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Horse Vault, Women

Date17 – 24 September 2000
LocationSydney SuperDome, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants84 from 31 countries

The format was the same as it had been from 1984-96, with eight gymnasts advancing from the team all-around, but no more than two per nation. The 1999 World Champion was Russia’s Yelena Zamolodchikova but she placed only ninth in team qualifying, and was only the third Russian so she seemed not to be eligible for the medals. However, her teammate, Svetlana Khorkina had placed third but withdrew for the final, allowing Zamolodchikova to compete. She was third after the first vault but her second vault scored 9.750 which brought her the gold medal. Spain’s Esther Moya had led after the first vault of the finals, but a poor second effort dropped her off the podium and to fourth place.

China’s Dong Fangxiao placed seventh initially. However, when she entered for the 2008 Olympics, her date of birth was listed as 25 January 1986, which would have made her 14-years-old in 2000, and two years too young to compete. After an investigation in 2010 by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, she was declared ineligible in 2000, and her individual results were voided, which also disqualified the Chinese team that had initially won a bronze medal in the team event.

1Yelena ZamolodchikovaRUS9.731Gold
2Andreea RăducanROU9.693Silver
3Yekaterina LobaznyukRUS9.674Bronze
4Esther MoyaESP9.618
5Laura MartínezESP9.612
6Simona AmânarROU9.537
7Denisse LópezMEX8.843
3 r1/1Svetlana KhorkinaRUSQDNC
8 r1/1Maria OlaruROU
=10 r1/1Alona KvashaUKR
11 r1/1Trudy McIntoshAUS
12 r1/1Jana KomrskováCZE
13 r1/1Anna ChepelevaRUS
=14 r1/1Amy ChowUSA
=14 r1/1Elise RayUSA
16 r1/1Monica BergamelliITA
=17 r1/1Paloma MoroESP
=17 r1/1Sigrid PersoonBEL
19 r1/1Maryna ZarzhitskayaBLR
=20 r1/1Melinda ClelandAUS
=20 r1/1Dominique DawesUSA
22 r1/1Kui YuanyuanCHN
23 r1/1Oksana ChusovitinaUZB
24 r1/1Yelena ProdunovaRUS
25 r1/1Kana YamawakiJPN
26 r1/1Paula ThomasGBR
27 r1/1Annika ReederGBR
=28 r1/1Daniele HypólitoBRA
=28 r1/1Jamie DantzscherUSA
30 r1/1Alice CapitaniITA
31 r1/1Alexandra SolerFRA
32 r1/1Yang YunCHN
33 r1/1Kate RichardsonCAN
34 r1/1Ling JieCHN
=35 r1/1Adrienn NyesteHUN
=35 r1/1Olha RozshchupkinaUKR
37 r1/1Melina SirolliARG
=38 r1/1Viktoriya KarpenkoUKR
=38 r1/1Loredana BobocROU
40 r1/1Sara MoroESP
41 r1/1Lisa MasonGBR
42 r1/1Kristen MaloneyUSA
43 r1/1Nelly RamassamyFRA
44 r1/1Andreea IsărescuROU
45 r1/1Emma WilliamsGBR
46 r1/1Lisa SkinnerAUS
47 r1/1Delphine RegeaseFRA
=48 r1/1Anne-Sophie EndelerFRA
=48 r1/1Michelle ConwayCAN
=50 r1/1Irina YevdokimovaKAZ
=50 r1/1Yvonne TousekCAN
52 r1/1Miho TakenakaJPN
53 r1/1Camila CominBRA
54 r1/1Alena PolozkovaBLR
55 r1/1Marta CusidóESP
56 r1/1Katerina KhristoforidouGRE
57 r1/1Julie BeaulieuCAN
58 r1/1Arlen LoveraVEN
59 r1/1Tatsiana RyhorenkoBLR
=60 r1/1Choi Mi-SeonKOR
=60 r1/1Sharna MurrayGBR
62 r1/1Martina BreminiITA
63 r1/1Irene CastelliITA
64 r1/1Mok Un-JuPRK
65 r1/1Tatsiana ZharhanovaBLR
66 r1/1Vasiliki MillousiGRE
67 r1/1Halyna TyrykUKR
68 r1/1Elvire TezaFRA
69 r1/1Natallia NaranovichBLR
70 r1/1Adriana CrisciITA
71 r1/1Lise LeveilleCAN
72 r1/1Laura RobertsonNZL
73 r1/1Liu XuanCHN
74 r1/1Tetiana YaroshUKR
75 r1/1Joanna SkowrońskaPOL
76 r1/1Zuzana SekerováSVK
77 r1/1Julija KovaliovaLTU
78 r1/1Gharde GeldenhuysNAM
79 r1/1Mojca MavričSLO
80 r1/1Brooke WalkerAUS
81 r1/1Allana SlaterAUS
82 r1/1Kateřina MarešováCZE
83 r1/1Son Un-HuiPRK
ACDong FangxiaoCHN9.487DQ

Final (24 September 2000 — 16:00)

Top eight on each apparatus (maximum two per nation) in the individual all-around qualifying advanced to the apparatus finals. Mean score of two final jumps determined placement.

