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Individual, Women

Date27 July – 2 August 2012
LocationLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood, London
Participants64 from 40 countries
FormatRanking round followed by single-elimination matches. The ranking round consisted of 72 arrows at 70 m. Matches consisted of up to 5 sets of 3 arrows (at 70 m), winner was the first player to reach 6 points. In case of a tie, matches were decided with a single arrow, the one closest to the center winning the match. Final ranking for places 5-8 determined on number of set points won in quarter-finals, other competitors ranked by round of elimination.
Olympic Record (Ranking Round, 72 arrows)673 WR / Lina Herasymenko UKR / 28 July 1996

South Korea’s position as the supreme nation in women’s archery had been secure since the mid-80s but they suffered a major shock at the 2011 World Championships when they were frozen out of the individual medals and could only muster bronze in the team event. Despite that setback, Korea still had a strong team and Ki Bo-Bae was considered co-favourite with Deepika Kumari who was bidding to be the first Indian woman to an Olympic title.

The women’s qualifying round was a much closer affair than the men’s equivalent with three women level on 671. Ki Bo-Bae topped the standings after by scoring more tens than compatriot Lee Seong-Jin and Tan Ya-Ting of Taipei.

For the London Games the format of the knockout rounds had changed from the previous Olympics. In Beijing matches were decided over the cumulative score of 12 arrows but in 2012 matches consisted of up to 5 sets of 3 arrows (with 2 points to the winner of each set and 1 for a tie), winner was the first player to reach 6 points. In case of a tie, matches were decided with a single arrow, the one closest to the centre winning the match. In theory this should have for a more dramatic, albeit unpredictable, tournament than before.

The first knockout round saw the exit of out of form world champion Denisse van Lamoen of Chile and more notably of world number one Deepika Kumari who lost to Britain’s Amy Oliver. There were few further major shocks until the quarter-final stage and then only in the bottom half of the draw as the Mexican pairing of Aída Román and Mariana Avitia both beat higher seeded opponents to ensure that they faced each other in the semi-finals. Román won and would then face Ki Bo-Bae in the gold medal match. After the requisite 5 sets the two archers were level on 5 points apiece so for the first time in Olympic history the women’s title would be decided by a single arrow shoot-off. Just as the shoot-off began a strong gust of wind blew up and neither woman could score better than an 8 but as Ki’s arrow was almost touching the gold sector she won the Olympic title. After her victory Ki burst into tears and apologised to the Korean nation for winning the gold by shooting an 8. “Koreans do not shoot eights” she said.

Avitia earned another medal for Mexico in the bronze medal match making the first time Mexico had won two medals in the same event since 1984. Although neither had particularly successful Games Natalia Valeeva of Italy and Great Britain’s Alison Williamson at least had the consolation of equalling the record for most appearances by an archer at the Olympic Games. For both it was their sixth Olympics.

1Gi Bo-BaeKORGold
2Aída RománMEXSilver
3Mariana AvitiaMEXBronze
4Khatuna LorigUSA
5Kseniya PerovaRUS
6Lee Seong-JinKOR
7Pia LionettiITA
8Bérengère SchuhFRA
=9Ren HayakawaJPN
=9Ika RochmawatiINA
=9Choi Hyeon-JuKOR
=9Cheng MingCHN
=9Tan Ya-TingTPE
=9Miki KanieJPN
=9Carina ChristiansenDEN
=9Bishindeegiin UrantungalagMGL
=17Katsiaryna Muliuk-TimofeyevaBLR
=17Inna StepanovaRUS
=17Natalia ValeevaITA
=17Amy OliverGBR
=17Lin Chia-EnTPE
=17Iria GrandalESP
=17Alejandra ValenciaMEX
=17Louise LaursenDEN
=17Elena RichterGER
=17Miranda LeekUSA
=17Bombayla DeviIND
=17Xu JingCHN
=17Lei Chien-YingTPE
=17Naomi FolkardGBR
=17Jennifer NicholsUSA
=17Kristine EsebuaGEO
=33Rand Al-MashhadaniIRQ
=33Lidiya SichenikovaUKR
=33Rachelle CabralPHI
=33Christine BjerendalSWE
=33Nada KamelEGY
=33Kwon Un-SilPRK
=33Fang YutingCHN
=33Deepika KumariIND
=33Nurul Syafiqah HashimMAS
=33Kaori KawanakaJPN
=33Jessica TomasiITA
=33Ana María RendónCOL
=33Reena PärnatEST
=33Leidys BritoVEN
=33Marie-Pier BeaudetCAN
=33Sherab ZamBHU
=33Nathalie DielenSUI
=33Maja JagerDEN
=33Karen HultzerRSA
=33Kateryna PalekhaUKR
=33Anastasiya BannovaKAZ
=33Evangelia PsarraGRE
=33Natalia LeśniakPOL
=33Tetiana DorokhovaUKR
=33Elisa BarnardAUS
=33Begül LöklüoğluTUR
=33Kristina TimofeyevaRUS
=33Zahra DehghanIRI
=33Chekrovolu SwuroIND
=33Alison WilliamsonGBR
=33Denisse van LamoenCHI
=33Maureen TuimalealiifanoSAM

