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100 metres Freestyle, Men

Date18 – 19 October 1968
LocationAlberca Olímpica Francisco Márquez, Ciudad de México
Participants64 from 35 countries

At the US Olympic Trials, Zac Zorn, 1967 Pan American Games silver medalist, had equalled the world record, posting 52.6. Mike Wenden of Australia was considered a long-shot, his best time prior to the Australian trials only 53.7, but he posted the fastest time in the heats and the semi-finals, equalling the Olympic record in the semis. Zorn took the lead at the turn but he had been sick all week in Mexico City, and faded badly on the final lap, finishing last among the finalists. Wenden finished very strongly to win the gold medal over Ken Walsh and Mark Spitz. Fourth place went to Bobby McGregor, the silver medalist from Tokyo who had won the 1966 European Championships.

1Mike WendenAUS53.6 (1 h8)52.9 (1 h3)52.2 (1)Gold
2Ken WalshUSA55.7 (1 h9)53.9 (3 h2)52.8 (2)Silver
3Mark SpitzUSA54.6 (1 h5)53.8 (2 h3)53.0 (3)Bronze
4Bobby McGregorGBR55.1 (2 h2)53.8 (1 h1)53.5 (4)
5Leonid IlyichovURS54.9 (1 h3)53.8 (2 h1)53.8 (5)
6Georgijs KuļikovsURS54.3 (1 h7)54.1 (3 h1)53.8 (6)
7Luis NicolaoARG54.6 (1 h2)53.8 (2 h2)53.9 (7)
8Zac ZornUSA54.3 (1 h4)53.4 (1 h2)53.9 (8)
9Wolfgang KremerFRG55.0 (2 h4)54.3 (4 h2)
10Michel RousseauFRA54.9 (1 h1)54.5 (3 h3)
11Bob WindleAUS54.8 (2 h8)54.6 (4 h3)
12Sandy GilchristCAN55.4 (2 h6)54.8 (5 h3)
=13Greg RogersAUS55.4 (3 h2)54.9 (4 h1)
=13José Antonio ChicoyESP54.9 (2 h5)54.9 (6 h2)
=13Lester ErikssonSWE55.2 (2 h1)54.9 (5 h2)
16Gábor KucseraHUN55.1 (3 h4)55.0 (6 h3)
17Sergey GusevURS54.8 (1 h6)55.2 (5 h1)
18François SimonsBEL55.5 (3 h5)55.3 (7 h2)
=19Mike TurnerGBR55.8 (3 h8)55.6 (8 h3)
=19Pietro BoscainiITA55.7 (2 h7)55.6 (7 h3)
=21Kunihiro IwasakiJPN55.5 (2 h3)55.8 (6 h1)
=21Gary GoodnerPUR55.7 (3 h3)55.8 (7 h1)
=23Olaf, Baron von SchillingFRG55.8 (3 h7)55.9 (8 h1)
=23Roosevelt AbdulgafurPHI55.8 (4 h5)55.9 (8 h2)
25Glen FinchCAN56.0 (4 h8)
26José FerraioliPUR56.1 (5 h8)
=27Bernard GruenerFRA56.2 (3 h1)
=27Luis AyesaPHI56.2 (4 h7)
=27Pano CapéronisSUI56.2 (4 h1)
30Ørjan MadsenNOR56.3 (5 h1)
=31Carlos van der MaathARG56.4 (5 h5)
=31Salvador RuizMEX56.4 (5 h7)
=33Tony JarvisGBR56.5 (3 h9)
=33Masayuki OsawaJPN56.5 (2 h9)
=33Rafaél CalMEX56.5 (4 h3)
36Csaba CsatlósHUN56.6 (4 h4)
37José Roberto AranhaBRA56.8 (4 h2)
38Peter SchorningFRG56.9 (4 h9)
=39Ricardo GonzálezCOL57.0 (6 h8)
=39Mario SantibáñezMEX57.0 (5 h2)
41Peter SchmidAUT57.1 (5 h3)
=42Gérard LetastFRA57.2 (5 h9)
=42Amnon KrauzISR57.2 (6 h9)
44Michele D'OppidoITA57.3 (3 h6)
45Herman VerbauwenBEL57.5 (5 h4)
46Ronnie WongHKG58.0 (6 h3)
47Angus EdghillBAR58.1 (6 h5)
=48Gregorio FialloCUB58.2 (4 h6)
=48Michael GoodnerPUR58.2 (7 h5)
=50Fernando GonzálezECU58.6 (7 h3)
=50Gudmunður GíslasonISL58.6 (7 h9)
52Geoffrey FerreiraTTO58.9 (5 h6)
=53Federico SicardCOL59.0 (6 h4)
=53Paul NashJAM59.0 (6 h7)
55Donnacha O'DeaIRL59.5 (6 h1)
56Salvador VilanovaESA59.6 (8 h5)
57José MartínezCUB1:00.4 (7 h7)
58Yacoub MasboungiLBN1:00.5 (7 h4)
59Andrew LohHKG1:00.7 (6 h2)
60Lee Tong-ShingTPE1:01.0 (7 h1)
61Bob LohHKG1:01.1 (6 h6)
62José AlvaradoESA1:02.0 (8 h1)
63Ernesto DurónESA1:03.8 (8 h9)
64Luis AguilarCRC1:04.5 (7 h2)
DNSIngvar ErikssonSWE– (DNS h6)
DNSBo WestergrenSWE– (DNS h4)

