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Light-Middleweight (≤71 kilograms), Men

Date23 July – 3 August 1996
LocationAlexander Memorial Coliseum, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants31 from 31 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

World champion Francisc Vastag of Romania was heralded as the man to beat in Atlanta but he made no impression on the Olympic tournament and crashed out at the first hurdle to German fighter Markus Beyer. In theory this should have left Alfredo Duvergel of Cuba with a clear run at the Olympic title but there was a final twist to the story of the light-middleweight division. The USA had started well in a quest to match previous Olympic performances when the Games were held on its native soil but the semi-final stages had been a disaster and only one American, David Reid, advanced to the final, in this class. Reid began the final well but Duvergel gradually increased the pressure and, when the fight entered the final round, he held a seemingly unassailable 15-6 lead. The American was then told by his coach Al Mitchell to forget the technical boxing and just go for the knockout. Within 30 seconds Reid landed a chopping right hand punch that landed on Duvergel’s temple and sent him crashing face first onto the canvas. The Cuban attempted to rise but was still groggy and the Bulgarian referee completed the count out. This continued the American run of having won at least one gold medal in boxing at every Games they had attended since 1952.

Reid turned professional after the Games and won a version of the world title in just his 15th pro fight. After two defences he was matched against the legendary Puerto Rican boxer Felix Trinidad in a unification match for the light-middleweight title. He lost the fight via a points decision and also suffered a detached retina during the contest. Reid only had four more contests before continuing worries about his eyesight forced him to retire. Duvergel rebounded to be World Amateur Championships gold medalist in 1997 whilst quarter-finalist Markus Beyer was a 3-time world champion in the professional ranks.

1David ReidUSAGold
2Alfredo DuvergelCUBSilver
=3Karim TulaganovUZBBronze
=3Yermakhan IbraimovKAZBronze
5Rival CadeauSEY
6Mohamed Salah MarmouriTUN
7Markus BeyerGER
8Antonio PeruginoITA
=9Ashiakwei AryeeGHA
=9Yared WoldemichaelETH
=9Pavol PolakovičCZE
=9Jørn JohnsonNOR
=9György MizseiHUN
=9Hendrik SimangunsongINA
=9Serhiy HorodnichovUKR
=9Roger PetterssonSWE
=17Jorge SilvaBRA
=17Óscar GómezARG
=17Kurt SinetteTTO
=17Lee Wan-GyunKOR
=17Victor KuneneRSA
=17Maselino MasoeASA
=17Sean BlackJAM
=17Richard RowlesAUS
=17Francisc VaștagROU
=17Alexander KwangwariZIM
=17Nick FarrellCAN
=17Eromosele AlbertNGR
=17Józef GilewskiPOL
=17José Luis QuiñonesPUR
=17Shokhrat KurbanovTKM

Round One

Date23 July 1996 — 15:06
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #123 Jul 15:06Ashiakwei AryeeGHA
Match #223 Jul 15:18Rival CadeauSEYDecisionJorge SilvaBRA
Match #323 Jul 15:30Karim TulaganovUZBReferee stops contestÓscar GómezARG
Match #423 Jul 15:42Yared WoldemichaelETHDecisionKurt SinetteTTO
Match #523 Jul 15:54David ReidUSADecisionLee Wan-GyunKOR
Match #623 Jul 16:06Pavol PolakovičCZEDecisionVictor KuneneRSA
Match #723 Jul 16:18Mohamed Salah MarmouriTUNDecisionMaselino MasoeASA
Match #823 Jul 16:30Jørn JohnsonNORDecisionSean BlackJAM
Match #923 Jul 21:36György MizseiHUNDecisionRichard RowlesAUS
Match #1023 Jul 21:48Markus BeyerGERDecisionFrancisc VaștagROU
Match #1123 Jul 22:00Hendrik SimangunsongINADecisionAlexander KwangwariZIM
Match #1223 Jul 22:12Yermakhan IbraimovKAZDecisionNick FarrellCAN
Match #1323 Jul 22:24Serhiy HorodnichovUKRDecisionEromosele AlbertNGR
Match #1423 Jul 22:36Alfredo DuvergelCUBDecisionJózef GilewskiPOL
Match #1523 Jul 22:48Antonio PeruginoITADecisionJosé Luis QuiñonesPUR
Match #1623 Jul 23:00Roger PetterssonSWEDecisionShokhrat KurbanovTKM

Round Two

Date26 July 1996 — 14:18
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #126 Jul 14:18Rival CadeauSEYDecisionAshiakwei AryeeGHA
Match #226 Jul 14:30Karim TulaganovUZBDecisionYared WoldemichaelETH
Match #326 Jul 14:42David ReidUSADecisionPavol PolakovičCZE
Match #426 Jul 14:54Mohamed Salah MarmouriTUNDecisionJørn JohnsonNOR
Match #526 Jul 20:48Markus BeyerGERDecisionGyörgy MizseiHUN
Match #626 Jul 21:00Yermakhan IbraimovKAZReferee stops contest (head blow)Hendrik SimangunsongINA
Match #726 Jul 21:12Alfredo DuvergelCUBDecisionSerhiy HorodnichovUKR
Match #826 Jul 21:24Antonio PeruginoITADecisionRoger PetterssonSWE


Date30 July 1996 — 14:42
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #130 Jul 14:42Karim TulaganovUZBReferee stops contest (head blow)Rival CadeauSEY
Match #230 Jul 14:54David ReidUSADecisionMohamed Salah MarmouriTUN
Match #330 Jul 21:12Yermakhan IbraimovKAZDecisionMarkus BeyerGER
Match #430 Jul 21:24Alfredo DuvergelCUBDecisionAntonio PeruginoITA


Date1 August 1996 — 21:12
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #101 Aug 21:12David ReidUSADecisionKarim TulaganovUZB
Match #201 Aug 21:24Alfredo DuvergelCUBDecisionYermakhan IbraimovKAZ

Final Round

Date3 August 1996 — 14:39
Match 1/203 Aug 14:39David ReidUSAKnock-outAlfredo DuvergelCUB