Ranking Round

Date27 July 2012 — 13:00
FormatRanking round for placement into single-elimination tournament.
PosCompetitorNOCPoints10sXsPart #1Part #2
1Gi Bo-BaeKOR6713113339 (1)332 (6)
2Lee Seong-JinKOR671304338 (3)333 (4)
3Tan Ya-TingTPE671288337 (4)334 (3)
4Khatuna LorigUSA669324331 (9)338 (1)
5Lin Chia-EnTPE667338338 (2)329 (16)
6Miki KanieJPN665307335 (5)330 (11)
7Carina ChristiansenDEN663268332 (8)331 (7)
8Deepika KumariIND662258327 (18)335 (2)
9Kseniya PerovaRUS659287329 (11)330 (13)
10Mariana AvitiaMEX659208334 (6)325 (25)
11Aída RománMEX658289329 (12)329 (15)
12Ana María RendónCOL6572514327 (16)330 (9)
13Alejandra ValenciaMEX657244324 (25)333 (5)
14Miranda LeekUSA656248331 (10)325 (24)
15Jennifer NicholsUSA654277328 (14)326 (20)
16Ren HayakawaJPN6542412324 (23)330 (14)
17Inna StepanovaRUS653247323 (27)330 (12)
18Bishindeegiin UrantungalagMGL6522510333 (7)319 (39)
19Pia LionettiITA652248328 (13)324 (27)
20Cheng MingCHN651256326 (19)325 (22)
21Choi Hyeon-JuKOR651239321 (33)330 (10)
22Bombayla DeviIND651204327 (17)324 (31)
23Kristina TimofeyevaRUS650308325 (21)325 (23)
24Natalia ValeevaITA650235322 (30)328 (17)
25Fang YutingCHN649205326 (20)323 (32)
26Begül LöklüoğluTUR648216324 (24)324 (=29)
27Xu JingCHN646258318 (39)328 (18)
28Kaori KawanakaJPN646254321 (32)325 (21)
29Marie-Pier BeaudetCAN645234318 (40)327 (19)
30Elena RichterGER645224321 (31)324 (=29)
31Denisse van LamoenCHI645185321 (34)324 (28)1
32Lidiya SichenikovaUKR645185323 (28)322 (33)
33Katsiaryna Muliuk-TimofeyevaBLR644197327 (15)317 (45)
34Kristine EsebuaGEO642156320 (36)322 (34)
35Maja JagerDEN642152325 (22)317 (47)
36Louise LaursenDEN641246310 (49)331 (8)
37Bérengère SchuhFRA640247319 (37)321 (35)
38Natalia LeśniakPOL639205322 (29)317 (42)
39Lei Chien-YingTPE638154317 (45)321 (36)
40Ika RochmawatiINA638146318 (42)320 (38)
41Kwon Un-SilPRK638143321 (35)317 (44)
42Naomi FolkardGBR637215317 (43)320 (37)
43Evangelia PsarraGRE636218323 (26)313 (50)
44Jessica TomasiITA635217311 (48)324 (26)
45Leidys BritoVEN634173317 (44)317 (43)
46Karen HultzerRSA631165319 (38)312 (52)
47Alison WilliamsonGBR629165310 (50)319 (41)
48Rachelle CabralPHI627174318 (41)309 (53)
49Christine BjerendalSWE625205311 (47)314 (49)
50Chekrovolu SwuroIND625199309 (52)316 (48)
51Kateryna PalekhaUKR624166305 (54)319 (40)
52Reena PärnatEST621125304 (56)317 (46)
53Iria GrandalESP618154306 (53)312 (51)
54Anastasiya BannovaKAZ614152309 (51)305 (55)
55Zahra DehghanIRI61490305 (55)309 (54)
56Nada KamelEGY611123314 (46)297 (60)
57Amy OliverGBR608135303 (57)305 (56)
58Elisa BarnardAUS601133298 (59)303 (58)
59Tetiana DorokhovaUKR599104295 (60)304 (57)
60Nurul Syafiqah HashimMAS59993302 (58)297 (61)
61Sherab ZamBHU58973286 (61)303 (59)
62Nathalie DielenSUI52881254 (62)274 (62)
63Maureen TuimalealiifanoSAM52062253 (63)267 (63)
64Rand Al-MashhadaniIRQ49891250 (64)248 (64)

