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Singles, Men

Date16 – 18 February 2010
LocationPacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Participants30 from 20 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

After winning the 2006 gold medal, Yevgeny Plyushchenko had taken a sabbatical from competition and did not return until October 2009, only a few months before the Vancouver Olympics. Despite his lack of competition, he was still considered the man to beat. At the end of the short program, Plyushchenko led with 90.85 points from Daisuke Takahashi (JPN), just 0.55 points behind and Evan Lysacek (USA), a further 0.05 points behind. These were to be the three medallists, although not in that order. Lysacek, skating first, performed almost flawlessly to take the lead with 257.67 points. Takahashi’s chances ended when he fell attempting a quadruple jump in an otherwise well presented free skate. Skating last, Plyushchenko had a couple of minor errors, and a tense wait followed while the judges marked his performance. In the end Lysacek won the gold from Plyushchenko by 1.31 points. A disappointed Plyushchenko was quick to make reference to what he perceived as poor judging, noting Lysacek didn’t include a quadruple jump in his program, as he had, but the result stood. Former Russian premier Vladimir Putin, a close friend of Plyushchenko, also proclaimed that Plyushchenko was the real winner, for what that was worth.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Evan LysacekUSA257.6790.30 (2)167.37 (1)Gold
2Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS256.3690.85 (1)165.51 (2)Silver
3Daisuke TakahashiJPN247.2390.25 (3)156.98 (3)Bronze
4Stéphane LambielSUI246.7284.63 (5)162.09 (4)
5Patrick ChanCAN241.4281.12 (7)160.30 (5)
6Johnny WeirUSA238.8782.10 (6)156.77 (6)
7Nobunari OdaJPN238.5484.85 (4)153.69 (7)
8Takahiko KozukaJPN231.1979.59 (8)151.60 (8)
9Jeremy AbbottUSA218.9669.40 (15)149.56 (9)
10Michal BřezinaCZE216.7378.80 (9)137.93 (10)
11Denis TenKAZ211.2576.24 (10)135.01 (11)
12Florent AmodioFRA210.3075.35 (11)134.95 (12)
13Artyom BorodulinRUS210.1672.24 (13)137.92 (13)
14Javier FernándezESP206.6868.69 (16)137.99 (14)
15Adrian SchultheissSWE200.4463.13 (22)137.31 (15)
16Brian JoubertFRA200.2268.00 (18)132.22 (16)
17Kevin Van der PerrenBEL189.8472.90 (12)116.94 (17)
18Samuel ContestiITA187.5070.60 (14)116.90 (18)
19Tomáš VernerCZE184.7465.32 (19)119.42 (19)
20Paolo BacchiniITA177.2164.42 (20)112.79 (20)
21Viktor PfeiferAUT175.9360.88 (23)115.05 (21)
22Stefan LindemannGER171.9868.50 (17)103.48 (22)
23Vaughn ChipeurCAN170.9257.22 (24)113.70 (23)
24Anton KovalevskyiUKR165.9063.81 (21)102.09 (24)
25 r1/2Ri Song-CholPRK56.60 (25)
26 r1/2Abzal RakhimgaliyevKAZ55.88 (26)
27 r1/2Gregor UrbasSLO53.02 (27)
28 r1/2Przemysław DomańskiPOL52.14 (28)
29 r1/2Zoltan KelemenROU51.95 (29)
30 r1/2Ari-Pekka NurmenkariFIN44.62 (30)

Short Program (16 February 2010 — 16:15)

