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Pole Vault, Men

Date5 – 7 August 1992
LocationEstadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Participants34 from 25 countries

The overwhelming favorite was Sergey Bubka. He was a three-time World Champion, defending Olympic Champion, and by 1992 had set the last 16 world records in pole vaulting. On 5 August 1991 one of his world records was over 6.10 (20-0¼), which meant little to most people, but to the Imperial world, that was the first pole vault ever over clear 20 feet – and remains the only one thru 2008. He qualified easily, and opened in the final with 5.70 (18-8¼). Missing twice at that height he then passed to 5.75, where he also failed and he was out of the competition without a height. What had happened? One theory relates to the time allowed competitors in the pole vault, which is two minutes after being called for the next jump. As the star of the international circuit, Bubka was usually allowed to do what he wanted. But American Tim Bright had reminded the officials in Barcelona of the rules and Bubka later commented that it seemed like the clock was running faster than usual. In his absence the competition came down to two Russians, representing the Unified Team. Maksim Tarasov and Igor Trandenkov were the only vaulters over 5.80 (19-0¼), which decided the competition. Tarasov’s first attempt clearance got him the gold medal, with silver to Trandenkov. Spaniard Javier García won the bronze medal to the delight of the Barcelona fans, with his second attempt clearance at 5.75 (18-10¼). America’s Kory Tarpenning also made 5.75 (18-10¼), but on his third effort, and had to compete despite being booed by the partisan Spanish fans.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1566Maksim TarasovEUN5.60 (=1)5.80 (1)Gold
2569Igor TrandenkovEUN5.60 (6)5.80 (2)Silver
3418Javier GarcíaESP5.55 (=7)5.75 (3)Bronze
41769Kory TarpenningUSA5.60 (5)5.75 (4)
51777Dave VolzUSA5.55 (11)5.65 (5)
6605Asko PeltoniemiFIN5.55 (=9)5.60 (6)
7622Philippe ColletFRA5.55 (12)5.55 (7)
8972Danny KrasnovISR5.60 (3)5.40 (8)
9913István BagyulaHUN5.55 (=9)5.30 (9)
10448Alberto RuizESP5.55 (=7)5.30 (10)
AC r2/2489Sergey BubkaEUN5.60 (=1)– (NH)
AC r2/21672Tim BrightUSA5.60 (4)– (NH)
13 r1/2634Jean GalfioneFRA5.50 (13)
=14 r1/2634Jani LehtonenFIN5.50 (=14)
=14 r1/2624Philippe d'EncausseFRA5.50 (=14)
16 r1/21835Galin NikovBUL5.50 (16)
17 r1/2456Valeri BukrejevEST5.50 (17)
18 r1/21426Edgar DíazPUR5.50 (18)
19 r1/2432Daniel MartíESP5.40 (19)
20 r1/21020Andrea PegoraroITA5.40 (20)
21 r1/21579Peter WidénSWE5.40 (21)
22 r1/235Simon ArkellAUS5.30 (22)
23 r1/2882Khristos PallakisGRE5.30 (23)
=24 r1/2251Doug WoodCAN5.20 (=24)
=24 r1/21260Kersley GardenneMRI5.20 (=24)
=26 r1/2375Fotis StefaniCYP5.20 (=26)
=26 r1/2705Mike EdwardsGBR5.20 (=26)
28 r1/21353Edward LasquettePHI5.00 (28)
29 r1/21398Nuno FernandesPOR5.00 (29)
AC r1/2266Tomás RietherCHI– (NH)
AC r1/21092Hiroyuki SanoJPN– (NH)
AC r1/21149Kim Cheol-GyunKOR– (NH)
AC r1/21173Aleksandrs ObižajevsLAT– (NH)
AC r1/21325Paul GibbonsNZL– (NH)
DNS72Hermann FehringerAUT– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (5 August 1992 — 9:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 5.60 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Sergey BubkaEUN5.6000Q
=1Maksim TarasovEUN5.6000Q
3Danny KrasnovISR5.6002Q
4Tim BrightUSA5.6011Q
5Kory TarpenningUSA5.6013Q
6Igor TrandenkovEUN5.6023Q
=7Javier GarcíaESP5.5512q
=7Alberto RuizESP5.5512q
=9Asko PeltoniemiFIN5.5513q
=9István BagyulaHUN5.5513q
11Dave VolzUSA5.5523q
12Philippe ColletFRA5.5524q
13Jean GalfioneFRA5.5000
=14Jani LehtonenFIN5.5001
=14Philippe d'EncausseFRA5.5001
16Galin NikovBUL5.5011
17Valeri BukrejevEST5.5022
18Edgar DíazPUR5.5025
19Daniel MartíESP5.4011
20Andrea PegoraroITA5.4023
21Peter WidénSWE5.4024
22Simon ArkellAUS5.3000
23Khristos PallakisGRE5.3023
=24Doug WoodCAN5.2000
=24Kersley GardenneMRI5.2000
=26Fotis StefaniCYP5.2011
=26Mike EdwardsGBR5.2011
28Edward LasquettePHI5.0002
29Nuno FernandesPOR5.0013
NHTomás RietherCHI
NHHiroyuki SanoJPN
NHKim Cheol-GyunKOR
NHAleksandrs ObižajevsLAT
NHPaul GibbonsNZL
DNSHermann FehringerAUT

