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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date22 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants69 from 15 countries

The United States had easily won this at the 1987 Pan Pacs over China, but that was the B race since the GDR (East German) swimmers were not there. East Germany was not the defending Olympic champion, only because they joined the 1984 boycott, but they were the world record holders, had won the 1986 World Championships by a huge margin over the USA, and had won the last six European Championships. Kristin Otto opened for the GDR with a 55.11, leading American Mary Wayte by 0.77 seconds. Katrin Meißner then moved ahead by 1.72 seconds at the 200 metre mark and the race was over but the rout was on. On the third leg it was more of same for East Germany, but although well back, the Netherlands closed on the United States, as Conny van Bentum brought the margin for silver to only 8/100ths at the anchor exchange. On the final leg, Karin Brienesse swam the eighth fastest 100 relay split ever, 55.04, to bring the Netherlands home for the silver medal, with the United States trailing for third as China placed fourth. Van Bentum commented, “We thought we would be battling for third with China. We were really, really excited that we got second.” The East Germans missed their world record by 6/100ths.

1East GermanyGDR3:43.13 (1 h1)3:40.63 (1)Gold
Kristin OttoKatrin MeißnerDaniela HungerManuela StellmachSabina SchulzeHeike Friedrich
2NetherlandsNED3:44.12 (1 h2)3:43.39 (2)Silver
Marianne MuisMildred MuisConny van BentumKarin BrienesseDiane van der Plaats
3United StatesUSA3:45.10 (2 h2)3:44.25 (3)Bronze
Mary WayteMitzi KremerLaura WalkerDara TorresPaige ZeminaJill Sterkel
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:46.36 (3 h2)3:44.69 (4)
Xia FujieYang WenyiLou YapingZhuang Yong
5Soviet UnionURS3:46.28 (2 h1)3:44.99 (5)
Yelena DendeberovaSvetlana IsakovaNataliya TrefilovaSvetlana KopchikovaInna Abramova
6CanadaCAN3:49.20 (5 h2)3:46.75 (6)
Kathy BaldPatricia NoallAndrea NugentJane KerrKristin TophamAllison Higson
7West GermanyFRG3:48.03 (3 h1)3:46.90 (7)
Stephanie OrtwigMarion AizporsChristiane PielkeKarin SeickKatja Ziliox
8DenmarkDEN3:48.83 (4 h2)3:49.25 (8)
Gitta JensenPia SørensenMette JacobsenAnnette Moldrup Jørgensen
9SwedenSWE3:50.50 (4 h1)
Agneta ErikssonKarin FuruhedSuzanne NilssonEva Nyberg
10Great BritainGBR3:50.84 (5 h1)
Annabelle CrippsJune CroftLinda DonnellyJoanna Coull
11BrazilBRA3:56.29 (6 h2)
Adriana PereiraMônica RezendePatrícia AmorimIsabele Vieira
12Costa RicaCRC3:59.67 (6 h1)
Natasha AguilarMarcela CuestaCarolina MauriSylvia Poll
13Republic of KoreaKOR4:03.18 (7 h2)
Kim Eun-JeongHan Yeong-HuiPark Ju-RiLee Hong-Mi
14Hong KongHKG4:08.58 (8 h2)
Celeste HungFenella NgTsang Wing SzeAnnemarie Munk
15Chinese TaipeiTPE4:09.84 (7 h1)
Wang ChiSabrina LumSeto Car-WaiChang Hui-Chien