Judge #1Coco SheanUSA
Judge #2Daniela CavelliITA
Judge #3Vera TauchmanovaCZE
Judge #4Patrick IbensBEL
Judge #5Vladyslav PetukhovUKR
Judge #6Philippe MériguetFRA
Judge #7Aniela Hebel-SzmakPOL
Judge #8Masako KubotaJPN
Judge #9Teri SedejSLO
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
110Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS90.8551.1039.750.00Q
228Evan LysacekUSA90.3048.3042.000.00Q
317Daisuke TakahashiJPN90.2548.9041.350.00Q
420Nobunari OdaJPN84.8546.0038.850.00Q
519Stéphane LambielSUI84.6341.4843.150.00Q
625Johnny WeirUSA82.1042.9039.200.00Q
724Patrick ChanCAN81.1241.4240.701.00Q
822Takahiko KozukaJPN79.5942.1437.450.00Q
930Michal BřezinaCZE78.8042.5036.300.00Q
1016Denis TenKAZ76.2441.2435.000.00Q
114Florent AmodioFRA75.3541.9033.450.00Q
1226Kevin Van der PerrenBEL72.9039.2033.700.00Q
1313Artyom BorodulinRUS72.2439.9432.300.00Q
1423Samuel ContestiITA70.6036.6035.001.00Q
1529Jeremy AbbottUSA69.4030.7038.700.00Q
1615Javier FernándezESP68.6937.6431.050.00Q
1714Stefan LindemannGER68.5037.7030.800.00Q
1821Brian JoubertFRA68.0031.9037.101.00Q
1927Tomáš VernerCZE65.3230.0236.301.00Q
2011Paolo BacchiniITA64.4234.8229.600.00Q
212Anton KovalevskyiUKR63.8136.6627.150.00Q
2218Adrian SchultheissSWE63.1332.7830.350.00Q
235Viktor PfeiferAUT60.8834.0826.800.00Q
249Vaughn ChipeurCAN57.2230.2227.000.00Q
251Ri Song-CholPRK56.6033.4023.200.00
266Abzal RakhimgaliyevKAZ55.8832.4823.400.00
273Gregor UrbasSLO53.0228.9224.100.00
287Przemysław DomańskiPOL52.1428.4423.700.00
2912Zoltan KelemenROU51.9527.4025.551.00
308Ari-Pekka NurmenkariFIN44.6222.7222.901.00

Free Skating (18 February 2010 — 17:00)

Judge #1Coco SheanUSA
Judge #2Vera TauchmanovaCZE
Judge #3Philippe MériguetFRA
Judge #4Lenka BohunickaSVK
Judge #5Vladyslav PetukhovUKR
Judge #6Teri SedejSLO
Judge #7Deborah IslamCAN
Judge #8Yelena FominaRUS
Judge #9Inger AnderssonSWE
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
119Evan LysacekUSA167.3784.5782.800.00
224Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS165.5182.7182.800.00
322Daisuke TakahashiJPN156.9873.4884.501.00
421Stéphane LambielSUI162.0978.4983.600.00
517Patrick ChanCAN160.3079.3082.001.00
623Johnny WeirUSA156.7779.6777.100.00
720Nobunari OdaJPN153.6979.6977.003.00
813Takahiko KozukaJPN151.6078.4074.201.00
99Jeremy AbbottUSA149.5671.5679.001.00
1018Michal BřezinaCZE137.9367.4371.501.00
1114Denis TenKAZ135.0167.6167.400.00
1216Florent AmodioFRA134.9563.2571.700.00
138Artyom BorodulinRUS137.9272.6265.300.00
1411Javier FernándezESP137.9968.1970.801.00
156Adrian SchultheissSWE137.3174.0163.300.00
1612Brian JoubertFRA132.2259.1274.101.00
1715Kevin Van der PerrenBEL116.9454.0462.900.00
1810Samuel ContestiITA116.9050.2066.700.00
191Tomáš VernerCZE119.4252.6267.801.00
202Paolo BacchiniITA112.7955.1957.600.00
213Viktor PfeiferAUT115.0561.2554.801.00
227Stefan LindemannGER103.4846.6856.800.00
234Vaughn ChipeurCAN113.7055.1058.600.00
245Anton KovalevskyiUKR102.0949.9955.103.00