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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date29 – 30 August 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants44 from 30 countries

This race was considered open with no swimmer having dominated in the past few years. The world record was 1:06.2 set by Soviet Nikolay Pankin, who made the final, but he had set that back in 1969, an eternity ago in swimming circles. That record did not do well in the semi-finals in Munich as John Hencken (USA) swam 1:05.68 in the first semi, only to see Japan’s Nobutaka Taguchi better that in the second heat with 1:05.13. In the final the American threesome of Hencken, Tom Bruce, and Mark Chatfield led to the turn with Taguchi back in seventh place. At 85 metres Bruce seemed to have the race in hand, but Taguchi closed quickly to take the gold medal and another world record, 1:04.94. Bruce held on for second with Hencken winning bronze. David Wilkie of Great Britain finished last in the final. In 1973 at the World Championships, Hencken would win gold with Wilkie second, and Taguchi third. Over the next few years Hencken and Wilkie would become the world’s top breaststrokers and battle for superiority among themselves. At Montréal in 1976 Hencken would win gold in this event, with Wilkie the 200 breaststroke gold.

1Nobutaka TaguchiJPN1:06.07 (1 h4)1:05.13 (1 h2)1:04.94 (1)Gold
2Tom BruceUSA1:06.45 (2 h3)1:06.05 (3 h1)1:05.43 (2)Silver
3John HenckenUSA1:05.96 (1 h5)1:05.68 (1 h1)1:05.61 (3)Bronze
4Mark ChatfieldUSA1:05.89 (1 h1)1:06.08 (4 h2)1:06.01 (4)
5Walter KuschFRG1:06.95 (1 h6)1:05.78 (2 h2)1:06.23 (5)
6José Sylvio FioloBRA1:06.23 (2 h4)1:05.99 (2 h1)1:06.24 (6)
7Nikolay PankinURS1:07.31 (1 h2)1:06.08 (3 h2)1:06.36 (7)
8David WilkieGBR1:06.35 (1 h3)1:06.25 (5 h2)1:06.52 (8)
9Viktor StulikovURS1:08.18 (2 h6)1:06.66 (6 h2)
10Klaus KatzurGDR1:07.36 (3 h3)1:06.82 (4 h1)
11Bill MahonyCAN1:07.14 (2 h1)1:07.06 (5 h1)
12Vladimir KosinskyURS1:07.39 (4 h3)1:07.08 (7 h2)
13Roger-Philippe MenuFRA1:08.63 (2 h5)1:07.75 (8 h2)
14Bernard CombetFRA1:08.08 (3 h1)1:07.76 (6 h1)
15Robert StoddartCAN1:08.44 (2 h2)1:08.61 (7 h1)
16Rainer HradetzkyGDR1:08.67 (3 h4)1:09.49 (8 h1)
17Mike WhitakerCAN1:08.86 (3 h5)
18Michael GüntherFRG1:08.93 (3 h6)
19Felipe MuñozMEX1:08.95 (4 h5)
20Paul JarvieAUS1:09.26 (4 h1)
21Amman JalmaaniPHI1:09.28 (5 h3)
22Malcolm O'ConnellGBR1:09.33 (3 h2)
23Pedro BalcellsESP1:09.37 (5 h5)
24Osvaldo BorettoARG1:09.64 (4 h6)
=25Sándor SzabóHUN1:09.68 (4 h2)
=25Liam BallIRL1:09.68 (4 h4)
27Steffen KriechbaumAUT1:09.87 (6 h3)
28János TóthHUN1:10.02 (5 h6)
29Andreas HellmannFRG1:10.13 (5 h4)
30Gustavo SalcedoMEX1:10.17 (5 h2)
31Jean-Pierre DubeySUI1:10.31 (6 h2)
32Angel ChakarovBUL1:10.34 (6 h6)
33Cezary ŚmiglakPOL1:10.53 (7 h2)
34Sokhon YiCAM1:11.00 (5 h1)
35Paul NaisbyGBR1:11.05 (7 h6)
36Guðjón GuðmundssonISL1:11.11 (8 h6)
37Karl Christian KochDEN1:11.27 (6 h4)
38Alfredo HungerPER1:11.44 (6 h5)
39Edmondo MingioneITA1:11.75 (6 h1)
40Theodoros KoutoumanisGRE1:12.05 (7 h5)
41Rudi VingerhoetsBEL1:12.59 (8 h5)
42Faruk MorkalTUR1:13.86 (7 h1)
43Piero FerracutiESA1:16.74 (7 h4)
44Bruno BassoulLBN1:19.94 (7 h3)
DNSBob HatherlyRHO
DNSAntonio AguerrevereVEN– (DNS h4)

