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Long Jump, Men

Date21 July 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants27 from 19 countries

The best jumper of the era was George Brown, ranked #1 in the world in 1951-53. In Helsinki he qualified for the final, but then fouled on his first three attempts and was out of the competition. The leading qualifiers were Americans Meredith Gourdine and Jerome Biffle and South Africa’s Neville Price, with Brown fourth. Price injured himself in the qualifying and opened with only 6.40 (21-0) in the final and could do no better. Biffle and Gourdine fought it out for the gold and silver medal. They both had their best jumps in round three, with Biffle defeating Gourdine by four centimeters. Bronze medalist Ödön Földessy (HUN) would win the 1954 European Championship.

11020Jerome BiffleUSA7.40 (2)7.57 (1)Gold
21018Meredith GourdineUSA7.41 (1)7.53 (2)Silver
3951Ödön FöldessyHUN7.25 (5)7.30 (3)Bronze
464Ary FaçanhaBRA7.24 (6)7.23 (4)
5805Jorma ValtonenFIN7.09 (=12)7.16 (5)
6449Leonid GrigoryevURS7.09 (=12)7.14 (6)
7698Karl-Erik IsraelssonSWE7.10 (10)7.10 (7)
8627Paul FaucherFRA7.10 (9)7.02 (8)
9804Pentti SnellmanFIN7.09 (11)7.02 (9)
10301Masaji TajimaJPN7.13 (8)7.00 (10)
11104Neville PriceRSA7.36 (3)6.40 (11)
AC r2/2130Henk VisserNED7.21 (7)– (NM)
AC r2/21019George BrownUSA7.32 (4)– (NM)
14 r1/282Carlos VeraCHI7.07 (14)
15 r1/2280Felix WürthAUT6.99 (15)
16 r1/2503Sylvanus WilliamsNGR6.98 (16)
17 r1/2803Jorma ValkamaFIN6.97 (17)
18 r1/2497Karim OlowuNGR6.96 (18)
19 r1/2721Toni BrederSAA6.88 (19)
20 r1/2977Brígido IriarteVEN6.82 (20)
21 r1/2574Henryk GrabowskiPOL6.77 (21)
22 r1/2448Nikolay AndryushchenkoURS6.74 (22)
23 r1/261Geraldo de OliveiraBRA6.71 (23)
24 r1/228Pat LeaneAUS6.40 (24)
25 r1/2892Kamtorn SanidwongTHA5.31 (25)
AC r1/2924Avni AkgünTUR– (NM)
AC r1/2450Khandadash MadatovURS– (NM)
DNS333Boris BrnadYUG– (DNS)
DNS119Roy FearonGUA– (DNS)
DNS747Günther JobstGER– (DNS)
DNS100Sebastián JunquerasESP– (DNS)
DNS378Michail MichailGRE– (DNS)
DNS380Vasilios SakellarakisGRE– (DNS)
DNS118José Julio BarillasGUA– (DNS)
DNS559Álvaro DiasPOR– (DNS)
DNS547Francisco CastroPUR– (DNS)
DNS978Asnoldo DevonishVEN– (DNS)
DNS976Paulino FerrerVEN– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (21 July 1952 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 7.20 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Meredith GourdineUSA7.41Q
2Jerome BiffleUSA7.40Q
3Neville PriceRSA7.36Q
4George BrownUSA7.32Q
5Ödön FöldessyHUN7.25Q
6Ary FaçanhaBRA7.24Q
7Henk VisserNED7.21Q
8Masaji TajimaJPN7.13q
9Paul FaucherFRA7.107.00q
10Karl-Erik IsraelssonSWE7.106.98q
11Pentti SnellmanFIN7.096.89q
=12Leonid GrigoryevURS7.09q
=12Jorma ValtonenFIN7.09q
14Carlos VeraCHI7.07
15Felix WürthAUT6.99
16Sylvanus WilliamsNGR6.98
17Jorma ValkamaFIN6.97
18Karim OlowuNGR6.96
19Toni BrederSAA6.88
20Brígido IriarteVEN6.82
21Henryk GrabowskiPOL6.77
22Nikolay AndryushchenkoURS6.74
23Geraldo de OliveiraBRA6.71
24Pat LeaneAUS6.40
25Kamtorn SanidwongTHA5.31
NMAvni AkgünTUR
NMKhandadash MadatovURS
DNSBoris BrnadYUG
DNSRoy FearonGUA
DNSJosé Julio BarillasGUA
DNSÁlvaro DiasPOR
DNSFrancisco CastroPUR
DNSAsnoldo DevonishVEN
DNSPaulino FerrerVEN
DNSGünther JobstGER
DNSSebastián JunquerasESP
DNSMichail MichailGRE
DNSVasilios SakellarakisGRE

Qualifying Round, Group A (21 July 1952)

116Meredith GourdineUSA7.417.197.41-
24Jerome BiffleUSA7.406.737.40-
37George BrownUSA7.327.32--
415Ödön FöldessyHUN7.257.157.25-
511Ary FaçanhaBRA7.247.24--
612Paul FaucherFRA7.107.006.667.10
718Leonid GrigoryevURS7.09××7.09
85Toni BrederSAA6.886.876.686.88
919Brígido IriarteVEN6.82××6.82
1017Henryk GrabowskiPOL6.776.72×6.77
112Nikolay AndryushchenkoURS6.74×6.74×
NM1Avni AkgünTUR×××
DNS6Boris BrnadYUG
DNS13Roy FearonGUA
DNS3José Julio BarillasGUA
DNS10Álvaro DiasPOR
DNS8Francisco CastroPUR
DNS9Asnoldo DevonishVEN
DNS14Paulino FerrerVEN

Qualifying Round, Group B (21 July 1952)

19Neville PriceRSA7.36×7.117.36
217Henk VisserNED7.217.037.21-
313Masaji TajimaJPN7.137.04×7.13
41Karl-Erik IsraelssonSWE7.105.266.987.10
511Pentti SnellmanFIN7.096.89×7.09
615Jorma ValtonenFIN7.09×7.09×
716Carlos VeraCHI7.076.546.827.07
819Felix WürthAUT6.996.99××
918Sylvanus WilliamsNGR6.98×6.856.98
1014Jorma ValkamaFIN6.976.97××
118Karim OlowuNGR6.966.846.966.89
127Geraldo de OliveiraBRA6.71×6.426.71
134Pat LeaneAUS6.406.356.405.18
1412Kamtorn SanidwongTHA5.315.314.43×
NM5Khandadash MadatovURS×××
DNS2Günther JobstGER
DNS3Sebastián JunquerasESP
DNS6Michail MichailGRE
DNS10Vasilios SakellarakisGRE

Final Round (21 July 1952 — 16:10)

112Jerome BiffleUSA7.577.21×7.57×××
29Meredith GourdineUSA7.537.386.587.537.497.367.51
35Ödön FöldessyHUN7.307.047.23×7.177.307.12
43Ary FaçanhaBRA7.237.156.777.
51Jorma ValtonenFIN7.16×7.067.16××6.97
68Leonid GrigoryevURS7.14×7.146.925.55×6.67
711Karl-Erik IsraelssonSWE7.10××7.10
813Paul FaucherFRA7.02×6.967.02
92Pentti SnellmanFIN7.02×6.887.02
1010Masaji TajimaJPN7.00×7.00×
117Neville PriceRSA6.406.40××
NM6George BrownUSA×××
NM4Henk VisserNED×××