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200 metres Backstroke, Men

Date26 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants25 from 16 countries

This was one of the few events at which no medals were won by USSR or GDR swimmers. Hungary provided the gold and silver medalists, with Sándor Wladár winning gold and Zoltán Verrasztó, bronze medalist at the 1978 Worlds and 1975 World Champion, taking silver. Wladár’s win was a bit of an upset, but in 1981, after winning both backstroke events at the European Championships, he would be named European Swimmer of the Year by Swimming World magazine and was Hungarian Sportsman of the Year. Bronze medalist Mark Kerry (AUS) had won gold in the 100 back at the 1979 Universiade, and had made the finals both backstrokes at the 1976 Olympics, placing fifth in this event.

1Sándor WladárHUN2:02.62 (1 h4)2:01.93 (1)Gold
2Zoltán VerrasztóHUN2:03.08 (2 h4)2:02.40 (2)Silver
3Mark KerryAUS2:03.60 (1 h3)2:03.14 (3)Bronze
4Vladimir ShemetovURS2:04.20 (1 h1)2:03.48 (4)
5Fred EeftingNED2:04.84 (3 h1)2:03.92 (5)
6Michael SöderlundSWE2:04.67 (2 h3)2:04.10 (6)
7Doug CampbellGBR2:04.78 (2 h1)2:04.23 (7)
8Paul MoorfootAUS2:04.87 (1 h2)2:06.15 (8)
9Vladimir DolgovURS2:05.11 (4 h1)
10Miloslav RoľkoTCH2:05.13 (2 h2)
11Viktor KuznetsovURS2:05.14 (3 h2)
12Jörg StinglGDR2:05.19 (3 h3)
13Frédéric DelcourtFRA2:05.20 (4 h2)
14Franky De GrooteBEL2:06.97 (5 h2)
15Mark TonelliAUS2:07.04 (3 h4)
16Bengt BaronSWE2:07.13 (4 h4)
17Nenad MilošYUG2:07.51 (5 h4)
18Mihai MandacheROU2:07.97 (6 h4)
19Zbigniew JanuszkiewiczPOL2:08.11 (7 h4)
20Róbert RudolfHUN2:08.23 (4 h3)
21Jim CarterGBR2:09.94 (5 h1)
22David CumminsIRL2:12.45 (6 h1)
23Dietmar GöhringGDR2:14.11 (5 h3)
24Daniel AyoraPER2:17.12 (6 h3)
25Phạm Văn ThànhVIE2:28.40 (6 h2)
DNSRui de AbreuPOR– (DNS h1)
DNSDjan MadrugaBRA– (DNS h2)
DNSRômulo ArantesBRA– (DNS h3)

Round One (26 July 1980 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

15Vladimir ShemetovURS2:04.20Q
26Doug CampbellGBR2:04.78Q
33Fred EeftingNED2:04.84Q
44Vladimir DolgovURS2:05.11
52Jim CarterGBR2:09.94
67David CumminsIRL2:12.45
DNS1Rui de AbreuPOR

Heat Two

12Paul MoorfootAUS2:04.87Q
26Miloslav RoľkoTCH2:05.13
34Viktor KuznetsovURS2:05.14
43Frédéric DelcourtFRA2:05.20
57Franky De GrooteBEL2:06.97
61Phạm Văn ThànhVIE2:28.40
DNS5Djan MadrugaBRA

Heat Three

14Mark KerryAUS2:03.60Q
23Michael SöderlundSWE2:04.67Q
35Jörg StinglGDR2:05.19
42Róbert RudolfHUN2:08.23
57Dietmar GöhringGDR2:14.11
61Daniel AyoraPER2:17.12
DNS6Rômulo ArantesBRA

Heat Four

14Sándor WladárHUN2:02.62Q
25Zoltán VerrasztóHUN2:03.08Q
32Mark TonelliAUS2:07.04
43Bengt BaronSWE2:07.13
51Nenad MilošYUG2:07.51
67Mihai MandacheROU2:07.97
76Zbigniew JanuszkiewiczPOL2:08.11

Final (26 July 1980 — 20:00)

14Sándor WladárHUN2:01.93
25Zoltán VerrasztóHUN2:02.40
33Mark KerryAUS2:03.14
46Vladimir ShemetovURS2:03.48
51Fred EeftingNED2:03.92
62Michael SöderlundSWE2:04.10
77Doug CampbellGBR2:04.23
88Paul MoorfootAUS2:06.15