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100 metres Butterfly, Women

Date21 – 22 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants39 from 23 countries

Kornelia Ender was the 1975 World Champion and the world record holder and was heavily favored in this event, and came through as expected, equalling her world record. But the final was a bit closer than expected as she was challenged by her teammate Andrea Pollack, only 15-years-old, who only a few days before had won the 200 fly, and won the silver medal in this race. Ender finished the 100 fly at 1948, and a few minutes later stood on the medal podium. Twenty minutes after this race ended she came back to the pool deck for the final of the 200 freestyle. A few minutes after that, she had won her second individual gold medal within 27 minutes. Ender would finish the Montréal Olympics with four gold medals, adding gold in the 100 freestyle and medley relay, and a silver in the 4×100 freestyle relay.

1Kornelia EnderGDR1:02.45 (1 h3)1:01.03 (1 h2)1:00.13 (1)Gold
2Andrea PollackGDR1:01.43 (1 h6)1:01.39 (2 h2)1:00.98 (2)Silver
3Wendy BoglioliUSA1:01.84 (1 h2)1:01.75 (1 h1)1:01.17 (3)Bronze
4Camille WrightUSA1:02.22 (2 h4)1:01.89 (2 h1)1:01.41 (4)
5Rosemarie GabrielGDR1:02.34 (1 h5)1:01.93 (4 h2)1:01.56 (5)
6Wendy QuirkCAN1:01.93 (1 h4)1:01.54 (3 h2)1:01.75 (6)
7LeLei FonoimoanaUSA1:02.75 (2 h1)1:02.23 (5 h2)1:01.95 (7)
8Tamara ShelofastovaURS1:02.40 (2 h5)1:02.40 (3 h1)1:02.74 (8)
9Hélène BoivinCAN1:02.67 (1 h1)1:02.90 (4 h1)
10Susan SloanCAN1:03.12 (2 h6)1:02.91 (5 h1)
11María ParísCRC1:03.67 (2 h3)1:03.27 (6 h2)
12Linda HanelAUS1:03.78 (3 h3)1:03.30 (6 h1)
13Yasue HatsudaJPN1:03.32 (2 h2)1:03.33 (7 h2)
=14Sue JennerGBR1:04.19 (3 h1)1:04.06 (8 h2)
=14Lynne RoweNZL1:04.23 (4 h1)1:04.06 (7 h1)
16Kuniko BannoJPN1:03.66 (3 h5)1:04.21 (8 h1)
17Gudrun BeckmannFRG1:04.36 (3 h6)
18Gunilla AnderssonSWE1:04.48 (3 h4)
19Joanne AtkinsonGBR1:04.70 (3 h2)
20Lyle SmithAUS1:04.71 (4 h6)
21Nira StoveAUS1:04.78 (4 h3)
22Beate JaschFRG1:04.82 (4 h4)
23Nataliya PopovaURS1:05.22 (4 h5)
24Ineke RanNED1:05.63 (5 h3)
25José DamenNED1:06.09 (5 h5)
26Chantal GrimardBEL1:06.10 (4 h2)
27Donatella Talpo-SchiavonITA1:06.15 (5 h2)
28Flávia NadaluttiBRA1:06.29 (5 h6)
29Jane AlexanderGBR1:06.33 (5 h1)
30Rosemary RibeiroBRA1:06.50 (6 h6)
31María MockPUR1:06.52 (7 h6)
32Rossana JuncosARG1:06.76 (6 h3)
33Montserrat MajoESP1:06.79 (6 h2)
34Marianela HuenVEN1:07.17 (6 h5)
35María HungVEN1:07.37 (5 h4)
36Shelley CramerISV1:08.55 (7 h3)
37Þórunn AlfreðsdóttirISL1:09.63 (6 h1)
38Liliana CianCOL1:09.91 (7 h5)
39Sansanee ChangkasiriTHA1:10.97 (6 h4)
DNSMiriam HopkinsIRL– (DNS h2)
DNSLyubov KobzovaURS– (DNS h4)

Round One (21 July 1976 — 9:30)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

15Hélène BoivinCAN1:02.67QOR
24LeLei FonoimoanaUSA1:02.75Q
33Sue JennerGBR1:04.19Q
42Lynne RoweNZL1:04.23Q
56Jane AlexanderGBR1:06.33
61Þórunn AlfreðsdóttirISL1:09.63

Heat Two

14Wendy BoglioliUSA1:01.84QOR
25Yasue HatsudaJPN1:03.32Q
33Joanne AtkinsonGBR1:04.70
46Chantal GrimardBEL1:06.10
52Donatella Talpo-SchiavonITA1:06.15
67Montserrat MajoESP1:06.79
DNS1Miriam HopkinsIRL

Heat Three

14Kornelia EnderGDR1:02.45Q
25María ParísCRC1:03.67Q
33Linda HanelAUS1:03.78Q
46Nira StoveAUS1:04.78
52Ineke RanNED1:05.63
67Rossana JuncosARG1:06.76
71Shelley CramerISV1:08.55

Heat Four

15Wendy QuirkCAN1:01.93Q
24Camille WrightUSA1:02.22Q
33Gunilla AnderssonSWE1:04.48
42Beate JaschFRG1:04.82
57María HungVEN1:07.37
61Sansanee ChangkasiriTHA1:10.97
DNS6Lyubov KobzovaURS

Heat Five

14Rosemarie GabrielGDR1:02.34Q
25Tamara ShelofastovaURS1:02.40Q
36Kuniko BannoJPN1:03.66Q
43Nataliya PopovaURS1:05.22
52José DamenNED1:06.09
67Marianela HuenVEN1:07.17
71Liliana CianCOL1:09.91

Heat Six

14Andrea PollackGDR1:01.43QOR
25Susan SloanCAN1:03.12Q
36Gudrun BeckmannFRG1:04.36
43Lyle SmithAUS1:04.71
52Flávia NadaluttiBRA1:06.29
67Rosemary RibeiroBRA1:06.50
71María MockPUR1:06.52

Semi-Finals (21 July 1976 — 19:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Wendy BoglioliUSA1:01.75Q
25Camille WrightUSA1:01.89Q
33Tamara ShelofastovaURS1:02.40Q
46Hélène BoivinCAN1:02.90
52Susan SloanCAN1:02.91
61Linda HanelAUS1:03.30
78Lynne RoweNZL1:04.06
87Kuniko BannoJPN1:04.21

Heat Two

16Kornelia EnderGDR1:01.03QOR
24Andrea PollackGDR1:01.39Q
35Wendy QuirkCAN1:01.54Q
43Rosemarie GabrielGDR1:01.93Q
52LeLei FonoimoanaUSA1:02.23Q
61María ParísCRC1:03.27
77Yasue HatsudaJPN1:03.33
88Sue JennerGBR1:04.06

Final (22 July 1976 — 19:30)

14Kornelia EnderGDR1:00.13=WR
25Andrea PollackGDR1:00.98
36Wendy BoglioliUSA1:01.17
42Camille WrightUSA1:01.41
57Rosemarie GabrielGDR1:01.56
63Wendy QuirkCAN1:01.75
71LeLei FonoimoanaUSA1:01.95
88Tamara ShelofastovaURS1:02.74