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30 kilometres (Freestyle), Women

Date21 February 1992 — 10:00
LocationLes Saisies
Participants57 from 19 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 98 m
Intermediate 1: 1.9 km
Intermediate 2: 6.9 km
Intermediate 3: 11.5 km
Intermediate 4: 18.5 km
Intermediate 5: 23.7 km
Maximum Climb: 51 m
Total Climbing: 738 m

In 1984 and 1988 the long-distance race for women at the Winter Olympics had been 20 km. That distance had been the long-distance at the World Championships in 1978, 1980, 1982, and 1985, but in 1987 it was switched to the 30 km, and the 30 km made its début on the Olympic Program in Albertville. The 1991 World Champion had been Lyubov Yegorova who had already won three gold medals in Albertville. But the gold medal would be won by Italy’s Stefania Belmondo, who led at every checkpoint, and defeated Yegorova by just under 22 seconds. The bronze medal went to Yelena Välbe who had been second at the 1991 World Championships, and was third in every individual event in 1992. Belmondo was at the 1988 Winter Olympics and would compete through the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. She would eventually win 10 Olympic medals, tied for best among female Winter Olympians, with two golds, adding the 2002 15 km gold to this event. At the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, she would light the flame at the Torino Opening Ceremony. Yegorova won medals in all five cross-country events in 1992, with three golds, in the 15 km, pursuit, and relay.

150Stefania BelmondoITA1-22:30.1Gold
257Lyubov YegorovaEUN1-22:52.0Silver
333Yelena VälbeEUN1-24:13.9Bronze
453Elin NilsenNOR1-26:25.1
524Larisa LazutinaEUN1-26:31.8
635Manuela Di CentaITA1-27:04.4
752Marie-Helene WestinSWE1-27:16.2
845Simone OpitzGER1-27:17.4
934Trude DybendahlNOR1-27:29.8
1040Marjut LukkarinenFIN1-27:30.9
1156Alžběta HavrančíkováTCH1-27:54.9
1229Gabriella ParuzziITA1-28:18.1
1316Inger Helene NybråtenNOR1-28:21.8
1415Inger Lise HeggeNOR1-29:31.6
1518Gabriele HeßGER1-29:43.8
1642Vida VencienėLTU1-29:45.4
1744Brigitte AlbrechtSUI1-29:54.3
1841Sophie VilleneuveFRA1-30:14.5
1954Sylvia HoneggerSUI1-30:16.6
204Olga DanilovaEUN1-30:30.7
2148Isabelle ManciniFRA1-31:03.3
2217Iveta ZelingerováTCH1-31:39.1
2351Bernadetta BocekPOL1-31:44.3
2431Małgorzata RuchałaPOL1-31:47.6
2519Halina NowakPOL1-31:56.2
262Elvira KnechtSUI1-32:35.6
273Anna JanouškováTCH1-32:43.9
2855Jaana SavolainenFIN1-32:49.4
2939Nancy FiddlerUSA1-33:02.5
3043Zora SimčákováTCH1-33:10.3
3120Natascia LeonardiSUI1-33:21.0
3213Heike WezelGER1-33:34.2
3338Lucy SteeleCAN1-33:35.7
3432Magdalena WallinSWE1-33:46.6
357Laura BettegaITA1-33:49.3
3623Sirpa RyhänenFIN1-33:55.7
376Päivi SimukkaFIN1-34:21.7
3821Ann-Marie KarlssonSWE1-34:45.6
3930Sylvie Giry-RoussetFRA1-35:08.4
4047Jane VincentCAN1-35:10.0
4125Miwa OtaJPN1-35:19.4
428Naomi HoshikawaJPN1-35:29.4
4349Betsy YoungmanUSA1-36:12.1
4436Fumiko AokiJPN1-36:21.9
455Dorcas DenHartogUSA1-36:39.8
4646Ina KümmelGER1-36:48.2
4714Lis FrostSWE1-37:05.0
4837Piret NiglasEST1-37:31.8
4926Brenda WhiteUSA1-37:54.0
5011Ileana Ianoşiu-HanganROU1-38:06.7
5128Lorna SassevilleCAN1-38:27.3
5227Reneta BanchevaBUL1-41:44.9
5322Gong GuipingCHN1-43:08.2
5412Wang YanCHN1-49:08.5
5510Inés AlderARG1-50:50.6
DNF1Katarzyna PopieluchPOL
DNF9Marie-Pierre GuilbaudFRA