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Individual All-Around, Men

Date14 – 15 July 1908
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants96 from 12 countries
FormatHorizontal Bar (swinging and slow movements), Parallel Bars, Pommelled Horse, Rings (stationary and swinging movements), and Rope Climb.

The individual championship was known in the Official Report as “The Heptathlon” because it encompassed seven events, although they were conducted on only five apparatuses. The winner was the Italian Alberto Braglia, who had been runner-up in both individual events at the 1906 Olympics in Athens. Braglia used his Olympic fame to become a circus performer. Working on a trapeze, he sustained a serious injury from a fall in 1910. But he recovered from that setback to return in 1912 at Stockholm, where he defended his Olympic title in individual gymnastics. He then turned professional, returning to the circus as an acrobat. Braglia later returned to gymnastics and coached the Italian team at the 1932 Olympics.

Full results of this event were not available until March 2020, and were not originally published in the Mallon/Buchanan book The 1908 Olympic Games: Results for All Competitors in All Events, with Commentary (McFarland, 2000). They were discovered in an obscure French newspaper/journal Les Jeunes : courrier de quinzaine du journal “Le Patronage”, the journal of the Fédération sportive et culturelle de France from 8 August 1908. They can be seen here .

1Alberto BragliaITA317.00Gold
2Walter TysallGBR312.00Silver
3Louis SéguraFRA297.00Bronze
4Curt SteuernagelGER273.50
5Fritz WolfGER267.00
6Sam HodgettsGBR266.00
7Marcel LaluFRA258.75
8Raphaël DiazFRA258.50
9Edward PottsGBR252.50
10Jules RollandFRA249.50
11François NidalFRA249.00
12George BaileyGBR246.00
13Karl BorchertGER244.00
14Antoine CostaFRA241.75
15János NyisztorHUN236.00
=16Thomas DickGBR233.50
=16Alfred HodgesGBR233.50
18Georges ThurnherrFRA232.00
19Guido RomanoITA230.00
20Joseph CastiglioniFRA227.00
21Otello CapitaniITA226.75
22Joseph LuxFRA226.00
23William WattersGBR225.50
24Jamie GrahamGBR225.00
25Josef ČadaBOH222.50
=26Dominique FollacciFRA222.00
=26Gustave CharmoilleFRA222.00
=28Wilhelm WeberGER220.00
=28Auguste CastilleFRA220.00
30Fernand CastilleFRA218.00
31Joseph CookGBR213.00
32Victor DuboisFRA212.50
33Joseph KrämerGER212.00
34Kálmán SzabóHUN209.00
35Paulin LemaireFRA207.25
36Boris HonzátkoBOH205.50
37George MeadeGBR205.00
38G. MounierFRA204.50
39Imre GellértHUN202.50
40Heinrich SiebenhaarGER198.50
41Paul FischerGER198.00
42Edgar DysonGBR195.50
43E. GauthierFRA195.00
44Jean Van GuysseBEL194.00
45Sidney DomvilleGBR193.75
46Robert HanleyGBR193.50
47Mihály AntosHUN192.50
=48John WattersGBR187.50
=48Michel BietNED187.50
50Georg KarthGER186.50
51William FergusGBR183.50
52Carl KörtingGER181.00
=53Wilhelm KaufmannGER180.50
=53Félicien LekimFRA180.50
=53Antoine De BuckBEL180.50
56Edmund AspinallGBR177.00
57Gaston RatelotFRA172.75
58Charles SmithGBR171.75
59Allan KeithCAN170.00
60Gerardus WeslingNED165.00
61Reinier BlomNED160.50
=62Isidore GoudeketNED159.00
=62Johannes StikkelmanNED159.00
64Emanuel BrouwerNED158.00
65August EhrichGER156.75
66Johannes PosthumusNED155.50
=67John SkrataasNOR154.50
=67Aleko MulosTUR154.50
69Dirk JanssenNED153.50
=70Peter HolNOR152.50
=70Cornelus BeckerNED152.50
72Jan BoltNED150.501
=73Otto BauscherGBR149.50
=73Jan KieftNED149.50
75Riku KorhonenFIN143.50
76Carl KlæthNOR142.00
77Frigyes GráfHUN141.50
78Abraham MokNED141.00
79A. V. FordGBR140.50
80Orvil ElliottCAN132.50
81Jaska SaarivuoriFIN132.00
82Frithjof OlsenNOR127.50
83Hendricus ThijsenNED127.00
84Conrad CarlsrudNOR124.00
=85Len HansonGBR121.00
=85Iivari PartanenFIN121.00
87Per JespersenNOR120.50
=88Eetu KosonenFIN120.00
=88Emmanuel BoislèveFRA120.00
90Johann FlemerNED118.50
91David TeivonenFIN117.50
92Ole IversenNOR117.00
93Constantijn van DaalenNED116.50
94Eugen IngebretsenNOR109.00
95Herman van LeeuwenNED101.00
96Jonas SlierNED91.00