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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date29 July 1984
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants52 from 37 countries
Olympic Record 1:03.11 WR / John Hencken USA / 20 July 1976

In 1982-83 Steve Lundquist had been the world’s best in this event, winning gold at the 1982 World Championships and setting four world records in those years. At the 1982 Worlds, American John Moffet had won bronze in both breaststroke events. At the 1984 US Olympic Trials, Moffett beat Lundquist for the first time and in the process, bettered his world record with 1:02.13. In training camp before the Olympics, however, Moffet injured his groin. It seemed better by the time of Los Angeles, as Moffet led the qualifiers with 1:02.16, but on the turn of that race, re-injured his groin. It was not certain if he would be able to even swim in the final. And he told Lundquist, “If something goes haywire with my leg, get the gold for the United States.” Lundquist did just that, finishing in a world record 1:01.65, the first swimmer to better 1:02 in the 100 breast, although Canada’s Victor Davis also did so in second, with 1:01.99. Four days later, he would win the 200 breaststroke. Moffet was far from his best and trailed in fifth, swimming with his upper thigh taped and having received a pain-killing injection. The winner of the Friendship Games a few weeks later was Soviet Dmitry Volkov, who swam 1:03.72.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Steve LundquistUSA1:03.55 (1 h6)1:01.65 (1)Gold
2Victor DavisCAN1:03.63 (1 h4)1:01.99 (2)Silver
3Peter EvansAUS1:02.87 (1 h2)1:02.97 (3)Bronze
4Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:04.06 (1 h3)1:03.25 (4)
5John MoffetUSA1:02.16 (1 h7)1:03.29 (5)
6Brett StocksAUS1:03.46 (1 h5)1:03.49 (6)
7Gerald MörkenFRG1:03.53 (2 h5)1:03.95 (7)
8Raffaele AvagnanoITA1:04.09 (2 h2)1:04.11 (8)
9Gianni MinerviniITA1:04.37 (2 h3)1:03.99 (1)
10Shigehiro TakahashiJPN1:04.71 (2 h7)1:04.41 (2)
11Peter LangFRG1:04.40 (1 h1)1:04.43 (3)
12Pablo RestrepoCOL1:04.44 (2 h6)1:04.79 (4)
13Thomas BöhmAUT1:04.60 (2 h1)1:04.99 (5)
14Iain CampbellGBR1:04.81 (3 h7)1:05.02 (6)
15Brett AustinNZL1:04.83 (2 h4)1:05.49 (7)
16Peter BerggrenSWE1:04.95 (3 h3)1:05.66 (8)
17Jin FuCHN1:05.05 (4 h7)
18Enrique RomeroESP1:05.19 (3 h2)
19Marco VeilleuxCAN1:05.34 (3 h1)
20Étienne DagonSUI1:05.37 (3 h4)
21Jan-Erick OlsenNOR1:05.43 (4 h4)
22Eyal ShtigmanISR1:05.63 (4 h3)
23Felix MorfSUI1:05.89 (4 h2)
=24Victor RuberryBER1:05.96 (4 h1)
=24Luiz CarvalhoBRA1:05.96 (3 h6)
26Manuel GutiérrezPAN1:06.07 (5 h3)
27Kenji WatanabeJPN1:06.10 (3 h5)
28Paul NewalloTTO1:06.12 (4 h5)
29Martti JärventausFIN1:06.21 (4 h6)
30Gerhard ProhaskaAUT1:06.41 (5 h7)
31Eduardo MorilloMEX1:06.82 (5 h5)
32Francisco GuancoPHI1:07.55 (6 h7)
33Tryggvi HelgasonISL1:07.71 (5 h1)
=34Julio César FalónARG1:07.80 (6 h1)
=34Alexandre YokochiPOR1:07.80 (5 h4)
36Jairulla JaitullaPHI1:08.00 (5 h6)
37Michael WattHKG1:08.07 (5 h2)
38Árni SigurðssonISL1:08.52 (7 h7)
39Johnny LiHKG1:08.75 (6 h5)
40Jorge HenaoVEN1:09.01 (6 h4)
41Oscar OrtigosaPER1:09.07 (6 h3)
42Oon Jin TeikSGP1:09.23 (6 h6)
43Ayman NadimEGY1:09.51 (6 h2)
44Fernando MarroquínGUA1:09.73 (7 h5)
45Harrell WoolardISV1:11.17 (7 h4)
46Brian FarlowISV1:11.27 (7 h3)
47Ahmad Al-HahdoudKUW1:13.01 (7 h2)
48Michele PivaSMR1:16.21 (7 h1)
49Isaac Atish Wa-ElKUW1:16.51 (8 h7)
50Amine El-DomyatiLBN1:19.10 (7 h6)
ACWang LinCHN– (AC h6)DQ
ACSalvador CoveloHON– (AC h5)DQ

