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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date11 – 12 February 2006
Participants69 from 21 countries
Judge #1Leo De CrignisITA
Judge #2Ernst EgloffSUI
Judge #3Sebastian LinsingerAUT
Judge #4Janež BukovnikSLO
Judge #5Eero KuusinenFIN
DetailsK-Point: 95 m

Finland’s Janne Ahonen had been the outstanding jumper since the 2002 Olympics and he arrived in Torino as World Cup holder, joint Four Hills champion with the Czech Jakub Janda, and the favourite for the gold medal. Janda and the Pole Adam Małysz were considered as Ahonen’s rival. Contrary to expectations none of the three collected a medal in this event. Instead the gold medal went to somebody who mastered the art of peaking at the right time. Lars Bystøl had always been known to be talented but his career had been blighted by problems with alcohol and in 2004 he had lost his place on the Norwegian team for this reason. On January 4, 2006 he won his first World Cup event which was followed a week later by a gold medal at the World Ski Flying Championship. Despite this run of form, things started badly in Torino as he was disqualified in the qualifying round for wearing an illegal suit, though this proved unimportant as his world ranking guaranteed him a place in the final. Bystøl’s first jump left him in sixth place though the crowded leader board meant that this was only four points behind surprise leader Dmitry Vasilyev of Russia. Ahonen and Thomas Morgenstern of Austria lay just a half point behind the Russian in joint second. While Lars Bystøl’s second leap was, at 103.5 m, an improvement on the first round jump, those in front of him could make a similar improvement and the Norwegian held on to win by a single point and claim Norway’s first ski jumping gold since 1994. More success came for Norway as Roar Ljøkelsøy, in his fourth Olympics, won his first Olympic medal placing third behind Matti Hautamäki of Finland.

1Lars BystølNORGold
2Matti HautamäkiFINSilver
3Roar LjøkelsøyNORBronze
4Michael UhrmannGER
5Andreas KüttelSUI
6Janne AhonenFIN
7Adam MałyszPOL
8Michael NeumayerGER
9Thomas MorgensternAUT
10Dmitry VasilyevRUS
11Andreas KoflerAUT
12Georg SpäthGER
=13Jakub JandaCZE
=13Michael MöllingerSUI
15Bjørn Einar RomørenNOR
16Kamil StochPOL
17Andreas WidhölzlAUT
18Daiki ItoJPN
19Dmitry IpatovRUS
20Noriaki KasaiJPN
=21Alexander HerrGER
=21Jan MaturaCZE
=23Martin KochAUT
=23Takanobu OkabeJPN
25Robert MatejaPOL
26Radik ZhaparovKAZ
27Sebastian ColloredoITA
28Janne HapponenFIN
29Stefan HulaPOL
30Primož PeterkaSLO
31Tami KiuruFIN
32Jens SalumäeEST
33Maksim AnisimauBLR
34Denis KornilovRUS
35Jernej DamjanSLO
=36Jan MazochCZE
=36Andrea MorassiITA
=38Simon AmmannSUI
=38Borek SedlákCZE
40Alan AlbornUSA
41Robert KranjecSLO
42Stefan ReadCAN
43Kim Hyeon-GiKOR
=44Ildar FatkullinRUS
=44Li YangCHN
46Ivan KaraulovKAZ
47Clint JonesUSA
48Guido LandertSUI
49Rok BenkovičSLO
50Jaan JürisEST
=36 r1/2Choi Heung-CheolKOR
=36 r1/2Choi Yong-JikKOR
38 r1/2Tommy SchwallUSA
39 r1/2Tian ZhandongCHN
40 r1/2Alessio BolognaniITA
41 r1/2Gregory BaxterCAN
=42 r1/2Martin MesíkSVK
=42 r1/2Graeme GorhamCAN
44 r1/2Gang Chil-GuKOR
45 r1/2Piotr ChaadayeuBLR
46 r1/2Jim DenneyUSA
47 r1/2Volodymyr BoshchukUKR
48 r1/2Aleksey KorolyovKAZ
49 r1/2Petar FartunovBUL
50 r1/2Michael NellCAN
51 r1/2Georgi ZharkovBUL
AC r1/2Masahiko HaradaJPNDQ
AC r1/2Nikolay KarpenkoKAZDQ
AC r1/2Sigurd PettersenNORDQ

Qualifying Round (11 February 2006 — 18:00)

Top 35 finishers advanced to final. Fifteen jumpers pre-qualified based on World Cup points.

