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100 metres Butterfly, Women

Date23 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants40 from 28 countries

Madame Butterfly was back – Mary T. Meagher. Mary T. had dominated butterfly swimming from 1979 through the 1984 Olympics, setting a world record of 57.93 in this event at the 1981 US Nationals, a mark that would last until 1999. But she was no longer the dominant swimmer she had been in her prime, although she had won the 200 fly at the 1986 World Championship.

The best female swimmer in Seoul was East German Kristin Otto. She had already won the 100 freestyle and 100 backstroke and added a third gold in the freestyle relay. In this event she would add another gold, making her four-for-four. Her time of 59.00 was the second fastest ever in the event, but over a full second behind Meagher’s world record. Meagher was not a factor, placing seventh in the final. She would manage a bronze in the 200 butterfly two days later in Seoul and then retire after the 1988 Olympics. Silver in the event went to Otto’s teammate Birte Weigang, who would also win silver in the 200 fly in 1988. The bronze medalist, Qian Hong of China, would return in four years and win the gold medal in Barcelona.

Otto would end the Seoul Olympics with six gold medals in six events, a record for women in the Olympics in any sport. She is the only swimmer to win golds in three different strokes at the Olympic Games.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Kristin OttoGDR1:00.40 (1 h5)59.00 (1)Gold
2Birte WeigangGDR59.97 (2 h6)59.45 (2)Silver
3Qian HongCHN1:00.66 (2 h5)59.52 (3)Bronze
4Catherine PlewinskiFRA59.34 (1 h6)59.58 (4)
5Janel JorgensenUSA1:00.97 (1 h4)1:00.48 (5)
6Conny van BentumNED1:00.94 (3 h6)1:00.62 (6)
7Mary T. MeagherUSA1:01.48 (2 h4)1:00.97 (7)
8Wang XiaohongCHN1:01.16 (3 h5)1:01.15 (8)
9Svetlana KopchikovaURS1:01.65 (4 h6)1:01.48 (1)
10Kiyomi TakahashiJPN1:02.04 (4 h4)1:01.80 (2)
11Jacqueline DelordFRA1:02.24 (4 h5)1:02.45 (3)
12Nevyana MitevaBUL1:02.01 (3 h4)1:02.47 (4)
13Fiona AlessandriAUS1:01.90 (5 h6)1:02.51 (5)
14Takayo KitanoJPN1:02.35 (5 h5)1:02.53 (6)
15Gabi RehaFRG1:02.27 (6 h6)1:02.63 (7)
16Ilaria TocchiniITA1:02.07 (5 h4)1:02.78 (8)
17María Luisa FernándezESP1:02.47 (1 h3)
18Caroline FootGBR1:02.76 (6 h5)
19Ina BeyermannFRG1:02.85 (7 h5)
20Jane KerrCAN1:02.91 (7 h6)
21Annabelle CrippsGBR1:03.34 (6 h4)
22Agneta ErikssonSWE1:03.45 (8 h6)
23Andrea NugentCAN1:03.69 (8 h5)
=24Emanuela ViolaITA1:03.91 (=7 h4)
=24Stela Marian PuraROU1:03.91 (=7 h4)
26Lee Hong-MiKOR1:04.36 (2 h3)
27Sandra NevesPOR1:04.60 (3 h3)
28Blanca MoralesGUA1:05.02 (4 h3)
29Marlene BrutenMEX1:05.37 (5 h3)
30Kim Su-JinKOR1:06.14 (6 h3)
31Celeste HungHKG1:06.94 (7 h3)
32Chang Hui-ChienTPE1:07.36 (8 h3)
33Marcela CuestaCRC1:07.66 (1 h2)
34Nguyễn Kiều OanhVIE1:07.96 (2 h2)
35Ana FortínHON1:07.99 (3 h2)
36Annemarie MunkHKG1:08.35 (4 h2)
37Sharon PickeringFIJ1:10.51 (5 h2)
38Cina MunchFIJ1:12.03 (6 h2)
39Elsa FreireANG1:12.27 (7 h2)
40Barbara GayleGUM1:12.84 (8 h2)

Round One (23 September 1988 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

Heat Two

12Marcela CuestaCRC1:07.66
24Nguyễn Kiều OanhVIE1:07.96
35Ana FortínHON1:07.99
43Annemarie MunkHKG1:08.35
57Sharon PickeringFIJ1:10.51
68Cina MunchFIJ1:12.03
76Elsa FreireANG1:12.27
81Barbara GayleGUM1:12.84

Heat Three

14María Luisa FernándezESP1:02.47
25Lee Hong-MiKOR1:04.36
36Sandra NevesPOR1:04.60
42Blanca MoralesGUA1:05.02
53Marlene BrutenMEX1:05.37
61Kim Su-JinKOR1:06.14
77Celeste HungHKG1:06.94
88Chang Hui-ChienTPE1:07.36

Heat Four

15Janel JorgensenUSA1:00.97Q
24Mary T. MeagherUSA1:01.48Q
33Nevyana MitevaBUL1:02.01q
47Kiyomi TakahashiJPN1:02.04q
51Ilaria TocchiniITA1:02.07q
68Annabelle CrippsGBR1:03.34
=72Stela Marian PuraROU1:03.91
=76Emanuela ViolaITA1:03.91

Heat Five

14Kristin OttoGDR1:00.40Q
25Qian HongCHN1:00.66Q
33Wang XiaohongCHN1:01.16Q
46Jacqueline DelordFRA1:02.24q
57Takayo KitanoJPN1:02.35q
68Caroline FootGBR1:02.76
71Ina BeyermannFRG1:02.85
82Andrea NugentCAN1:03.69

Heat Six

15Catherine PlewinskiFRA59.34Q
24Birte WeigangGDR59.97Q
33Conny van BentumNED1:00.94Q
47Svetlana KopchikovaURS1:01.65q
51Fiona AlessandriAUS1:01.90q
68Gabi RehaFRG1:02.27q
72Jane KerrCAN1:02.91
86Agneta ErikssonSWE1:03.45

B Final (23 September 1988 — 20:00)

14Svetlana KopchikovaURS1:01.48
26Kiyomi TakahashiJPN1:01.80
37Jacqueline DelordFRA1:02.45
43Nevyana MitevaBUL1:02.47
55Fiona AlessandriAUS1:02.51
68Takayo KitanoJPN1:02.53
71Gabi RehaFRG1:02.63
82Ilaria TocchiniITA1:02.78

Final (23 September 1988 — 20:00)

13Kristin OttoGDR59.00OR
25Birte WeigangGDR59.45
36Qian HongCHN59.52
44Catherine PlewinskiFRA59.58
57Janel JorgensenUSA1:00.48
62Conny van BentumNED1:00.62
78Mary T. MeagherUSA1:00.97
81Wang XiaohongCHN1:01.15