heat Two

1Mitch IveyUSA57.99QOR
2John MurphyUSA58.64Q
3Igor GrivennikovURS59.15Q
4Jürgen KrügerGDR1:00.06Q
5Ejvind PedersenDEN1:00.53
6Erik FishCAN1:00.73
7Clive RushtonGBR1:01.25
8Nenad MilošYUG1:01.29

Final (29 August 1972 — 18:00)

15Roland MatthesGDR56.58OR
26Mike StammUSA57.70
33John MurphyUSA58.35
44Mitch IveyUSA58.48
52Igor GrivennikovURS59.50
67Lutz WanjaGDR59.80
71Jürgen KrügerGDR59.93
88Tadashi HondaJPN1:00.41