152Noriaki KasaiJPN132.5Q
230Dmitry IpatovRUS129.0Q
344Dmitry VasilyevRUS128.5Q
=445Michael NeumayerGER127.0Q
=439Michael MöllingerSUI127.0Q
=424Robert MatejaPOL127.0Q
748Alexander HerrGER125.5Q
851Tami KiuruFIN125.0Q
=953Daiki ItoJPN123.0Q
=946Martin KochAUT123.0Q
1138Kamil StochPOL122.5Q
1223Borek SedlákCZE120.0Q
1316Ildar FatkullinRUS119.0Q
1441Sebastian ColloredoITA118.0Q
1529Jens SalumäeEST117.5Q
=1647Primož PeterkaSLO117.0Q
=1634Denis KornilovRUS117.0Q
=1626Alan AlbornUSA117.0Q
1937Guido LandertSUI116.0Q
2043Jan MaturaCZE115.5Q
=2140Jernej DamjanSLO114.5Q
=2131Stefan ReadCAN114.5Q
2349Janne HapponenFIN114.0Q
2435Stefan HulaPOL110.5Q
2528Radik ZhaparovKAZ110.0Q
=2636Ivan KaraulovKAZ109.0Q
=2615Li YangCHN109.0Q
=2850Rok BenkovičSLO108.0Q
=2819Maksim AnisimauBLR108.0Q
=3033Andrea MorassiITA107.5Q
=3032Kim Hyeon-GiKOR107.5Q
3210Jaan JürisEST107.0Q
=3354Simon AmmannSUI106.0Q
=3327Jan MazochCZE106.0Q
3517Clint JonesUSA104.5Q
=3613Choi Heung-CheolKOR104.0
=369Choi Yong-JikKOR104.0
388Tommy SchwallUSA103.0
391Tian ZhandongCHN102.0
405Alessio BolognaniITA100.5
416Gregory BaxterCAN100.0
=4224Martin MesíkSVK97.5
=4218Graeme GorhamCAN97.5
4414Gang Chil-GuKOR96.5
454Piotr ChaadayeuBLR95.5
4621Jim DenneyUSA91.5
4722Volodymyr BoshchukUKR88.5
483Aleksey KorolyovKAZ86.5
4920Petar FartunovBUL85.0
5011Michael NellCAN83.5
517Georgi ZharkovBUL77.5
PRQ67Andreas KüttelSUI134.5=OB
PRQ63Andreas KoflerAUT134.5
PRQ68Janne AhonenFIN133.5
PRQ57Adam MałyszPOL130.5
PRQ62Matti HautamäkiFIN130.0
PRQ58Andreas WidhölzlAUT129.0
PRQ59Takanobu OkabeJPN127.5
PRQ55Georg SpäthGER123.5
PRQ69Jakub JandaCZE121.5
PRQ66Roar LjøkelsøyNOR120.5
PRQ65Michael UhrmannGER120.5
PRQ61Bjørn Einar RomørenNOR118.0
PRQ64Thomas MorgensternAUT117.0
PRQ56Robert KranjecSLO102.0
DQ60Lars BystølNOR[135.5]1
DQ2Masahiko HaradaJPN3
DQ12Nikolay KarpenkoKAZ5
DQ42Sigurd PettersenNOR[102.0]7

Final Round (12 February 2006)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

141Lars BystølNOR266.5
243Matti HautamäkiFIN265.5
347Roar LjøkelsøyNOR264.5
446Michael UhrmannGER264.0
548Andreas KüttelSUI262.5
649Janne AhonenFIN261.5
738Adam MałyszPOL261.0
826Michael NeumayerGER260.5
945Thomas MorgensternAUT259.5
1025Dmitry VasilyevRUS258.5
1144Andreas KoflerAUT257.5
1236Georg SpäthGER251.0
=1350Jakub JandaCZE249.0
=1321Michael MöllingerSUI249.0
1542Bjørn Einar RomørenNOR248.0
1620Kamil StochPOL247.0
1739Andreas WidhölzlAUT244.0
1834Daiki ItoJPN243.5
1912Dmitry IpatovRUS242.5
2033Noriaki KasaiJPN241.0
=2129Alexander HerrGER231.0
=2124Jan MaturaCZE231.0
=2340Martin KochAUT229.5
=2327Takanobu OkabeJPN229.5
257Robert MatejaPOL229.0
2610Radik ZhaparovKAZ227.0
2723Sebastian ColloredoITA226.5
2830Janne HapponenFIN225.0
2917Stefan HulaPOL218.0
3028Primož PeterkaSLO215.0
3132Tami KiuruFIN113.0
3211Jens SalumäeEST112.0
335Maksim AnisimauBLR110.5
3416Denis KornilovRUS110.0
3522Jernej DamjanSLO109.0
=3615Jan MazochCZE108.5
=369Andrea MorassiITA108.5
=3835Simon AmmannSUI107.0
=386Borek SedlákCZE107.0
408Alan AlbornUSA106.5
4137Robert KranjecSLO105.5
4213Stefan ReadCAN105.0
4314Kim Hyeon-GiKOR104.5
=443Ildar FatkullinRUS102.5
=442Li YangCHN102.5
4618Ivan KaraulovKAZ102.0
474Clint JonesUSA97.5
4819Guido LandertSUI97.0
4931Rok BenkovičSLO91.5
501Jaan JürisEST88.5