1Yelena ZamolodchikovaRUS9.7319.7129.750
2Andreea RăducanROU9.6939.7259.662
3Yekaterina LobaznyukRUS9.6749.6629.687
4Esther MoyaESP9.6189.7629.475
5Laura MartínezESP9.6129.6629.562
6Simona AmânarROU9.5379.6259.450
7Denisse LópezMEX8.8439.0878.600
ACDong FangxiaoCHN9.4879.5879.387DQ

Qualifying (17 September 2000)

Top eight on each apparatus (maximum two per nation) in the individual all-around qualifying advanced to the apparatus finals. Mean score of two final jumps determined placement.

1Esther MoyaESP9.7689.7509.787Q
2Andreea RăducanROU9.7439.7259.762Q
3Svetlana KhorkinaRUS9.7319.7129.750QDNS
4Simona AmânarROU9.7259.7009.750Q
5Laura MartínezESP9.6499.6379.662Q
6Yekaterina LobaznyukRUS9.6379.6509.625Q
7Denisse LópezMEX9.6319.5759.687Q
8Maria OlaruROU9.6259.6259.625
9Yelena ZamolodchikovaRUS9.6129.5509.675q
10Alona KvashaUKR9.5819.6009.562
11Trudy McIntoshAUS9.5069.4759.537
12Jana KomrskováCZE9.5009.4759.525
13Anna ChepelevaRUS9.4749.4629.487
=14Amy ChowUSA9.4689.4129.525
=14Elise RayUSA9.4689.4879.450
16Monica BergamelliITA9.4499.4629.437
=17Paloma MoroESP9.4379.4009.475
=17Sigrid PersoonBEL9.4379.4259.450
19Maryna ZarzhitskayaBLR9.4319.4009.462
=20Melinda ClelandAUS9.3939.3259.462
=20Dominique DawesUSA9.3939.3629.425
22Kui YuanyuanCHN9.3819.5009.262
23Oksana ChusovitinaUZB9.3759.3759.375
24Yelena ProdunovaRUS9.3689.3129.425
25Kana YamawakiJPN9.3569.3129.400
26Paula ThomasGBR9.3379.3009.375
27Annika ReederGBR9.3319.3629.300
=28Daniele HypólitoBRA9.3259.2259.425
=28Jamie DantzscherUSA9.3259.4009.250
30Alice CapitaniITA9.3249.2879.362
31Alexandra SolerFRA9.3189.3379.300
32Yang YunCHN9.2998.9879.612
33Kate RichardsonCAN9.2879.2759.300
34Ling JieCHN9.2689.1379.400
=35Adrienn NyesteHUN9.2629.2259.300
=35Olha RozshchupkinaUKR9.2629.2629.262
37Melina SirolliARG9.2569.2759.237
=38Viktoriya KarpenkoUKR9.2509.5009.000
=38Loredana BobocROU9.2509.1759.325
40Sara MoroESP9.2439.2259.262
41Lisa MasonGBR9.2319.2629.200
42Kristen MaloneyUSA9.2258.9009.550
43Nelly RamassamyFRA9.2129.2259.200
44Andreea IsărescuROU9.1938.9509.437
45Emma WilliamsGBR9.1879.1129.262
46Lisa SkinnerAUS9.1569.1759.137
47Delphine RegeaseFRA9.1509.4508.850
=48Anne-Sophie EndelerFRA9.1439.0379.250
=48Michelle ConwayCAN9.1439.1009.187
=50Irina YevdokimovaKAZ9.1319.4128.850
=50Yvonne TousekCAN9.1319.1259.137
52Miho TakenakaJPN9.1259.1009.150
53Camila CominBRA9.1129.0879.137
54Alena PolozkovaBLR9.1069.1129.100
55Marta CusidóESP9.1008.8259.375
56Katerina KhristoforidouGRE9.0999.0879.112
57Julie BeaulieuCAN9.0939.0629.125
58Arlen LoveraVEN9.0879.0509.125
59Tatsiana RyhorenkoBLR9.0629.0379.087
=60Choi Mi-SeonKOR9.0569.0009.112
=60Sharna MurrayGBR9.0569.0259.087
62Martina BreminiITA9.0438.9009.187
63Irene CastelliITA9.0378.9879.087
64Mok Un-JuPRK9.0319.2128.850
65Tatsiana ZharhanovaBLR9.0189.0129.025
66Vasiliki MillousiGRE8.9878.9629.012
67Halyna TyrykUKR8.9748.9878.962
68Elvire TezaFRA8.9508.6259.275
69Natallia NaranovichBLR8.9498.8879.012
70Adriana CrisciITA8.9378.7009.175
71Lise LeveilleCAN8.9128.8508.975
72Laura RobertsonNZL8.8998.8878.912
73Liu XuanCHN8.8938.6629.125
74Tetiana YaroshUKR8.8188.8628.775
75Joanna SkowrońskaPOL8.7509.3508.150
76Zuzana SekerováSVK8.7439.0258.462
77Julija KovaliovaLTU8.7378.6878.787
78Gharde GeldenhuysNAM8.5378.5008.575
79Mojca MavričSLO8.5128.5008.525
80Brooke WalkerAUS8.3687.7129.025
81Allana SlaterAUS8.2688.5258.012
82Kateřina MarešováCZE8.1187.6878.550
83Son Un-HuiPRK0.0000.0000.000
ACDong FangxiaoCHN9.5819.5509.612DQ