Qualifying Round, Group A (5 August 1992)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.80 m5.00 m5.20 m5.30 m5.40 m5.50 m5.55 m5.60 m
1Sergey BubkaEUN5.6000-------o
2Kory TarpenningUSA5.6013----xoxo-xo
3Alberto RuizESP5.5512--o-oxoxoxxx
4Dave VolzUSA5.5523----oxoxxoxxx
5Jean GalfioneFRA5.5000----oo-xxx
=6Jani LehtonenFIN5.5001----xoo-xxx
=6Philippe d'EncausseFRA5.5001----xoo-xxx
8Galin NikovBUL5.5011---o-xo-xxx
9Valeri BukrejevEST5.5022----oxxoxxx
10Daniel MartíESP5.4011--o-xoxxx
11Peter WidénSWE5.4024---xxoxxoxxx
=12Doug WoodCAN5.2000--o-xxx
=12Kersley GardenneMRI5.2000oooxxx
14Mike EdwardsGBR5.2011--xoxxx
NHKim Cheol-GyunKOR
NHPaul GibbonsNZL
DNSHermann FehringerAUT

Qualifying Round, Group B (5 August 1992)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.80 m5.00 m5.20 m5.30 m5.40 m5.50 m5.55 m5.60 m
1Maksim TarasovEUN5.6000-----o-o
2Danny KrasnovISR5.6002----xooxoo
3Tim BrightUSA5.6011----oo-xo
4Igor TrandenkovEUN5.6023-----xo-xxo
5Javier GarcíaESP5.5512----oxoxox-
=6Asko PeltoniemiFIN5.5513----xoxoxox-
=6István BagyulaHUN5.5513--ooxoxoxoxxx
8Philippe ColletFRA5.5524----xoxoxxox-
9Edgar DíazPUR5.5025--xxo-xoxxoxxx
10Andrea PegoraroITA5.4023--xo-xxoxxx
11Simon ArkellAUS5.3000---o-xxx
12Khristos PallakisGRE5.3023-xooxxoxxx
13Fotis StefaniCYP5.2011-oxoxxx
14Edward LasquettePHI5.0002xxooxxx
15Nuno FernandesPOR5.0013xxoxoxxx
NHTomás RietherCHI
NHHiroyuki SanoJPN
NHAleksandrs ObižajevsLAT

Final Round (7 August 1992 — 17:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.20 m5.30 m5.40 m5.50 m5.55 m5.60 m5.65 m5.70 m5.75 m5.80 m5.85 m5.90 m
1Maksim TarasovEUN5.8000-----o---o-xxx
2Igor TrandenkovEUN5.8022---o---o-xxo-xxx
3Javier GarcíaESP5.7511--o--o-oxoxxx
4Kory TarpenningUSA5.7522-----o--xxoxxx
5Dave VolzUSA5.6501---xo--o-xxx
6Asko PeltoniemiFIN5.6013--xxo--xo-x-xx-
7Philippe ColletFRA5.5500----o--xxx
8Danny KrasnovISR5.4011--xoxxx
9István BagyulaHUN5.3002xxooxxx
10Alberto RuizESP5.3022-xxo-xxx
NHSergey BubkaEUN
NHTim BrightUSA