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200 metres Backstroke, Men

Date28 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants44 from 34 countries
Olympic Record 1:58.99 / Rick Carey USA / 31 July 1984

To Spanish swimming fans this was the most highly anticipated event in Barcelona, as the favorite was the world record holder, Martín López-Zubero. López-Zubero was also the 1991 World Champion and won both backstrokes at the 1991 European Championships. The pace in the final was set by Russian Vladimir Selkov, with Japan’s Hajime Itoi briefly leading at 150. But López-Zubero came on in the final 25 metres to win the gold medal, with Selkov second, and Italy’s Stefano Battistelli finishing strong for the bronze.

López-Zubero’s brother, David, had won Spain’s first ever swimming medal back in 1980 with a bronze in the 100 butterfly, but they were basically American with dual citizenship. They had both been born in the United States, raised in the US, trained in the US, and went to American colleges. However, their father was Spanish which gave them a Spanish passport and allowed them to compete internationally for Spain. David had chosen this route first and Martín followed it.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Martín López-ZuberoESP1:59.22 (1 h6)1:58.47 (1)Gold
2Vladimir SelkovEUN1:59.81 (1 h5)1:58.87 (2)Silver
3Stefano BattistelliITA1:59.56 (3 h6)1:59.40 (3)Bronze
4Hajime ItoiJPN1:59.95 (2 h5)1:59.52 (4)
5Tripp SchwenkUSA1:59.92 (1 h4)1:59.73 (5)
6Tino WeberGER1:59.40 (2 h6)1:59.78 (6)
7Tamás DeutschHUN2:00.50 (2 h4)2:00.06 (7)
8Stefaan MaeneBEL1:59.64 (4 h6)2:00.91 (8)
9Rodolfo FalcónCUB2:00.52 (1 h3)2:00.22 (1)
10Rogério RomeroBRA2:00.99 (5 h5)2:01.02 (2)
11Luca BianchinITA2:02.65 (4 h4)2:01.70 (3)
12Kevin DraxingerCAN2:01.73 (3 h4)2:01.79 (4)
13Manuel GuzmánPUR2:01.84 (7 h5)2:01.87 (5)
14Yasuhiro VandewalleBEL2:01.46 (2 h3)2:02.45 (6)
15Raymond BrownCAN2:01.81 (6 h5)2:03.01 (7)
16Georgi MikhalevBUL2:02.24 (3 h3)– (AC)
17Dirk RichterGER2:00.94 (3 h5)1
18Royce SharpUSA2:00.97 (4 h5)2
19Marcel BlažoTCH2:02.81 (4 h3)
=20Keita SoraokaJPN2:03.10 (5 h4)
=20Alejandro AlvizuriPER2:03.10 (1 h2)
22David HolderbachFRA2:03.11 (5 h6)
23Rastislav BizubTCH2:03.30 (6 h4)
24Adam RuckwoodGBR2:03.54 (7 h4)
25Jorge PérezESP2:03.68 (5 h3)
26Alejandro BermúdezCOL2:04.46 (2 h2)
27Olivér ÁghHUN2:04.52 (6 h3)
28Simon PercyNZL2:05.53 (3 h2)
29Ji Sang-JunKOR2:05.56 (4 h2)
30Ilmar OjaseEST2:05.76 (5 h2)
31Thomas SoppNOR2:05.91 (6 h6)
32Matthew O'ConnorGBR2:05.94 (8 h5)
33Derya BüyükuncuTUR2:06.01 (8 h4)
34Miguel ArrobasPOR2:06.02 (6 h2)
35Toby HaenenAUS2:06.79 (7 h6)
36Lars SørensenDEN2:06.80 (7 h3)
37Eran GroumiISR2:07.91 (7 h2)
38Gary TanSGP2:11.36 (1 h1)
39Marcos PronoPAR2:15.25 (2 h1)
40Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:19.02 (3 h1)
41Salvador JiménezHON2:20.15 (4 h1)
42Carl ProbertFIJ2:22.54 (5 h1)
ACRaymond PapaPHI– (AC h1)DQ
ACAbdullah SultanUAE– (AC h1)DQ
DNSJani SievinenFIN– (DNS h6)

Round One (28 July 1992 — 12:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

16Gary TanSGP2:11.36
25Marcos PronoPAR2:15.25
33Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:19.02
42Salvador JiménezHON2:20.15
57Carl ProbertFIJ2:22.54
AC1Abdullah SultanUAEDQ
AC4Raymond PapaPHIDQ

Heat Two

12Alejandro AlvizuriPER2:03.10
23Alejandro BermúdezCOL2:04.46
35Simon PercyNZL2:05.53
44Ji Sang-JunKOR2:05.56
56Ilmar OjaseEST2:05.76
67Miguel ArrobasPOR2:06.02
71Eran GroumiISR2:07.91

Heat Three

11Rodolfo FalcónCUB2:00.52q
25Yasuhiro VandewalleBEL2:01.46q
37Georgi MikhalevBUL2:02.24
42Marcel BlažoTCH2:02.81
54Jorge PérezESP2:03.68
63Olivér ÁghHUN2:04.52
76Lars SørensenDEN2:06.80

Heat Four

14Tripp SchwenkUSA1:59.92Q
23Tamás DeutschHUN2:00.50Q
32Kevin DraxingerCAN2:01.73q
46Luca BianchinITA2:02.65
57Keita SoraokaJPN2:03.10
61Rastislav BizubTCH2:03.30
78Adam RuckwoodGBR2:03.54
85Derya BüyükuncuTUR2:06.01

Heat Five

16Vladimir SelkovEUN1:59.81Q
25Hajime ItoiJPN1:59.95Q
33Dirk RichterGER2:00.94q
44Royce SharpUSA2:00.97q
52Rogério RomeroBRA2:00.99q
61Raymond BrownCAN2:01.81q
77Manuel GuzmánPUR2:01.84q
88Matthew O'ConnorGBR2:05.94

Heat Six

14Martín López-ZuberoESP1:59.22Q
23Tino WeberGER1:59.40Q
35Stefano BattistelliITA1:59.56Q
47Stefaan MaeneBEL1:59.64Q
56David HolderbachFRA2:03.11
61Thomas SoppNOR2:05.91
72Toby HaenenAUS2:06.79
DNS8Jani SievinenFIN

B Final (28 July 1992 — 19:30)

14Rodolfo FalcónCUB2:00.22
25Rogério RomeroBRA2:01.02
38Luca BianchinITA2:01.70
46Kevin DraxingerCAN2:01.79
57Manuel GuzmánPUR2:01.87
63Yasuhiro VandewalleBEL2:02.45
72Raymond BrownCAN2:03.01
AC1Georgi MikhalevBULDQ

Final (28 July 1992 — 19:30)

14Martín López-ZuberoESP1:58.47OR
22Vladimir SelkovEUN1:58.87
33Stefano BattistelliITA1:59.40
41Hajime ItoiJPN1:59.52
57Tripp SchwenkUSA1:59.73
65Tino WeberGER1:59.78
78Tamás DeutschHUN2:00.06
86Stefaan MaeneBEL2:00.91