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10,000 metres, Women

Date1 – 7 August 1992
LocationEstadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Participants48 from 28 countries

In 1991 Liz McColgan had won the World Championship by going to the front early and simply breaking down the rest of the field. At Barcelona she tried the same tactic in the final, but this time the field did not go away. At the halfway point, most of the field was still in contact, and at 6,000 metres, South Africa’s Elana Meyer moved to the front. She quickly opened a gap, but was then chased down by Ethiopia’s Derartu Tulu. Together they had broken the field and ran together until the bell. Then Tulu pulled away and Meyer could not respond, Tulu winning by almost six seconds. American Lynn Jennings ran a huge PR to get the bronze medal, while McColgan finished in fifth place.

The gold and silver medal won by Tulu and Meyer had special sociologic implications. Tulu was a black African, while Meyer was a white South African. South African had been banned from the Olympics since 1964, because of the treatment of blacks in that nation, and Meyer’s silver medal was the first for her nation since 1960. They did not know each other well. But at the finish line, Tulu waited for Meyer to trail in behind her and they then ran together, hand-in-hand, on a victory lap. David Wallechinsky has written that this “seemed to symbolize hope for a new Africa”.

1472Derartu TuluETH31:55.67 (1 h2)31:06.02 (1)Gold
21474Elana MeyerRSA32:05.45 (2 h2)31:11.75 (2)Silver
31717Lynn JenningsUSA32:18.06 (3 h2)31:19.89 (3)Bronze
4297Zhong HuandiCHN32:04.46 (2 h1)31:21.08 (4)
5739Liz McColganGBR32:07.25 (3 h1)31:26.11 (5)
6288Wang XiutingCHN32:31.91 (5 h2)31:28.06 (6)
7838Uta PippigGER32:07.28 (4 h1)31:36.45 (7)
81760Judi St. HilaireUSA32:13.99 (7 h1)31:38.04 (8)
91118Hellen KimaiyoKEN31:58.63 (1 h1)31:38.91 (9)
10722Jill HunterGBR32:18.34 (4 h2)31:46.49 (10)
111285Christine ToonstraNED32:07.42 (5 h1)31:47.38 (11)
121085Izumi MakiJPN32:07.91 (6 h1)31:55.06 (12)
131396Albertina DiasPOR32:31.95 (6 h2)32:03.93 (13)
141076Miki IgarashiJPN32:45.47 (10 h2)32:09.58 (14)
15108Lieve SlegersBEL32:40.59 (9 h2)32:14.17 (15)
161016Rosa MunerottoITA32:17.01 (10 h1)32:37.91 (16)
171130Tegla LoroupeKEN32:34.07 (7 h2)32:53.09 (17)
18471Tigist MoredaETH32:14.42 (8 h1)34:05.56 (18)
AC r2/21406Fernanda MarquesPOR32:38.16 (8 h2)– (DNF)
AC r2/21399Conceição FerreiraPOR32:15.05 (9 h1)– (DNF)
11 h1 r1/2244Carole RouillardCAN32:53.83 (11 h1)
11 h2 r1/248Sue HobsonAUS32:53.61 (11 h2)
12 h1 r1/21488Marcianne MukamurenziRWA33:00.66 (12 h1)
12 h2 r1/2663Annette Sergent-PalluyFRA32:57.29 (12 h2)
13 h1 r1/21680Gwyn CooganUSA33:13.33 (13 h1)
13 h2 r1/2839Kerstin PreßlerGER33:17.88 (13 h2)
14 h1 r1/2648Rosario MurciaFRA33:16.96 (14 h1)
14 h2 r1/21111Lydia CheromeiKEN33:34.05 (14 h2)
15 h1 r1/2379Dorthe RasmussenDEN33:22.43 (15 h1)
15 h2 r1/2938Suzana ĆirićIOA33:42.26 (15 h2)
16 h1 r1/2533Lyudmila MatveyevaEUN33:23.02 (16 h1)
16 h2 r1/21248María Luisa ServínMEX33:42.74 (16 h2)
17 h1 r1/2389Martha TenorioECU34:29.03 (17 h1)
17 h2 r1/21331Lesley MortonNZL33:51.06 (17 h2)
18 h1 r1/21097Hiromi SuzukiJPN34:29.64 (18 h1)
18 h2 r1/2222Lisa HarveyCAN33:55.93 (18 h2)
19 h1 r1/2140Carmem de OliveiraBRA34:48.21 (19 h1)
19 h2 r1/2372Andri AvraamCYP34:06.66 (19 h2)
20 h1 r1/21360Rosemary TurarePNG42:02.79 (20 h1)
20 h2 r1/227Griselda GonzálezARG34:09.42 (20 h2)
21 h2 r1/2474Luchia YishakETH34:12.16 (21 h2)
22 h2 r1/2766Andrea WallaceGBR34:29.47 (22 h2)
AC h1 r1/21827Véronique CollardBEL– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/2487Olga BondarenkoEUN– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/2612Päivi TikkanenFIN– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/21172Anita KlapoteLAT– (DNF h1)
AC h2 r1/2574Yelena Zhupiyeva-VyazovaEUN– (DNF h2)
AC h2 r1/2856Kathrin UllrichGER– (DNF h2)
DNS127Sandra CortezBOL– (DNS h2)
DNS976Ana GutiérrezISV– (DNS h1)