Round One (29 July 1984 — 8:50)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Peter LangFRG1:04.40q
23Thomas BöhmAUT1:04.60q
35Marco VeilleuxCAN1:05.34
42Victor RuberryBER1:05.96
57Tryggvi HelgasonISL1:07.71
66Julio César FalónARG1:07.80
71Michele PivaSMR1:16.21

Heat Two

14Peter EvansAUS1:02.87QOR
25Raffaele AvagnanoITA1:04.09Q
33Enrique RomeroESP1:05.19
46Felix MorfSUI1:05.89
52Michael WattHKG1:08.07
67Ayman NadimEGY1:09.51
71Ahmad Al-HahdoudKUW1:13.01

Heat Three

14Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:04.06Q
25Gianni MinerviniITA1:04.37q
33Peter BerggrenSWE1:04.95q
46Eyal ShtigmanISR1:05.63
52Manuel GutiérrezPAN1:06.07
67Oscar OrtigosaPER1:09.07
71Brian FarlowISV1:11.27

Heat Four

14Victor DavisCAN1:03.63Q
23Brett AustinNZL1:04.83q
35Étienne DagonSUI1:05.37
46Jan-Erick OlsenNOR1:05.43
52Alexandre YokochiPOR1:07.80
67Jorge HenaoVEN1:09.01
71Harrell WoolardISV1:11.17

Heat Five

15Brett StocksAUS1:03.46Q
24Gerald MörkenFRG1:03.53Q
36Kenji WatanabeJPN1:06.10
43Paul NewalloTTO1:06.12
52Eduardo MorilloMEX1:06.82
67Johnny LiHKG1:08.75
71Fernando MarroquínGUA1:09.73
AC8Salvador CoveloHONDQ

Heat Six

14Steve LundquistUSA1:03.55Q
25Pablo RestrepoCOL1:04.44q
36Luiz CarvalhoBRA1:05.96
43Martti JärventausFIN1:06.21
57Jairulla JaitullaPHI1:08.00
61Oon Jin TeikSGP1:09.23
78Amine El-DomyatiLBN1:19.10

Heat Seven

14John MoffetUSA1:02.16QOR
25Shigehiro TakahashiJPN1:04.71q
33Iain CampbellGBR1:04.81q
42Jin FuCHN1:05.05
56Gerhard ProhaskaAUT1:06.41
67Francisco GuancoPHI1:07.55
71Árni SigurðssonISL1:08.52
88Isaac Atish Wa-ElKUW1:16.51

B Final (29 July 1984 — 16:30)

14Gianni MinerviniITA1:03.99
22Shigehiro TakahashiJPN1:04.41
35Peter LangFRG1:04.43
43Pablo RestrepoCOL1:04.79
56Thomas BöhmAUT1:04.99
67Iain CampbellGBR1:05.02
71Brett AustinNZL1:05.49
88Peter BerggrenSWE1:05.66

Final (29 July 1984 — 16:25)

12Steve LundquistUSA1:01.65WR
27Victor DavisCAN1:01.99
35Peter EvansAUS1:02.97
41Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:03.25
54John MoffetUSA1:03.29
63Brett StocksAUS1:03.49
76Gerald MörkenFRG1:03.95
88Raffaele AvagnanoITA1:04.11