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12.5 kilometres Pursuit, Men

Date16 February 2010 — 12:45
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants60 from 24 countries
FormatStarting margin based on results of 10 kilometer. Penalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
DetailsCourse Length: 13,095 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 2.6 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Prone at 5.3 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Standing at 7.9 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 10.5 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 420 m

The starting order and time intervals between skiers was determined by the results of the 10 kilometres sprint event with only the top sixty finishers in the sprint being allowed to compete in the pursuit. Given that the outcome of the 10 kilometres event had largely been affected by the weather conditions, it was felt unlikely that the medallists from that event would end on the podium after the 12.5 kilometres pursuit section. For Emil Hegle Svendsen of Norway and Croatia’s Jakov Fak, who started 2nd and 3rd, this proved to be the case, these biathletes eventually finishing in 8th and 25th place respectively. In the end it was the Swede Bjorn Ferry and Christoph Sumann of Austria who started at 1:12 and 1:25 behind the first starter Vincent Jay, who moved from 8th to 1st and 12th to 2nd , respectively, to take the gold and silver medals. Jay did well to hold on to the bronze medal by 2.8 seconds from another Austrian, the fast finishing Simon Eder, mainly by virtue of his time in the 10 kilometres event.

Ferry, an outspoken opponent of doping in sport, had competed at the top level since 2001 but had never previously won a medal at world or Olympic level. His wife, Heidi Andersson, was an eight-time world champion in the sport of arm-wrestling.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimeMissesStart BehindRace Time (Pos)
18Björn FerrySWE33:38.41+1:1232:26.4 (1)Gold
212Christoph SumannAUT33:54.92+1:2532:29.9 (3)Silver
31Vincent JayFRA34:06.6234:06.6 (25)Bronze
411Simon EderAUT34:09.43+1:2432:45.4 (6)
521Michael GreisGER34:29.61+1:4832:41.6 (5)
610Ivan CherezovRUS34:29.62+1:1833:11.6 (14)
717Ole Einar BjørndalenNOR34:29.82+1:4132:48.8 (7)
82Emil Hegle SvendsenNOR34:30.44+0:1234:18.4 (32)
94Klemen BauerSLO34:33.85+0:1734:16.8 (30)
1022Serhiy SednevUKR34:50.00+1:4933:01.0 (10)
116Jean-Philippe Le GuellecCAN34:51.92+0:5034:01.9 (23)1
1213Thomas FreiSUI34:56.41+1:2933:27.4 (=18)
1323Andi BirnbacherGER35:03.42+1:5933:04.4 (11)
1434Dominik LandertingerAUT35:06.73+2:1632:50.7 (8)
1515Yevgeny UstyugovRUS35:07.44+1:4033:27.4 (=18)
167Pavol HurajtSVK35:12.83+1:0734:05.8 (24)
1724Halvard HanevoldNOR35:13.12+2:0033:13.1 (15)
1829Tomasz SikoraPOL35:14.33+2:0833:06.3 (13)
1942Carl Johan BergmanSWE35:14.61+2:3432:40.6 (4)
2030Anton ShipulinRUS35:34.43+2:1133:23.4 (17)
2140Siarhei NovikauBLR35:35.22+2:3033:05.2 (12)
2253Vincent DefrasneFRA35:35.60+3:0732:28.6 (2)
2346Lars BergerNOR35:37.22+2:4532:52.2 (9)
249Jeremy TeelaUSA35:45.44+1:1434:31.4 (39)2
253Jakov FakCRO35:45.64+0:1435:31.6 (51)
265Andriy DeryzemliaUKR35:48.76+0:4135:07.7 (46)
2739Yan SavitskyKAZ35:49.61+2:2733:22.6 (16)
2826Matthias SimmenSUI35:55.03+2:0433:51.0 (20)
2918Michal ŠlesingrCZE35:58.83+1:4334:15.8 (29)
3019Christoph StephanGER36:02.34+1:4334:19.3 (34)
3120Aliaksandr SymanBLR36:13.92+1:4634:27.9 (36)
3214Ilmārs BricisLAT36:14.94+1:3434:40.9 (42)
3338Fredrik LindströmSWE36:25.54+2:2633:59.5 (22)
3435Martin FourcadeFRA36:28.45+2:1834:10.4 (27)
3532Zhang ChengyeCHN36:28.75+2:1234:16.7 (31)
3636Lowell BaileyUSA36:34.03+2:1934:15.0 (28)
3737Arnd PeifferGER36:44.94+2:2134:23.9 (35)
3828Zdeněk VítekCZE36:45.15+2:0634:39.1 (41)
3933Serhiy SemenovUKR36:55.74+2:1334:42.7 (43)
4049Yauhen AbramenkaBLR36:56.01+2:5034:06.0 (26)
4145Daniel MesotitschAUT36:56.04+2:3834:18.0 (33)
4243Rustam ValiulinBLR37:05.55+2:3634:29.5 (38)
4316Simon HallenbarterSUI37:07.96+1:4135:26.9 (50)
4459Mihail KlecherovBUL37:08.10+3:1533:53.1 (21)
4525Krasimir AnevBUL37:24.23+2:0135:23.2 (48)
4647Tim BurkeUSA37:26.85+2:4734:39.8 (40)
4727Janez MaričSLO37:28.45+2:0535:23.4 (49)
4831Indrek TobrelutsEST37:29.05+2:1135:18.0 (47)
4951Aleksandr ChervyakovKAZ37:30.53+3:0234:28.5 (37)
5048Kauri KõivEST37:45.54+2:4834:57.5 (44)
5152Jaroslav SoukupCZE38:04.94+3:0335:01.9 (45)
5241Timo AntilaFIN38:22.16+2:3035:52.1 (52)
5344Markus WindischITA39:50.86+2:3737:13.8 (56)
5456Lukas HoferITA39:50.95+3:1136:39.9 (54)
5560Mattia ColaITA39:50.94+3:1736:33.9 (53)
5655Lee JacksonGBR39:54.74+3:1036:44.7 (55)
5754Jay HakkinenUSA40:33.26+3:1037:23.2 (57)
5850Andrejs RastorgujevsLAT41:35.99+2:5838:37.9 (58)
5957Vasja RupnikSLO41:59.211+3:1338:46.2 (59)
DNF58Peter DoklSLO5+3:13– (–)lapped