Round One (29 August 1972 — 11:35)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Mark ChatfieldUSA1:05.89QOR
2Bill MahonyCAN1:07.14Q
3Bernard CombetFRA1:08.08Q
4Paul JarvieAUS1:09.26
5Sokhon YiCAM1:11.00
6Edmondo MingioneITA1:11.75
7Faruk MorkalTUR1:13.86

Heat Two

1Nikolay PankinURS1:07.31Q
2Robert StoddartCAN1:08.44Q
3Malcolm O'ConnellGBR1:09.33
4Sándor SzabóHUN1:09.68
5Gustavo SalcedoMEX1:10.17
6Jean-Pierre DubeySUI1:10.31
7Cezary ŚmiglakPOL1:10.53

Heat Three

1David WilkieGBR1:06.35Q
2Tom BruceUSA1:06.45Q
3Klaus KatzurGDR1:07.36Q
4Vladimir KosinskyURS1:07.39Q
5Amman JalmaaniPHI1:09.28
6Steffen KriechbaumAUT1:09.87
7Bruno BassoulLBN1:19.94

Heat Four

1Nobutaka TaguchiJPN1:06.07Q
2José Sylvio FioloBRA1:06.23Q
3Rainer HradetzkyGDR1:08.67Q
4Liam BallIRL1:09.68
5Andreas HellmannFRG1:10.13
6Karl Christian KochDEN1:11.27
7Piero FerracutiESA1:16.74
DNSAntonio AguerrevereVEN

Heat Five

1John HenckenUSA1:05.96Q
2Roger-Philippe MenuFRA1:08.63Q
3Mike WhitakerCAN1:08.86
4Felipe MuñozMEX1:08.95
5Pedro BalcellsESP1:09.37
6Alfredo HungerPER1:11.44
7Theodoros KoutoumanisGRE1:12.05
8Rudi VingerhoetsBEL1:12.59

Heat Six

1Walter KuschFRG1:06.95Q
2Viktor StulikovURS1:08.18Q
3Michael GüntherFRG1:08.93
4Osvaldo BorettoARG1:09.64
5János TóthHUN1:10.02
6Angel ChakarovBUL1:10.34
7Paul NaisbyGBR1:11.05
8Guðjón GuðmundssonISL1:11.11

Semi-Finals (29 August 1972 — 17:30)

Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One

1John HenckenUSA1:05.68QWR
2José Sylvio FioloBRA1:05.99Q
3Tom BruceUSA1:06.05Q
4Klaus KatzurGDR1:06.82
5Bill MahonyCAN1:07.06
6Bernard CombetFRA1:07.76
7Robert StoddartCAN1:08.61
8Rainer HradetzkyGDR1:09.49

Heat Two

1Nobutaka TaguchiJPN1:05.13QWR
2Walter KuschFRG1:05.78Q
3Nikolay PankinURS1:06.08Q
4Mark ChatfieldUSA1:06.08Q
5David WilkieGBR1:06.25Q
6Viktor StulikovURS1:06.66
7Vladimir KosinskyURS1:07.08
8Roger-Philippe MenuFRA1:07.75

Final (30 August 1972 — 18:20)

14Nobutaka TaguchiJPN1:04.94WR
22Tom BruceUSA1:05.43
35John HenckenUSA1:05.61
41Mark ChatfieldUSA1:06.01
53Walter KuschFRG1:06.23
66José Sylvio FioloBRA1:06.24
77Nikolay PankinURS1:06.36
88David WilkieGBR1:06.52