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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date25 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants56 from 35 countries
Olympic Record 2:01.42 WR / Alex Baumann CAN / 4 August 1984

Tamás Darnyi (HUN) had been the best individual medleyer since 1985 and had already won the 400 IM in Seoul. In that race he had easily defeated American silver medalist Dave Wharton, considered to be his biggest competition. It was expected they would duel again in the 200 but Wharton inexplicably did not qualify for the final, leaving Darnyi with no real competition. In the final he did not take the lead early. The butterfly opener was led by Soviet Vadym Yaroshchuk, with East German Patrick Kühl taking over on the second leg, the backstroke. The three were close at 150, with Yaroshchuk leading and Darnyi in third place, but Darnyi’s freestyle put the gold medal away, as he won by almost 1½ seconds. Kühl passed Yaroshchuk on the final lap for silver.

Darnyi had won the 200/400 IM double. Four years later, in Seoul, he would win the two events again, becoming only the second man, after East German Roland Matthes in the 1968/72 backstroke events, to double-double in a stroke or specialty. This would later be repeated in the IMs by Ukrainian Yana Klochkova in 2000-04.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Tamás DarnyiHUN2:02.15 (1 h8)2:00.17 (1)Gold
2Patrick KühlGDR2:03.77 (1 h6)2:01.61 (2)Silver
3Vadym YaroshchukURS2:02.77 (2 h8)2:02.40 (3)Bronze
4Mikhail ZubkovURS2:03.79 (2 h6)2:02.92 (4)
5Peter BermelFRG2:04.18 (4 h8)2:03.81 (5)
6Robert BruceAUS2:04.31 (1 h7)2:04.34 (6)
7Raik HannemannGDR2:04.03 (3 h8)2:04.82 (7)
8Gary AndersonCAN2:04.00 (3 h6)2:06.35 (8)
9Dave WhartonUSA2:04.64 (2 h7)2:03.05 (1)
10John DaveyGBR2:05.55 (6 h6)2:04.17 (2)
11Neil CochranGBR2:05.56 (6 h7)2:05.44 (3)
12Christophe BordeauFRA2:04.95 (4 h7)2:05.51 (4)
13Luca SacchiITA2:05.45 (5 h6)2:05.68 (5)
14Kharalambos PapanikolaouGRE2:05.53 (5 h7)2:06.61 (6)
15Jens-Peter BerndtFRG2:04.80 (3 h7)2:06.76 (7)
16Bill StapletonUSA2:05.32 (4 h6)2:06.82 (8)
17Rob WoodhouseAUS2:05.87 (5 h8)
18Roberto CassioITA2:05.88 (7 h6)
19Takahiro FujimotoJPN2:07.23 (1 h5)
20Gary O'TooleIRL2:07.77 (8 h6)
21Darren WardCAN2:07.84 (6 h8)
22Satoshi TakedaJPN2:08.11 (2 h5)
23József SzabóHUN2:09.08 (7 h7)
24Javier CareagaMEX2:09.38 (3 h5)
25Rodrigo GonzálezMEX2:09.52 (4 h5)
26Júlio LópezBRA2:09.62 (1 h4)
27Eðvarð Þór EðvarðssonISL2:10.18 (5 h5)
28Diogo MadeiraPOR2:10.21 (2 h4)
29Renato RamalhoBRA2:10.32 (6 h5)
30René ConcepcionPHI2:10.37 (3 h4)
=31Xie JunCHN2:10.52 (=7 h5)
=31Martín López-ZuberoESP2:10.52 (=7 h5)
33Sidney AppelboomBEL2:11.55 (4 h4)
34David LimSGP2:11.57 (5 h4)
35Lee Jae-SuKOR2:11.88 (1 h3)
36Sergio LópezESP2:13.48 (7 h8)
37Richard BeraINA2:13.90 (2 h3)
38Wirmandi SugriatINA2:13.93 (6 h4)
39Hakan EskioğluTUR2:14.32 (3 h3)
40Yip Hor ManHKG2:14.65 (7 h4)
41Desmond KohSGP2:14.77 (4 h3)
42Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:15.63 (1 h2)
43Eric GreenwoodCRC2:15.64 (5 h3)
44Horst NiehausCRC2:16.16 (2 h2)
45Jonathan SakovichGUM2:16.70 (6 h3)
46Kraig SingletonISV2:16.93 (3 h2)
47Graham ThompsonZIM2:17.06 (4 h2)
48Arthur LiHKG2:17.10 (7 h3)
49Tsai Hsin-YenTPE2:17.95 (5 h2)
50Vaughan SmithZIM2:18.07 (1 h1)
51Chiang Chi-LiTPE2:18.76 (6 h2)
52Mouhamed DiopSEN2:20.74 (7 h2)
53Mohamed Bin AbidUAE2:29.08 (2 h1)
54Bruno N'DiayeSEN2:29.18 (8 h2)
55Mohammed AlghafriUAE2:31.44 (3 h1)
56Rami KantariLBN2:34.53 (4 h1)
DNSPatrick ConcepcionPHI– (DNS h3)

