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Sprint, Classical, Women

Date17 February 2010
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants54 from 27 countries
FormatFinal standings based on time achieved in last round competed in.
Venue detailsCourse Length: 1,430 m
Height Differential: 25 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 44 m

Some of the drama happened prior to the event itself when one of the favored skiers Petra Majdič (SLO), runner-up at the 2007 World Championships in the sprint, fell going down a bank and landed on some rocks on the morning of the event, suffering four broken ribs to put her entry in doubt. Nevertheless she competed, finishing 19th in the qualification heats, and then advancing to the final via the elimination rounds, albeit as a fastest loser from the semi-finals. The fastest qualifier was Marit Bjørgen (NOR) who had been favored to win gold medals at Torino in 2006 but had ended up with none. Here she qualified for the final, winning her elimination round heats with relative ease. The final itself started as a close contest between Bjørgen and Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) with Bjørgen pulling away in the last quarter of the course to finally win her first Olympic gold medal. A remarkable race by Majdič saw her win the bronze medal from Anna Dahlberg-Olsson (SWE), although Majdič was in such pain that she had difficulty walking after the race. This was the first ever medal for Slovenia in cross-country skiing. The 2009 World Sprint Champion, Arianna Follis of Italy, was in Vancouver but did not contest this event, as she specializes in freestyle and the sprint was held classically. Bjørgen was the star of women’s cross-coutnry in Vancouver, winning three gold medals and five medals in all. Because of her injuries, Majdič did not compete further in Vancouver.

1Marit BjørgenNOR3:38.05 (1)3:35.4 (1 h1)3:39.3 (1 h1)3:39.2 (1)Gold
2Justyna KowalczykPOL3:43.35 (5)3:38.8 (1 h3)3:38.0 (1 h2)3:40.3 (2)Silver
3Petra MajdičSLO3:47.84 (19)3:40.2 (1 h4)3:41.2 (4 h2)3:41.0 (3)Bronze
4Anna OlssonSWE3:41.95 (3)3:36.5 (1 h5)3:38.7 (2 h2)3:41.7 (4)
5Magda GenuinITA3:42.18 (4)3:41.9 (1 h2)3:42.2 (2 h1)3:49.1 (5)
6Celine Brun-LieNOR3:44.71 (8)3:39.7 (3 h5)3:40.1 (3 h2)3:51.5 (6)
7Astrid Uhrenholdt JacobsenNOR3:45.01 (11)3:39.0 (2 h1)3:44.2 (3 h1)
8Kikkan RandallUSA3:44.97 (10)3:39.4 (3 h1)3:45.9 (4 h1)
9Virpi KuitunenFIN3:43.72 (6)3:39.9 (2 h3)3:46.4 (5 h1)
10Magdalena PajalaSWE3:45.50 (13)3:37.7 (2 h5)3:45.0 (5 h2)
11Katerina SmutnaAUT3:45.03 (12)3:40.5 (2 h4)3:45.1 (6 h2)
12Nataliya KorostelyovaRUS3:45.56 (14)3:42.9 (2 h2)3:48.1 (6 h1)
13Aino-Kaisa SaarinenFIN3:38.82 (2)3:40.7 (3 h4)
14Katrin ZellerGER3:48.63 (24)3:43.0 (3 h2)
15Ida IngemarsdotterSWE3:49.11 (25)3:40.0 (3 h3)
16Katja VišnarSLO3:44.10 (7)3:43.5 (4 h2)
17Nicole FesselGER3:44.79 (9)3:41.2 (4 h4)
18Alena ProcházkováSVK3:46.16 (16)3:40.1 (4 h3)
19Kirsi PeräläFIN3:48.08 (20)3:39.7 (4 h1)
20Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:50.23 (28)3:41.6 (4 h5)
21Pirjo MuranenFIN3:46.04 (15)3:41.7 (5 h3)
22Dasha GaiazovaCAN3:46.97 (17)3:44.4 (5 h2)
23Vesna FabjanSLO3:48.40 (21)3:43.7 (5 h1)
24Aurore CuinetFRA3:48.52 (23)3:48.7 (5 h5)
25Hanna KolbGER3:50.29 (29)3:41.6 (5 h4)
26Chandra CrawfordCAN3:47.25 (18)3:50.0 (6 h5)
27Madoka NatsumiJPN3:48.48 (22)3:42.6 (6 h4)
28Yevgeniya ShapovalovaRUS3:49.52 (26)3:43.2 (6 h3)
29Hanna FalkSWE3:49.94 (27)4:22.5 (6 h2)
30Doris TrachselSUI3:50.85 (30)3:44.7 (6 h1)
31Kaija UdrasEST3:51.05 (31)
32Oksana YatskayaKAZ3:51.27 (32)
33Eva NývltováCZE3:51.37 (33)
34Sara RennerCAN3:51.79 (34)
35Yelena TuryshevaRUS3:51.99 (35)
36Yelena KolominaKAZ3:52.12 (36)
37Triin OjasteEST3:52.31 (37)
38Holly BrooksUSA3:52.51 (38)
39Karin MoroderITA3:53.74 (39)
40Olga RochevaRUS3:53.87 (40)
41Perianne JonesCAN3:54.27 (41)
42Nastassia DubarezavaBLR3:56.87 (42)
43Elisa BrocardITA3:58.27 (43)
44Monika GyorgyROU3:58.32 (44)
45Yelena AntonovaKAZ4:01.35 (45)
46Volha VasilionakBLR4:01.73 (46)
47Katie CalderNZL4:03.11 (47)
48Marina MatrosovaKAZ4:03.14 (48)
49Irina TerentjevaLTU4:04.47 (49)
50Esther BottomleyAUS4:05.12 (50)
51Man DandanCHN4:08.55 (51)
52Nina BroznićCRO4:15.31 (52)
53Kelime ÇetinkayaTUR4:22.32 (53)
54Olga ReshetkovaKGZ4:32.96 (54)

Qualifying Round (17 February 2010 — 10:15)

Top 30 finishers advance to quarter-finals.

