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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date22 – 23 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants26 from 18 countries

East German Rica Reinisch equalled or broke the world record in this event three times in Moscow. She started with 1:01.51 to open the medley relay team, which equalled the world record of Ulrike Richter, set in Berlin in 1976. Then Reinisch swam 1:01.50 in the prelims to qualify first for the final. She then won the final in 1:00.86 to set a world record that lasted until 1984. Reinisch would also win the 200 backstroke in Moscow, adding a third gold medal in the medley relay. It was her only year at the top of international swimming, as her health was badly damaged by the steroids given to her by the East German authorities. She was later compensated by German authorities after this was revealed, and expressed regret at what might have been, “The worst thing is they took away from me the opportunity to ever know if I could have won the gold medals without the steroids. That’s the greatest betrayal of all.”

1Rica ReinischGDR1:01.50 (1 h4)1:00.86 (1)Gold
2Ina KleberGDR1:02.15 (1 h2)1:02.07 (2)Silver
3Petra RiedelGDR1:03.25 (1 h3)1:02.64 (3)Bronze
4Carmen BunaciuROU1:03.25 (1 h1)1:03.81 (4)
5Carine VerbauwenBEL1:04.37 (2 h4)1:03.82 (5)
6Larisa GorchakovaURS1:03.82 (2 h3)1:03.87 (6)
7Monique BosgaNED1:04.36 (3 h3)1:04.47 (7)
8Manuela CarosiITA1:04.42 (2 h2)1:05.10 (8)
9Teresa RiveraMEX1:04.54 (3 h4)
10Lisa ForrestAUS1:04.55 (3 h2)
11Yelena KruglovaURS1:04.63 (2 h1)
12Jolanda de RoverNED1:04.79 (4 h2)
13Laura ForalossoITA1:04.86 (4 h4)
14Georgina ParkesAUS1:05.06 (3 h1)
15Yolande Van Der StraetenBEL1:05.10 (4 h3)
16Ágnes FodorHUN1:05.47 (5 h4)
17Helen JamesonGBR1:05.56 (6 h4)
18Michèle RicaudFRA1:05.81 (4 h1)
19Annika UvehallSWE1:06.33 (5 h1)
20Joy BeasleyGBR1:06.84 (5 h2)
21Marianne HumpelstetterAUT1:07.68 (5 h3)
22María ParísCRC1:09.02 (6 h2)
23Anabel DrousiotouCYP1:15.85 (7 h2)
24Soad FezzaniLBA1:16.83 (6 h1)
25Nguyễn Thị Hồng BíchVIE1:20.34 (7 h4)
26Michele PessoaANG1:26.59 (6 h3)
DNSAndrea KalmanHUN– (DNS h3)

Round One (22 July 1980 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Carmen BunaciuROU1:03.25Q
25Yelena KruglovaURS1:04.63
32Georgina ParkesAUS1:05.06
43Michèle RicaudFRA1:05.81
56Annika UvehallSWE1:06.33
67Soad FezzaniLBA1:16.83

Heat Two

14Ina KleberGDR1:02.15Q
26Manuela CarosiITA1:04.42Q
35Lisa ForrestAUS1:04.55
43Jolanda de RoverNED1:04.79
52Joy BeasleyGBR1:06.84
67María ParísCRC1:09.02
71Anabel DrousiotouCYP1:15.85

Heat Three

14Petra RiedelGDR1:03.25Q
23Larisa GorchakovaURS1:03.82Q
35Monique BosgaNED1:04.36Q
46Yolande Van Der StraetenBEL1:05.10
57Marianne HumpelstetterAUT1:07.68
61Michele PessoaANG1:26.59
DNS2Andrea KalmanHUN

Heat Four

14Rica ReinischGDR1:01.50QWR
26Carine VerbauwenBEL1:04.37Q
37Teresa RiveraMEX1:04.54
43Laura ForalossoITA1:04.86
55Ágnes FodorHUN1:05.47
62Helen JamesonGBR1:05.56
71Nguyễn Thị Hồng BíchVIE1:20.34

Final (23 July 1980 — 18:30)

14Rica ReinischGDR1:00.86WR
25Ina KleberGDR1:02.07
36Petra RiedelGDR1:02.64
43Carmen BunaciuROU1:03.81
51Carine VerbauwenBEL1:03.82
62Larisa GorchakovaURS1:03.87
77Monique BosgaNED1:04.47
88Manuela CarosiITA1:05.10