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High Jump, Women

Date26 – 28 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Stadio, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Maroussi
Participants34 from 25 countries

The favorite was the South African, Hestrie Cloete, silver medalist in 2000, and the 2001 and 2003 World Champion. Russia’s Yelena Slesarenko was not well known until she won the World Indoor title earlier in 2004. There were six jumpers left after 1.96 (6-5) but Cloete and Slesarenko were tied for the lead as neither had missed at that point. They also cleared 1.99 (6-6¼) and 2.02 (6-7½) on first attempts and were joined at that point by Viktoriya )Vita) Stopina (UKR), who also had a first-jump clearance at 2.02 (6-7½). But Slesarenko won the gold medal at 2.04 (6-8¼) when she was the only successful jumper, Cloete winning her second consecutive silver medal. Slesarenko continued and cleared 2.06 (6-9) before missing three times at the world record of 2.10 (6-10¾).

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
12943Yelena SlesarenkoRUS1.95 (=4)2.06 (1)GoldOR
22811Hestrie Storbeck-CloeteRSA1.95 (=1)2.02 (2)Silver
33199Vita StopinaUKR1.95 (=1)2.02 (3)Bronze
43222Amy AcuffUSA1.95 (=8)1.99 (4)
53186Iryna MykhalchenkoUKR1.95 (=1)1.96 (5)
62869Anna ChicherovaRUS1.95 (=4)1.96 (6)
72793Oana Mușunoi-PantelimonROU1.92 (12)1.93 (7)
82788Monica Iagăr-DinescuROU1.95 (=8)1.93 (8)
93162Inha BabakovaUKR1.92 (10)1.93 (9)
101605Marta MendíaESP1.92 (11)1.93 (10)
111437Blanka VlašićCRO1.95 (7)1.89 (11)
121148Tia HellebautBEL1.95 (=4)1.85 (12)
13 r1/22918Tatyana NovoseltsevaRUS1.92 (13)
14 r1/22523María Romary RifkaMEX1.92 (14)
15 r1/21290Venelina VenevaBUL1.92 (15)
=16 r1/21351Jing XuezhuCHN1.89 (=16)
=16 r1/21518Iva StrakováCZE1.89 (=16)
=16 r1/21537Juana Rosario ArrendelDOM1.89 (=16)
=16 r1/21561Ruth BeitíaESP1.89 (=16)
=16 r1/23357Tisha WallerUSA1.89 (=16)
21 r1/23099Nungruthai ChaipetchTHA1.89 (21)
22 r1/23150Candeğer Kılınçer OğuzTUR1.89 (22)
=23 r1/21044Solange WitteveenARG1.89 (=23)
=23 r1/22370Tatyana YefimenkoKGZ1.89 (=23)
=23 r1/23049Corinne MüllerSUI1.89 (=23)
=26 r1/21497Zuzana HlavonováCZE1.85 (=26)
=26 r1/22499Inna GliznuțaMDA1.85 (=26)
=28 r1/22103Bobby AloysiusIND1.85 (=28)
=28 r1/23283Chaunté HowardUSA1.85 (=28)
30 r1/21414Caterine IbargüenCOL1.85 (30)
=31 r1/21997Niki MitropoulouGRE1.85 (=31)
=31 r1/22308Marina AitovaKAZ1.85 (=31)
33 r1/23396Bùi Thị NhungVIE1.80 (33)
34 r1/21085Petrina PriceAUS1.80 (34)

Qualifying Round (26 August 2004 — 20:00-21:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 1.95 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Vita StopinaUKR1.9500Q
=1Hestrie Storbeck-CloeteRSA1.9500Q
=1Iryna MykhalchenkoUKR1.9500Q
=4Tia HellebautBEL1.9501Q
=4Yelena SlesarenkoRUS1.9501Q
=4Anna ChicherovaRUS1.9501Q
7Blanka VlašićCRO1.9503Q
=8Amy AcuffUSA1.9512Q
=8Monica Iagăr-DinescuROU1.9512Q
10Inha BabakovaUKR1.9200q
11Marta MendíaESP1.9201q
12Oana Mușunoi-PantelimonROU1.9202q
13Tatyana NovoseltsevaRUS1.9211
14María Romary RifkaMEX1.9223
15Venelina VenevaBUL1.9224
=16Juana Rosario ArrendelDOM1.8900
=16Tisha WallerUSA1.8900
=16Ruth BeitíaESP1.8900
=16Jing XuezhuCHN1.8900
=16Iva StrakováCZE1.8900
21Nungruthai ChaipetchTHA1.8901
22Candeğer Kılınçer OğuzTUR1.8911
=23Solange WitteveenARG1.8922
=23Tatyana YefimenkoKGZ1.8922
=23Corinne MüllerSUI1.8922
=26Zuzana HlavonováCZE1.8500
=26Inna GliznuțaMDA1.8500
=28Bobby AloysiusIND1.8511
=28Chaunté HowardUSA1.8511
30Caterine IbargüenCOL1.8523
=31Marina AitovaKAZ1.8524
=31Niki MitropoulouGRE1.8524
33Bùi Thị NhungVIE1.8000
34Petrina PriceAUS1.8022

