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Dueling Pistol, 30 metres, Men

Date29 June 1912 — 9:00
LocationKaknäs, Djurgården, Stockholm
Participants42 from 10 countries
Format30 metres. 30 shots in 6 series of 5 shots each. Scoring by hits on target, with ties broken by points. 30 hits possible, 300 points possible.

Al Lane won both of the individual pistol shooting events at the Stockholm Olympics, although he was only 20 years old in 1912. He won three gold medals in 1912, adding a team gold in military pistol event, where he also made the highest score. In the team dueling pistol event, Lane also had the highest individual score, although the United States finished only 4th. Lane competed again at Antwerp in 1920 and added two more gold medals in team events and a bronze in the individual free pistol. Johan Hübner von Holst (SWE) and John Dietz (USA) tied for 3rd place. In the shoot-off for the bronze medal, von Holst scored 284 to Dietz’s 282.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsTargets Hit
1Al LaneUSA30287Gold
2Paul PalénSWE30286Silver
3Hübner von HolstSWE30283Bronze
4John DietzUSA30283
5Ivan TörnmarckSWE30280
6Eric CarlbergSWE30278
7Georg de LavalSWE30277
8Walter WinansUSA30276
9Sándor, Gróf Török de SzendrőHUN30275
10Hans RoedderUSA30275
11Gustaf BoivieSWE30272
12Edmond SandozFRA30272
13Patrik de LavalSWE30268
14Georgy PanteleymonovRUS30265
15Vilhelm CarlbergSWE29274
16Peter DolfenUSA29274
17Erik BoströmSWE29274
18Frans-Albert SchartauSWE29270
19Reginald SayreUSA29268
20Adolf Schmal, Jr.AUT29267
21Harry SearsUSA29266
22Nikolay MelnitskyRUS29264
23Ioannis TheofilakisGRE29263
24Pavel VoyloshnikovRUS29260
25Félix AlegríaCHI29259
26Georges, Marquis de Créqui-Montfort de CourtivronFRA28263
27Konstantinos SkarlatosGRE28261
28Amos KashRUS28260
29Fragkiskos MavrommatisGRE28256
30Axel GyllenkrokSWE28255
31Maurice FaureFRA28250
32Grigory ShesterikovRUS28250
33Alexandros TheofilakisGRE27242
34Nikolaos LevidisGRE27231
35Anastasios MetaxasGRE26232
36Charles, Baron de JaubertFRA26229
37Hugo CederschiöldSWE26225
38Harald EkwallCHI25217
39Georg MeyerGER25207
40Edmund BernhardtAUT25194
41William McClureGBR23180
42Henri, Baron de CastexFRA17140