Round One (18 October 1968 — 10:00)

Fastest 24 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

16Michel RousseauFRA54.9Q
22Lester ErikssonSWE55.2Q
34Bernard GruenerFRA56.2
48Pano CapéronisSUI56.2
57Ørjan MadsenNOR56.3
61Donnacha O'DeaIRL59.5
75Lee Tong-ShingTPE1:01.0
83José AlvaradoESA1:02.0

Heat Two

14Luis NicolaoARG54.6Q
23Bobby McGregorGBR55.1Q
32Greg RogersAUS55.4Q
47José Roberto AranhaBRA56.8
55Mario SantibáñezMEX57.0
61Andrew LohHKG1:00.7
76Luis AguilarCRC1:04.5

Heat Three

17Leonid IlyichovURS54.9Q
24Kunihiro IwasakiJPN55.5Q
33Gary GoodnerPUR55.7Q
42Rafaél CalMEX56.5
56Peter SchmidAUT57.1
65Ronnie WongHKG58.0
71Fernando GonzálezECU58.6

Heat Four

17Zac ZornUSA54.3Q
25Wolfgang KremerFRG55.0Q
31Gábor KucseraHUN55.1Q
46Csaba CsatlósHUN56.6
53Herman VerbauwenBEL57.5
62Federico SicardCOL59.0
74Yacoub MasboungiLBN1:00.5
DNSBo WestergrenSWE

Heat Five

13Mark SpitzUSA54.6Q
28José Antonio ChicoyESP54.9Q
36François SimonsBEL55.5Q
45Roosevelt AbdulgafurPHI55.8Q
54Carlos van der MaathARG56.4
61Angus EdghillBAR58.1
77Michael GoodnerPUR58.2
82Salvador VilanovaESA59.6

Heat Six

15Sergey GusevURS54.8Q
24Sandy GilchristCAN55.4Q
33Michele D'OppidoITA57.3
46Gregorio FialloCUB58.2
57Geoffrey FerreiraTTO58.9
62Bob LohHKG1:01.1
DNSIngvar ErikssonSWE

Heat Seven

11Georgijs KuļikovsURS54.3Q
24Pietro BoscainiITA55.7Q
37Olaf, Baron von SchillingFRG55.8Q
46Luis AyesaPHI56.2
52Salvador RuizMEX56.4
63Paul NashJAM59.0
75José MartínezCUB1:00.4

Heat Eight

14Mike WendenAUS53.6Q
25Bob WindleAUS54.8Q
37Mike TurnerGBR55.8Q
43Glen FinchCAN56.0
52José FerraioliPUR56.1
66Ricardo GonzálezCOL57.0

Heat Nine

12Ken WalshUSA55.7Q
26Masayuki OsawaJPN56.5
34Tony JarvisGBR56.5
48Peter SchorningFRG56.9
55Gérard LetastFRA57.2
67Amnon KrauzISR57.2
73Gudmunður GíslasonISL58.6
81Ernesto DurónESA1:03.8

Semi-Finals (18 October 1968 — 17:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

16Bobby McGregorGBR53.8Q
23Leonid IlyichovURS53.8Q
34Georgijs KuļikovsURS54.1Q
42Greg RogersAUS54.9
55Sergey GusevURS55.2
67Kunihiro IwasakiJPN55.8
71Gary GoodnerPUR55.8
88Olaf, Baron von SchillingFRG55.9

Heat Two

14Zac ZornUSA53.4Q
25Luis NicolaoARG53.8Q
31Ken WalshUSA53.9Q
46Wolfgang KremerFRG54.3
52Lester ErikssonSWE54.9
63José Antonio ChicoyESP54.9
77François SimonsBEL55.3
88Roosevelt AbdulgafurPHI55.9

Heat Three

14Mike WendenAUS52.9Q=OR
25Mark SpitzUSA53.8Q
36Michel RousseauFRA54.5
43Bob WindleAUS54.6
57Sandy GilchristCAN54.8
62Gábor KucseraHUN55.0
71Pietro BoscainiITA55.6
88Mike TurnerGBR55.6

Final (19 October 1968 — 17:00)

14Mike WendenAUS52.2WR
21Ken WalshUSA52.8
37Mark SpitzUSA53.0
43Bobby McGregorGBR53.5
56Leonid IlyichovURS53.8
68Georgijs KuļikovsURS53.8
72Luis NicolaoARG53.9
85Zac ZornUSA53.9