12Marit BjørgenNOR3:38.05Q
218Aino-Kaisa SaarinenFIN3:38.82Q
323Anna OlssonSWE3:41.95Q
412Magda GenuinITA3:42.18Q
517Justyna KowalczykPOL3:43.35Q
621Virpi KuitunenFIN3:43.72Q
77Katja VišnarSLO3:44.10Q
813Celine Brun-LieNOR3:44.71Q
922Nicole FesselGER3:44.79Q
1024Kikkan RandallUSA3:44.97Q
1125Astrid Uhrenholdt JacobsenNOR3:45.01Q
121Katerina SmutnaAUT3:45.03Q
138Magdalena PajalaSWE3:45.50Q
145Nataliya KorostelyovaRUS3:45.56Q
1520Pirjo MuranenFIN3:46.04Q
166Alena ProcházkováSVK3:46.16Q
1727Dasha GaiazovaCAN3:46.97Q
1847Chandra CrawfordCAN3:47.25Q
193Petra MajdičSLO3:47.84Q
2010Kirsi PeräläFIN3:48.08Q
214Vesna FabjanSLO3:48.40Q
2226Madoka NatsumiJPN3:48.48Q
2331Aurore CuinetFRA3:48.52Q
2438Katrin ZellerGER3:48.63Q
2519Ida IngemarsdotterSWE3:49.11Q
2616Yevgeniya ShapovalovaRUS3:49.52Q
2714Hanna FalkSWE3:49.94Q
2830Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:50.23Q
2933Hanna KolbGER3:50.29Q
3040Doris TrachselSUI3:50.85Q
3128Kaija UdrasEST3:51.05
3215Oksana YatskayaKAZ3:51.27
3337Eva NývltováCZE3:51.37
3443Sara RennerCAN3:51.79
359Yelena TuryshevaRUS3:51.99
3635Yelena KolominaKAZ3:52.12
3734Triin OjasteEST3:52.31
3850Holly BrooksUSA3:52.51
3929Karin MoroderITA3:53.74
4011Olga RochevaRUS3:53.87
4139Perianne JonesCAN3:54.27
4245Nastassia DubarezavaBLR3:56.87
4332Elisa BrocardITA3:58.27
4452Monika GyorgyROU3:58.32
4546Yelena AntonovaKAZ4:01.35
4636Volha VasilionakBLR4:01.73
4749Katie CalderNZL4:03.11
4848Marina MatrosovaKAZ4:03.14
4941Irina TerentjevaLTU4:04.47
5044Esther BottomleyAUS4:05.12
5142Man DandanCHN4:08.55
5251Nina BroznićCRO4:15.31
5353Kelime ÇetinkayaTUR4:22.32
5454Olga ReshetkovaKGZ4:32.96

Quarter-Finals (17 February 2010 — 12:30)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (12:30)

11Marit BjørgenNOR3:35.4Q
211Astrid Uhrenholdt JacobsenNOR3:39.0Q
310Kikkan RandallUSA3:39.4q
420Kirsi PeräläFIN3:39.7
521Vesna FabjanSLO3:43.7
630Doris TrachselSUI3:44.7

Heat 2 (12:35)

14Magda GenuinITA3:41.9Q
214Nataliya KorostelyovaRUS3:42.9Q
324Katrin ZellerGER3:43.0
47Katja VišnarSLO3:43.5
517Dasha GaiazovaCAN3:44.4
627Hanna FalkSWE4:22.5

Heat 3 (12:41)

15Justyna KowalczykPOL3:38.8Q
26Virpi KuitunenFIN3:39.9Q
325Ida IngemarsdotterSWE3:40.0
416Alena ProcházkováSVK3:40.1
515Pirjo MuranenFIN3:41.7
626Yevgeniya ShapovalovaRUS3:43.2

Heat 4 (12:46)

119Petra MajdičSLO3:40.2Q
212Katerina SmutnaAUT3:40.5Q
32Aino-Kaisa SaarinenFIN3:40.7
49Nicole FesselGER3:41.2
529Hanna KolbGER3:41.6
622Madoka NatsumiJPN3:42.6

Heat 5 (12:52)

13Anna OlssonSWE3:36.5Q
213Magdalena PajalaSWE3:37.7Q
38Celine Brun-LieNOR3:39.7q
428Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:41.6
523Aurore CuinetFRA3:48.7
618Chandra CrawfordCAN3:50.0

Semi-Finals (17 February 2010 — 13:26)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to final.

Heat 1 (13:26)

11Marit BjørgenNOR3:39.3Q
24Magda GenuinITA3:42.2Q
311Astrid Uhrenholdt JacobsenNOR3:44.2
410Kikkan RandallUSA3:45.9
56Virpi KuitunenFIN3:46.4
614Nataliya KorostelyovaRUS3:48.1

Heat 2 (13:32)

15Justyna KowalczykPOL3:38.0Q
23Anna OlssonSWE3:38.7Q
38Celine Brun-LieNOR3:40.1q
419Petra MajdičSLO3:41.2q
513Magdalena PajalaSWE3:45.0
612Katerina SmutnaAUT3:45.1

Final Round (17 February 2010 — 14:02)

11Marit BjørgenNOR3:39.2
25Justyna KowalczykPOL3:40.3
319Petra MajdičSLO3:41.0
43Anna OlssonSWE3:41.7
54Magda GenuinITA3:49.1
68Celine Brun-LieNOR3:51.5