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Welterweight (≤67 kilograms), Men

Date12 – 23 October 1964
LocationKorakuen Horu, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Participants30 from 30 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

At welterweight the Lithuanian Ričardas Tamulis, representing the Soviet Union, reigned supreme. The 1964 Olympics came in the middle of his run of three successive European Championship victories. He cruised into the final where he would face the 1960 bronze medallist Marian Kasprzyk of Poland. The Pole had been given a life ban by his national federation following a conviction for assault and only returned to the ring when the ban was commuted shortly before the Tokyo Games. Kasprzyk, though fighting with a broken thumb suffered in his first fight, had beaten another top rated fighter in Italy’s Silvano Bertini in the semi-final and repeated the trick with a shock victory against Tamulis. Kasprzyk returned to the Olympic Games in 1968 but was eliminated in his opening contest.

1Marian KasprzykPOLGold
2Ričardas TamulisURSSilver
=3Pertti PurhonenFINBronze
=3Silvano BertiniITABronze
=5Ernest MabwaUGA
=5Issaka DaboréNIG
=5Mick VarleyGBR
=5Kichijiro HamadaJPN
=9Bruno GuseGER
=9Constantin NiculescuROU
=9Hans-Erik PedersenDEN
=9Bohumil NěmečekTCH
=9Hussein SaddikEGY
=9Felipe PereyraARG
=9Sikuru AlimiNGR
=9Manfredo AlipalaPHI
=17Alfonso RamírezMEX
=17Maurice FrilotUSA
=17Hong Tshun-FuTPE
=17Boniface Hié TohCIV
=17Malcolm BulnerSRI
=17Frank RobertsAUS
=17Frederick DesrosiersCAN
=17Sukda SongsamTHA
=17Virgilio JiménezCUB
=17Lee Hong-ManKOR
=17Misael VilugrónCHI
=17Gichere GakunguKEN
=17Sayed Mahmoudpour RoudsariIRI
=17Khalid Al-KarkhiIRQ

Round One

Date12 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #112 OctBruno GuseGER
Match #212 OctRičardas TamulisURS
Match #312 OctConstantin NiculescuROUDecisionAlfonso RamírezMEX
Match #412 OctErnest MabwaUGADecisionMaurice FrilotUSA
Match #512 OctIssaka DaboréNIGReferee stops contestHong Tshun-FuTPE
Match #612 OctHans-Erik PedersenDENDisqualifiedBoniface Hié TohCIV
Match #712 OctBohumil NěmečekTCHDecisionMalcolm BulnerSRI
Match #812 OctPertti PurhonenFINDecisionFrank RobertsAUS
Match #912 OctSilvano BertiniITAReferee stops contestFrederick DesrosiersCAN
Match #1012 OctHussein SaddikEGYDisqualifiedSukda SongsamTHA
Match #1112 OctFelipe PereyraARGDisqualifiedVirgilio JiménezCUB
Match #1212 OctMick VarleyGBRDecisionLee Hong-ManKOR
Match #1312 OctMarian KasprzykPOLDecisionMisael VilugrónCHI
Match #1412 OctSikuru AlimiNGRDecisionGichere GakunguKEN
Match #1512 OctKichijiro HamadaJPNDecisionSayed Mahmoudpour RoudsariIRI
Match #1612 OctManfredo AlipalaPHIDisqualifiedKhalid Al-KarkhiIRQ

Round Two

Date16 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #116 OctRičardas TamulisURSDecisionBruno GuseGER
Match #216 OctErnest MabwaUGADecisionConstantin NiculescuROU
Match #316 OctIssaka DaboréNIGReferee stops contestHans-Erik PedersenDEN
Match #416 OctPertti PurhonenFINReferee stops contestBohumil NěmečekTCH
Match #516 OctSilvano BertiniITADecisionHussein SaddikEGY
Match #616 OctMick VarleyGBRDecisionFelipe PereyraARG
Match #716 OctMarian KasprzykPOLDecisionSikuru AlimiNGR
Match #816 OctKichijiro HamadaJPNDecisionManfredo AlipalaPHI


Date19 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #119 OctRičardas TamulisURSDecisionErnest MabwaUGA
Match #219 OctPertti PurhonenFINDecisionIssaka DaboréNIG
Match #319 OctSilvano BertiniITAReferee stops contestMick VarleyGBR
Match #419 OctMarian KasprzykPOLDecisionKichijiro HamadaJPN


Date21 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #121 OctRičardas TamulisURSDecisionPertti PurhonenFIN
Match #221 OctMarian KasprzykPOLDecisionSilvano BertiniITA

Final Round

Date23 October 1964
Match 1/223 OctMarian KasprzykPOLDecisionRičardas TamulisURS