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200 metres Butterfly, Men

Date18 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants40 from 26 countries

The United States’ Bill Forrester had won this event at the 1975 World Championships, but East German Roger Pyttel was second and he had twice broken the world record in early June 1976. The second was the current mark, 1:59.63, which was the first time anyone had broken two minutes for the 200 fly. This was the first swimming final of the Montréal Olympics and the American strategy was to let Pyttel set the pace, stay close to him, and then outsprint him on the final lap. However, the American trio of Forrester, Mike Bruner and Steve Gregg, runner-up at the 1973 Worlds, did not quite comply, as Forrester led to the 100 mark in 57.41, with Bruner second, Pyttel third, and Gregg, a strong finisher, back in fifth. Bruner took the lead at 150 metres, followed by Pyttel, with Gregg gaining water quickly. Bruner held on for the victory, Gregg closing quickly for silver, and Forrester completing the American sweep, as all three broke two minutes, led by Bruner’s world record of 1:59.23.

1Mike BrunerUSA2:01.35 (1 h5)1:59.23 (1)Gold
2Steve GreggUSA2:00.24 (1 h3)1:59.54 (2)Silver
3Bill ForresterUSA2:01.95 (1 h4)1:59.96 (3)Bronze
4Roger PyttelGDR2:00.28 (1 h6)2:00.02 (4)
5Michael KrausFRG2:01.91 (1 h2)2:00.46 (5)
6Brian BrinkleyGBR2:01.93 (2 h3)2:01.49 (6)
7Jorge DelgadoECU2:01.70 (2 h5)2:01.95 (7)
8Aleksandr ManachinskyURS2:02.91 (2 h6)2:04.61 (8)
9Mikhail GorelikURS2:02.96 (3 h5)
10George NagyCAN2:03.33 (2 h4)
11Pär ArvidssonSWE2:03.79 (3 h6)
12Peter BroscienskiFRG2:04.17 (4 h6)
13Jorge JaramilloCOL2:04.30 (2 h2)
14Bruce RogersCAN2:04.51 (4 h5)
15Hideaki HaraJPN2:04.68 (3 h3)
16John CouttsNZL2:05.05 (5 h6)
17Jeff Van de GraafAUS2:05.58 (3 h2)
18Hartmut FlöcknerGDR2:05.71 (3 h4)
19Sean MaherGBR2:05.95 (1 h1)
20András HargitayHUN2:06.20 (2 h1)
21Csaba SósHUN2:06.71 (3 h1)
22Doug MartinCAN2:06.81 (4 h2)
23Anders BellbringSWE2:07.03 (4 h3)
24John DalyPUR2:07.13 (5 h3)
25Ronald WouteringNED2:07.31 (6 h6)
26Shinsuke KayamaJPN2:07.46 (4 h1)
27Gordon HewitGBR2:07.60 (5 h1)
28Miguel Lang-LentonESP2:08.51 (5 h5)
29Ricardo MarmolejoMEX2:08.88 (4 h4)
30Adi PragISR2:09.91 (5 h2)
31Anatoly SmirnovURS2:10.50 (6 h5)
32Edwin BorjaPHI2:10.61 (7 h6)
33Hugo CuencaVEN2:11.06 (6 h1)
34François DeleyBEL2:12.99 (7 h5)
35Julio AbreuPAR2:13.54 (8 h5)
36Steven NewkirkISV2:17.84 (6 h2)
37Paulo FrischknechtPOR2:20.51 (5 h4)
38Carlos GonzálezPAN2:20.92 (6 h3)
DQLawrence KwohHKG– (DQ h1)
DQRoss SeymourAUS– (DQ h4)
DNSHsu Tung-HsiungTPE– (DNS h2)
DNSTamás MikolaHUN– (DNS h3)
DNSFolkert MeeuwFRG– (DNS h4)
DNSJohn EbitoNGR– (DNS h6)

Round One (18 July 1976 — 11:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

15Sean MaherGBR2:05.95
24András HargitayHUN2:06.20
36Csaba SósHUN2:06.71
42Shinsuke KayamaJPN2:07.46
53Gordon HewitGBR2:07.60
67Hugo CuencaVEN2:11.06
DQ1Lawrence KwohHKG

Heat Two

14Michael KrausFRG2:01.91Q
22Jorge JaramilloCOL2:04.30
36Jeff Van de GraafAUS2:05.58
43Doug MartinCAN2:06.81
57Adi PragISR2:09.91
61Steven NewkirkISV2:17.84
DNS5Hsu Tung-HsiungTPE

Heat Three

14Steve GreggUSA2:00.24QOR
23Brian BrinkleyGBR2:01.93Q
32Hideaki HaraJPN2:04.68
46Anders BellbringSWE2:07.03
57John DalyPUR2:07.13
61Carlos GonzálezPAN2:20.92
DNS5Tamás MikolaHUN

Heat Four

14Bill ForresterUSA2:01.95Q
23George NagyCAN2:03.33
35Hartmut FlöcknerGDR2:05.71
47Ricardo MarmolejoMEX2:08.88
51Paulo FrischknechtPOR2:20.51
DQ6Ross SeymourAUS
DNS2Folkert MeeuwFRG

Heat Five

14Mike BrunerUSA2:01.35Q
25Jorge DelgadoECU2:01.70Q
33Mikhail GorelikURS2:02.96
46Bruce RogersCAN2:04.51
57Miguel Lang-LentonESP2:08.51
62Anatoly SmirnovURS2:10.50
71François DeleyBEL2:12.99
88Julio AbreuPAR2:13.54

Heat Six

14Roger PyttelGDR2:00.28Q
25Aleksandr ManachinskyURS2:02.91Q
33Pär ArvidssonSWE2:03.79
46Peter BroscienskiFRG2:04.17
52John CouttsNZL2:05.05
67Ronald WouteringNED2:07.31
71Edwin BorjaPHI2:10.61
DNS8John EbitoNGR

Final (18 July 1976 — 19:30)

13Mike BrunerUSA1:59.23WR
24Steve GreggUSA1:59.54
31Bill ForresterUSA1:59.96
45Roger PyttelGDR2:00.02
52Michael KrausFRG2:00.46
67Brian BrinkleyGBR2:01.49
76Jorge DelgadoECU2:01.95
88Aleksandr ManachinskyURS2:04.61