Round One (22 September 1988 — 9:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14East GermanyGDR3:43.13Q
Katrin Meißner55.3055.30 (3)
Sabina Schulze56.321:51.62 (1)
Heike Friedrich55.682:47.30 (1)
Daniela Hunger55.833:43.13 (1)
23Soviet UnionURS3:46.28Q
Inna Abramova57.5657.56 (5)
Svetlana Isakova56.551:54.11 (2)
Yelena Dendeberova56.022:50.13 (2)
Svetlana Kopchikova56.153:46.28 (2)
35West GermanyFRG3:48.03Q
Karin Seick57.5457.54 (4)
Christiane Pielke56.941:54.48 (3)
Katja Ziliox57.752:52.23 (3)
Marion Aizpors55.803:48.03 (3)
Agneta Eriksson58.3158.31 (7)
Karin Furuhed57.311:55.62 (5)
Suzanne Nilsson57.592:53.21 (4)
Eva Nyberg57.293:50.50 (4)
52Great BritainGBR3:50.84
Annabelle Cripps57.8757.87 (6)
June Croft57.701:55.57 (4)
Linda Donnelly58.012:53.58 (5)
Joanna Coull57.263:50.84 (5)
67Costa RicaCRC3:59.67
Natasha Aguilar1:01.451:01.45 (1)
Marcela Cuesta1:00.072:01.52 (6)
Carolina Mauri1:00.253:01.77 (6)
Sylvia Poll57.903:59.67 (6)
71Chinese TaipeiTPE4:09.84
Wang Chi1:02.171:02.17 (2)
Sabrina Lum1:03.312:05.48 (7)
Seto Car-Wai1:01.823:07.30 (7)
Chang Hui-Chien1:02.544:09.84 (7)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
Conny van Bentum56.3456.34 (1)
Marianne Muis55.961:52.30 (1)
Mildred Muis55.852:48.15 (1)
Diane van der Plaats55.973:44.12 (1)
24United StatesUSA3:45.10Q
Laura Walker57.4657.46 (5)
Paige Zemina56.511:53.97 (3)
Jill Sterkel56.072:50.04 (2)
Mary Wayte55.063:45.10 (2)
35People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:46.36Q
Xia Fujie57.3757.37 (4)
Lou Yaping57.231:54.60 (4)
Yang Wenyi55.862:50.46 (3)
Zhuang Yong55.903:46.36 (3)
Mette Jacobsen57.1057.10 (2)
Gitta Jensen56.851:53.95 (2)
Pia Sørensen56.932:50.88 (4)
Annette Moldrup Jørgensen57.953:48.83 (4)
Kathy Bald57.2957.29 (3)
Kristin Topham58.081:55.37 (5)
Allison Higson57.092:52.46 (5)
Jane Kerr56.743:49.20 (5)
Adriana Pereira58.5958.59 (6)
Mônica Rezende59.371:57.96 (6)
Patrícia Amorim59.922:57.88 (6)
Isabele Vieira58.413:56.29 (6)
78Republic of KoreaKOR4:03.18
Kim Eun-Jeong1:01.331:01.33 (8)
Han Yeong-Hui1:00.372:01.70 (7)
Park Ju-Ri1:01.423:03.12 (7)
Lee Hong-Mi1:00.064:03.18 (7)
81Hong KongHKG4:08.58
Celeste Hung1:00.801:00.80 (7)
Fenella Ng1:01.152:01.95 (8)
Tsang Wing Sze1:03.673:05.62 (8)
Annemarie Munk1:02.964:08.58 (8)

Final (22 September 1988 — 20:00)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14East GermanyGDR3:40.63OR
Kristin Otto55.1155.11 (1)
Katrin Meißner54.731:49.84 (1)
Daniela Hunger55.692:45.53 (1)
Manuela Stellmach55.103:40.63 (1)
Marianne Muis56.2656.26 (3)
Mildred Muis56.361:52.62 (3)
Conny van Bentum55.732:48.35 (3)
Karin Brienesse55.043:43.39 (2)
33United StatesUSA3:44.25
Mary Wayte55.8855.88 (2)
Mitzi Kremer55.681:51.56 (2)
Laura Walker56.712:48.27 (2)
Dara Torres55.983:44.25 (3)
42People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:44.69
Xia Fujie57.7857.78 (7)
Yang Wenyi55.381:53.16 (5)
Lou Yaping57.282:50.44 (7)
Zhuang Yong54.253:44.69 (4)
56Soviet UnionURS3:44.99
Yelena Dendeberova56.4956.49 (4)
Svetlana Isakova56.201:52.69 (4)
Nataliya Trefilova56.002:48.69 (4)
Svetlana Kopchikova56.303:44.99 (5)
Kathy Bald57.0157.01 (6)
Patricia Noall56.751:53.76 (7)
Andrea Nugent56.312:50.07 (5)
Jane Kerr56.683:46.75 (6)
77West GermanyFRG3:46.90
Stephanie Ortwig57.9157.91 (8)
Marion Aizpors55.711:53.62 (6)
Christiane Pielke56.462:50.08 (6)
Karin Seick56.823:46.90 (7)
Gitta Jensen56.9356.93 (5)
Pia Sørensen57.281:54.21 (8)
Mette Jacobsen56.952:51.16 (8)
Annette Moldrup Jørgensen58.093:49.25 (8)