Round One

Date30 July – 1 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
Match #101 Aug 18:02Gi Bo-BaeKOR6 – 0Rand Al-MashhadaniIRQ
Match #201 Aug 18:15Katsiaryna Muliuk-TimofeyevaBLR6 – 5Lidiya SichenikovaUKR
Match #331 Jul 15:26Inna StepanovaRUS7 – 1Rachelle CabralPHI
Match #431 Jul 15:39Ren HayakawaJPN6 – 4Christine BjerendalSWE
Match #501 Aug 9:26Kseniya PerovaRUS6 – 0Nada KamelEGY
Match #601 Aug 9:39Natalia ValeevaITA7 – 3Kwon Un-SilPRK
Match #701 Aug 10:44Ika RochmawatiINA6 – 4Fang YutingCHN
Match #801 Aug 10:57Amy OliverGBR6 – 2Deepika KumariIND
Match #931 Jul 16:44Lin Chia-EnTPE6 – 2Nurul Syafiqah HashimMAS
Match #1031 Jul 16:57Bérengère SchuhFRA6 – 2Kaori KawanakaJPN
Match #1101 Aug 15:26Choi Hyeon-JuKOR6 – 5Jessica TomasiITA
Match #1201 Aug 15:39Iria GrandalESP6 – 2Ana María RendónCOL
Match #1301 Aug 16:44Alejandra ValenciaMEX7 – 1Reena PärnatEST
Match #1401 Aug 16:57Cheng MingCHN6 – 4Leidys BritoVEN
Match #1501 Aug 12:02Louise LaursenDEN7 – 3Marie-Pier BeaudetCAN
Match #1601 Aug 12:15Khatuna LorigUSA6 – 0Sherab ZamBHU
Match #1730 Jul 16:44Tan Ya-TingTPE6 – 4Nathalie DielenSUI
Match #1830 Jul 16:57Elena RichterGER6 – 5Maja JagerDEN
Match #1930 Jul 9:26Pia LionettiITA6 – 2Karen HultzerRSA
Match #2030 Jul 9:39Miranda LeekUSA6 – 2Kateryna PalekhaUKR
Match #2130 Jul 10:44Aída RománMEX6 – 2Anastasiya BannovaKAZ
Match #2230 Jul 10:57Bombayla DeviIND6 – 4Evangelia PsarraGRE
Match #2330 Jul 12:02Xu JingCHN6 – 2Natalia LeśniakPOL
Match #2430 Jul 12:15Miki KanieJPN7 – 1Tetiana DorokhovaUKR
Match #2530 Jul 15:26Carina ChristiansenDEN7 – 3Elisa BarnardAUS
Match #2630 Jul 15:39Lei Chien-YingTPE6 – 0Begül LöklüoğluTUR
Match #2731 Jul 9:26Naomi FolkardGBR6 – 4Kristina TimofeyevaRUS
Match #2831 Jul 9:39Mariana AvitiaMEX6 – 2Zahra DehghanIRI
Match #2931 Jul 10:44Jennifer NicholsUSA6 – 5Chekrovolu SwuroIND
Match #3031 Jul 10:57Bishindeegiin UrantungalagMGL7 – 3Alison WilliamsonGBR
Match #3131 Jul 12:02Kristine EsebuaGEO6 – 0Denisse van LamoenCHI
Match #3231 Jul 12:15Lee Seong-JinKOR6 – 0Maureen TuimalealiifanoSAM