Round One (25 September 1988 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Vaughan SmithZIM2:18.07
26Mohamed Bin AbidUAE2:29.08
32Mohammed AlghafriUAE2:31.44
43Rami KantariLBN2:34.53

Heat Two

11Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:15.63
22Horst NiehausCRC2:16.16
34Kraig SingletonISV2:16.93
45Graham ThompsonZIM2:17.06
56Tsai Hsin-YenTPE2:17.95
63Chiang Chi-LiTPE2:18.76
77Mouhamed DiopSEN2:20.74
88Bruno N'DiayeSEN2:29.18

Heat Three

16Lee Jae-SuKOR2:11.88
28Richard BeraINA2:13.90
34Hakan EskioğluTUR2:14.32
45Desmond KohSGP2:14.77
57Eric GreenwoodCRC2:15.64
62Jonathan SakovichGUM2:16.70
73Arthur LiHKG2:17.10
DNS1Patrick ConcepcionPHI

Heat Four

12Júlio LópezBRA2:09.62
25Diogo MadeiraPOR2:10.21
34René ConcepcionPHI2:10.37
47Sidney AppelboomBEL2:11.55
56David LimSGP2:11.57
68Wirmandi SugriatINA2:13.93
71Yip Hor ManHKG2:14.65

Heat Five

15Takahiro FujimotoJPN2:07.23
22Satoshi TakedaJPN2:08.11
33Javier CareagaMEX2:09.38
46Rodrigo GonzálezMEX2:09.52
51Eðvarð Þór EðvarðssonISL2:10.18
68Renato RamalhoBRA2:10.32
=74Xie JunCHN2:10.52
=77Martín López-ZuberoESP2:10.52

Heat Six

15Patrick KühlGDR2:03.77Q
26Mikhail ZubkovURS2:03.79Q
33Gary AndersonCAN2:04.00Q
44Bill StapletonUSA2:05.32q
52Luca SacchiITA2:05.45q
67John DaveyGBR2:05.55q
71Roberto CassioITA2:05.88
88Gary O'TooleIRL2:07.77

Heat Seven

17Robert BruceAUS2:04.31Q
24Dave WhartonUSA2:04.64q
35Jens-Peter BerndtFRG2:04.80q
42Christophe BordeauFRA2:04.95q
51Kharalambos PapanikolaouGRE2:05.53q
63Neil CochranGBR2:05.56q
76József SzabóHUN2:09.08

Heat Eight

14Tamás DarnyiHUN2:02.15Q
25Vadym YaroshchukURS2:02.77Q
36Raik HannemannGDR2:04.03Q
43Peter BermelFRG2:04.18Q
52Rob WoodhouseAUS2:05.87
67Darren WardCAN2:07.84
78Sergio LópezESP2:13.48

B Final (25 September 1988 — 20:00)

14Dave WhartonUSA2:03.05
21John DaveyGBR2:04.17
38Neil CochranGBR2:05.44
43Christophe BordeauFRA2:05.51
52Luca SacchiITA2:05.68
67Kharalambos PapanikolaouGRE2:06.61
75Jens-Peter BerndtFRG2:06.76
86Bill StapletonUSA2:06.82

Final (25 September 1988 — 20:00)

14Tamás DarnyiHUN2:00.17WR
23Patrick KühlGDR2:01.61
35Vadym YaroshchukURS2:02.40
46Mikhail ZubkovURS2:02.92
51Peter BermelFRG2:03.81
68Robert BruceAUS2:04.34
77Raik HannemannGDR2:04.82
82Gary AndersonCAN2:06.35