Qualifying Round, Group A (26 August 2004 — 20:00-21:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.75 m1.80 m1.85 m1.89 m1.92 m1.95 m
=1Vita StopinaUKR1.9500-ooooo
=1Hestrie Storbeck-CloeteRSA1.9500--oooo
3Tia HellebautBEL1.9501oooxooo
4Blanka VlašićCRO1.9503--xxoxooo
5Inha BabakovaUKR1.9200-ooooxxx
6Oana Mușunoi-PantelimonROU1.9202-ooxxooxxx
7Tatyana NovoseltsevaRUS1.9211-oooxoxxx
8Ruth BeitíaESP1.8900ooooxxx
9Candeğer Kılınçer OğuzTUR1.8911-ooxoxxx
=10Solange WitteveenARG1.8922oooxxoxxx
=10Corinne MüllerSUI1.8922-ooxxoxxx
12Zuzana HlavonováCZE1.8500-ooxxx
=13Bobby AloysiusIND1.8511ooxoxxx
=13Chaunté HowardUSA1.8511-oxoxxx
15Marina AitovaKAZ1.8524oxxoxxoxxx
16Bùi Thị NhungVIE1.8000ooxxx
17Petrina PriceAUS1.8022-xxoxxx

Qualifying Round, Group B (26 August 2004 — 20:00-21:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.75 m1.80 m1.85 m1.89 m1.92 m1.95 m
1Iryna MykhalchenkoUKR1.9500-ooooo
=2Yelena SlesarenkoRUS1.9501-oooxoo
=2Anna ChicherovaRUS1.9501-oooxoo
=4Amy AcuffUSA1.9512-oooxoxo
=4Monica Iagăr-DinescuROU1.9512-oooxoxo
6Marta MendíaESP1.9201-ooxooxxx
7María Romary RifkaMEX1.9223-ooxoxxoxxx
8Venelina VenevaBUL1.9224-ooxxoxxoxxx
=9Juana Rosario ArrendelDOM1.8900ooooxxx
=9Tisha WallerUSA1.8900-oooxxx
=9Jing XuezhuCHN1.8900ooooxxx
=9Iva StrakováCZE1.8900ooooxxx
13Nungruthai ChaipetchTHA1.8901ooxooxxx
14Tatyana YefimenkoKGZ1.8922-ooxxoxxx
15Inna GliznuțaMDA1.8500oooxxx
16Caterine IbargüenCOL1.8523-xoxxoxxx
17Niki MitropoulouGRE1.8524-xxoxxoxxx

Final Round (28 August 2004 — 20:00-22:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.85 m1.89 m1.93 m1.96 m1.99 m2.02 m2.04 m2.06 m2.10 m
1Yelena SlesarenkoRUS2.0600ooooooooxxxOR
2Hestrie Storbeck-CloeteRSA2.0200ooooooxx-x--
3Vita StopinaUKR2.0204oooxxoxxooxxx
4Amy AcuffUSA1.9901oooxoo-xxx
5Iryna MykhalchenkoUKR1.9611oooxoxxx
6Anna ChicherovaRUS1.9623xoooxxoxxx
7Oana Mușunoi-PantelimonROU1.9300oooxxx
8Monica Iagăr-DinescuROU1.9311ooxoxxx
9Inha BabakovaUKR1.9312oxoxoxxx
10Marta MendíaESP1.9322ooxxoxxx
11Blanka VlašićCRO1.8900ooxxx
12Tia HellebautBEL1.8500oxxx