Round Two

Date30 July – 1 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
Match #101 Aug 18:41Gi Bo-BaeKOR6 – 2Katsiaryna Muliuk-TimofeyevaBLR
Match #231 Jul 16:05Ren HayakawaJPN7 – 3Inna StepanovaRUS
Match #301 Aug 10:05Kseniya PerovaRUS6 – 2Natalia ValeevaITA
Match #401 Aug 11:23Ika RochmawatiINA7 – 1Amy OliverGBR
Match #531 Jul 17:23Bérengère SchuhFRA6 – 5Lin Chia-EnTPE
Match #601 Aug 16:05Choi Hyeon-JuKOR6 – 5Iria GrandalESP
Match #701 Aug 17:23Cheng MingCHN7 – 1Alejandra ValenciaMEX
Match #801 Aug 12:41Khatuna LorigUSA6 – 4Louise LaursenDEN
Match #930 Jul 17:23Tan Ya-TingTPE6 – 2Elena RichterGER
Match #1030 Jul 10:05Pia LionettiITA6 – 4Miranda LeekUSA
Match #1130 Jul 11:23Aída RománMEX6 – 2Bombayla DeviIND
Match #1230 Jul 12:41Miki KanieJPN6 – 0Xu JingCHN
Match #1330 Jul 16:05Carina ChristiansenDEN6 – 4Lei Chien-YingTPE
Match #1431 Jul 10:05Mariana AvitiaMEX6 – 2Naomi FolkardGBR
Match #1531 Jul 11:23Bishindeegiin UrantungalagMGL6 – 4Jennifer NicholsUSA
Match #1631 Jul 12:41Lee Seong-JinKOR6 – 2Kristine EsebuaGEO

Round Three

Date2 August 2012 — 9:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
Match #102 Aug 9:39Gi Bo-BaeKOR6 – 0Ren HayakawaJPN
Match #202 Aug 9:26Kseniya PerovaRUS6 – 5Ika RochmawatiINA
Match #302 Aug 9:13Bérengère SchuhFRA6 – 5Choi Hyeon-JuKOR
Match #402 Aug 9:00Khatuna LorigUSA7 – 3Cheng MingCHN
Match #502 Aug 9:52Pia LionettiITA6 – 2Tan Ya-TingTPE
Match #602 Aug 10:05Aída RománMEX7 – 3Miki KanieJPN
Match #702 Aug 10:18Mariana AvitiaMEX6 – 2Carina ChristiansenDEN
Match #802 Aug 10:31Lee Seong-JinKOR6 – 0Bishindeegiin UrantungalagMGL


Date2 August 2012 — 14:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
Match #102 Aug 14:13Gi Bo-BaeKOR6 – 4Kseniya PerovaRUS
Match #202 Aug 14:00Khatuna LorigUSA6 – 2Bérengère SchuhFRA
Match #302 Aug 14:26Aída RománMEX6 – 2Pia LionettiITA
Match #402 Aug 14:39Mariana AvitiaMEX6 – 2Lee Seong-JinKOR


Date2 August 2012 — 14:52
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final round.
Match #102 Aug 14:52Gi Bo-BaeKOR6 – 2Khatuna LorigUSA
Match #202 Aug 15:05Aída RománMEX6 – 2Mariana AvitiaMEX

Final Round

Date2 August 2012 — 15:21
Match 1/202 Aug 15:37Gi Bo-BaeKOR6 – 5Aída RománMEX
Match 3/402 Aug 15:21Mariana AvitiaMEX6 – 2Khatuna LorigUSA