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Free Pistol, 50 metres, Men

Date 1 July 1912 — 12:00
LocationKaknäs, Djurgården, Stockholm
Participants54 from 12 countries
Format50 metres. 60 shots in 10 series of 6 shots each. Ties settled by countback on 10s, 9s, 8s, etc.

Al Lane added the free pistol gold medal to the one he had earned in the dueling pistol event two days previously. In this event, his 25-point margin of victory was one of the most dominant performances in Olympic shooting history. Charles Stewart (GBR) and Georg de Laval (SWE) finished equal third with 470, but Stewart won the bronze medal over de Laval based on tie breaking methods, which were, in order, targets hit, centres hit, 10s, 9s, etc.

The 8th-place finisher, Nikolay Panin (Kolomenkin) was a well-known figure skater, who had won the special figures gold medal at the 1908 Olympics in London. His real name was Nikolay Kolomenkin, but he competed under the pseudonym of Nikolay Panin, presumably because sports were considered undignified by the elite of Russian society in that era.

1Al LaneUSA499GoldOR
2Peter DolfenUSA474Silver
3Charles StewartGBR470Bronze
4Georg de LavalSWE470
5Erik BoströmSWE468
6Horatio PoulterGBR461
7Harry SearsUSA459
8Nikolay KolomenkinRUS457
9John DietzUSA454
10Léon JohnsonFRA454
11Ivan TörnmarckSWE453
12Eric CarlbergSWE452
13Reginald SayreUSA452
14Lars Jørgen MadsenDEN452
15André RegaudFRA447
16Vilhelm CarlbergSWE446
17Georgy PanteleymonovRUS442
18Ioannis TheofilakisGRE441
19Dmitry KuskovRUS438
20Hugh DurantGBR433
21Laurits LarsenDEN432
22Hans RoedderUSA431
23Harald EkwallCHI430
24Albert KempsterGBR426
25Fredrik NyströmSWE426
26Fragkiskos MavrommatisGRE425
27Sándor, Gróf Török de SzendrőHUN424
28Heikki HuttunenFIN424
29Robert LöfmanSWE423
30Konstantinos SkarlatosGRE420
31Grigory ShesterikovRUS420
32Peter JonesGBR417
33Nikolay MelnitskyRUS414
34Pavel VoyloshnikovRUS413
35William McClureGBR411
36Paul PalénSWE410
37Gideon EricssonSWE408
38Félix AlegríaCHI406
39Adolf Schmal, Jr.AUT406
40Frants NielsenDEN406
41Niels LarsenDEN405
42Gustaf BoivieSWE401
43Peter Sofus NielsenDEN397
44Gerhard BockGER395
45Edward TickellGBR387
46Amos KashRUS384
47Alexandros TheofilakisGRE369
48Gustaf StiernspetzSWE357
49Walter WinansUSA356
50Anders Peter NielsenDEN355
51Hugo CederschiöldSWE352
52Zoltán Jelenffy-TóthHUN348
53Edmund BernhardtAUT245
54Heinrich HoffmannGER189