Round One (1 August 1992)

Top eight in each heat and next four fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (21:20)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
123Hellen KimaiyoKEN31:58.63Q
215Zhong HuandiCHN32:04.46Q
314Liz McColganGBR32:07.25Q
419Uta PippigGER32:07.28Q
518Christine ToonstraNED32:07.42Q
65Izumi MakiJPN32:07.91Q
712Judi St. HilaireUSA32:13.99Q
811Tigist MoredaETH32:14.42Q
91Conceição FerreiraPOR32:15.05q
108Rosa MunerottoITA32:17.01q
1116Carole RouillardCAN32:53.83
1213Marcianne MukamurenziRWA33:00.66
1324Gwyn CooganUSA33:13.33
142Rosario MurciaFRA33:16.96
159Dorthe RasmussenDEN33:22.43
1617Lyudmila MatveyevaEUN33:23.02
1722Martha TenorioECU34:29.03
1821Hiromi SuzukiJPN34:29.64
194Carmem de OliveiraBRA34:48.21
2025Rosemary TurarePNG42:02.79
DNF3Véronique CollardBEL
DNF6Anita KlapoteLAT
DNF20Olga BondarenkoEUN
DNF10Päivi TikkanenFIN
DNS7Ana GutiérrezISV


1000 m3:17.88Rosario Murcia
2000 m6:27.54Rosario Murcia
3000 m9:40.38Rosa Munerotto
4000 m12:51.40Rosa Munerotto
5000 m16:07.44Hellen Kimaiyo
6000 m19:24.38Hellen Kimaiyo
7000 m22:39.74Hellen Kimaiyo
8000 m25:52.87Hellen Kimaiyo
9000 m28:59.24Hellen Kimaiyo

Heat Two (22:10)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
119Derartu TuluETH31:55.67Q
212Elana MeyerRSA32:05.45Q
36Lynn JenningsUSA32:18.06Q
420Jill HunterGBR32:18.34Q
55Wang XiutingCHN32:31.91Q
621Albertina DiasPOR32:31.95Q
77Tegla LoroupeKEN32:34.07Q
815Fernanda MarquesPOR32:38.16Q
917Lieve SlegersBEL32:40.59q
1024Miki IgarashiJPN32:45.47q
119Sue HobsonAUS32:53.61
1222Annette Sergent-PalluyFRA32:57.29
1325Kerstin PreßlerGER33:17.88
142Lydia CheromeiKEN33:34.05
1523Suzana ĆirićIOA33:42.26
1618María Luisa ServínMEX33:42.74
1713Lesley MortonNZL33:51.06
188Lisa HarveyCAN33:55.93
1916Andri AvraamCYP34:06.66
203Griselda GonzálezARG34:09.42
2111Luchia YishakETH34:12.16
2214Andrea WallaceGBR34:29.47
DNF4Yelena Zhupiyeva-VyazovaEUN
DNF1Kathrin UllrichGER
DNS10Sandra CortezBOL


1000 m3:15.63Lynn Jennings
2000 m6:26.56Jill Hunter
3000 m9:35.70Jill Hunter
4000 m12:47.28Jill Hunter
5000 m15:59.85Jill Hunter
6000 m19:12.86Jill Hunter
7000 m22:25.23Jill Hunter
8000 m25:43.58Jill Hunter
9000 m28:59.97Elana Meyer

Final (7 August 1992 — 18:30)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
12Derartu TuluETH31:06.02
220Elana MeyerRSA31:11.75
318Lynn JenningsUSA31:19.89
49Zhong HuandiCHN31:21.08
51Liz McColganGBR31:26.11
612Wang XiutingCHN31:28.06
74Uta PippigGER31:36.45
819Judi St. HilaireUSA31:38.04
95Hellen KimaiyoKEN31:38.91
1015Jill HunterGBR31:46.49
1111Christine ToonstraNED31:47.38
127Izumi MakiJPN31:55.06
1313Albertina DiasPOR32:03.93
1416Miki IgarashiJPN32:09.58
1517Lieve SlegersBEL32:14.17
1614Rosa MunerottoITA32:37.91
178Tegla LoroupeKEN32:53.09
183Tigist MoredaETH34:05.56
DNF10Fernanda MarquesPOR
DNF6Conceição FerreiraPOR


1000 m3:02.91Liz McColgan
2000 m6:07.98Liz McColgan
3000 m9:15.37Liz McColgan
4000 m12:25.73Liz McColgan
5000 m15:35.91Liz McColgan
6000 m18:45.60Liz McColgan
7000 m21:48.57Elana Meyer
8000 m24:58.91Elana Meyer
9000 m28:08.35Elana Meyer