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400 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date17 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants45 from 39 countries

The reigning Olympic champion, Tom Dolan, had been unbeatable over the distance for seven whole years until March 2000 but an ill-timed illness at the US Olympic Trials had nearly cost him all hope of retaining his Olympic title. Even in Sydney all was not well with Dolan and he needed medical treatment for respiratory problems on the day on the final.

When Dolan entered the pool normal service was resumed by the halfway mark as he took the lead on the backstroke leg and left the rest of the world trailing. By the end of the race he was half a second under the old world record mark and 2.47 seconds ahead of team-mate Erik Vendt, who after being dead last at the first turn eventually moved through the field to win the silver. Dolan finished in 4:11.76 to break his own world record.

1Tom DolanUSA4:15.52 (1 h6)4:11.76 (1)Gold
2Erik VendtUSA4:17.15 (1 h5)4:14.23 (2)Silver
3Curtis MydenCAN4:16.55 (2 h4)4:15.33 (3)Bronze
4Alessio BoggiattoITA4:14.26 (1 h4)4:15.93 (4)
5Terence ParkinRSA4:18.14 (4 h5)4:16.92 (5)
6Justin NorrisAUS4:17.36 (=2 h5)4:17.87 (6)
7Cezar BădițăROU4:17.11 (3 h4)4:20.91 (7)
8Shinya TaniguchiJPN4:17.36 (=2 h5)4:20.93 (8)
9Jirka LetzinGER4:18.63 (5 h5)
10István BatháziHUN4:18.85 (2 h6)
11Miki HalikaISR4:19.97 (6 h5)
12Matt DunnAUS4:20.31 (4 h4)
13Susumu TabuchiJPN4:20.76 (3 h6)
14Johann Le BihanFRA4:20.96 (5 h4)
15Frederik HviidESP4:21.63 (4 h6)
16Dean KentNZL4:21.81 (6 h4)
17Aleksey KovriginRUS4:22.21 (1 h3)
18Yves PlatelSUI4:22.38 (2 h3)
19Massimiliano EroliITA4:22.85 (5 h6)
20Ioannis KokkodisGRE4:23.19 (7 h5)
21Xie XufengCHN4:23.33 (6 h6)
22Serghei MariniucMDA4:23.57 (3 h3)
23Jan VíťazkaCZE4:23.81 (4 h3)
24Simon MilitisGBR4:24.38 (7 h4)
25Jin HaoCHN4:24.56 (8 h5)
26Michael WindischAUT4:24.62 (8 h4)
27Jani SievinenFIN4:25.16 (1 h2)
28Dmytro NazarenkoUKR4:25.26 (5 h3)
29Owen Von RichterCAN4:25.70 (7 h6)
30Marko MilenkovičSLO4:26.62 (6 h3)
31Jeremy KnowlesBAH4:26.87 (2 h2)
32Torwai SethsothornTHA4:28.42 (8 h6)
33Kim Bang-HyeonKOR4:28.56 (7 h3)
34Alex FongHKG4:29.02 (1 h1)
35Alejandro BermúdezCOL4:29.42 (8 h3)
36George BovellTTO4:29.52 (3 h2)
37Juan Carlo PiccioPHI4:30.17 (4 h2)
38Juan VelozMEX4:31.73 (5 h2)
39Grigory MatuzkovKAZ4:31.89 (6 h2)
40Georgi PalazovBUL4:35.92 (2 h1)
41Wan Azlan AbdullahMAS4:36.90 (7 h2)
42Sandro TomašCRO4:38.31 (8 h2)
43Oussama MellouliTUN4:41.97 (3 h1)
44Hsu Kuo-TungTPE4:42.78 (4 h1)
45John TaboneMLT4:53.12 (5 h1)

Round One (17 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (12:32)

13Alex FongHKG4:29.020.78
24Georgi PalazovBUL4:35.920.91
35Oussama MellouliTUN4:41.970.99
46Hsu Kuo-TungTPE4:42.780.87
52John TaboneMLT4:53.120.81

Heat Two (12:39)

12Jani SievinenFIN4:25.160.78
24Jeremy KnowlesBAH4:26.870.85
33George BovellTTO4:29.520.88
47Juan Carlo PiccioPHI4:30.170.78
55Juan VelozMEX4:31.730.74
68Grigory MatuzkovKAZ4:31.890.87
71Wan Azlan AbdullahMAS4:36.900.64
86Sandro TomašCRO4:38.310.78

Heat Three (12:46)

12Aleksey KovriginRUS4:22.210.86
26Yves PlatelSUI4:22.380.81
34Serghei MariniucMDA4:23.570.81
45Jan VíťazkaCZE4:23.810.72
57Dmytro NazarenkoUKR4:25.260.89
61Marko MilenkovičSLO4:26.620.78
73Kim Bang-HyeonKOR4:28.560.97
88Alejandro BermúdezCOL4:29.420.79

Heat Four (12:53)

13Alessio BoggiattoITA4:14.260.82Q
24Curtis MydenCAN4:16.550.28Q
36Cezar BădițăROU4:17.110.83Q
45Matt DunnAUS4:20.310.89
57Johann Le BihanFRA4:20.960.75
61Dean KentNZL4:21.810.83
72Simon MilitisGBR4:24.380.83
88Michael WindischAUT4:24.620.86

Heat Five (13:00)

14Erik VendtUSA4:17.150.68Q
=22Shinya TaniguchiJPN4:17.360.94Q
=25Justin NorrisAUS4:17.360.80Q
46Terence ParkinRSA4:18.140.77Q
57Jirka LetzinGER4:18.630.85
63Miki HalikaISR4:19.970.91
71Ioannis KokkodisGRE4:23.190.95
88Jin HaoCHN4:24.560.84

Heat Six (13:07)

14Tom DolanUSA4:15.520.74Q
26István BatháziHUN4:18.850.81
35Susumu TabuchiJPN4:20.760.80
43Frederik HviidESP4:21.630.81
51Massimiliano EroliITA4:22.850.80
67Xie XufengCHN4:23.330.90
72Owen Von RichterCAN4:25.700.90
88Torwai SethsothornTHA4:28.420.75

Final (17 September 2000 — 20:35)

15Tom DolanUSA4:11.760.73WR
22Erik VendtUSA4:14.230.66
33Curtis MydenCAN4:15.330.76
44Alessio BoggiattoITA4:15.930.85
58Terence ParkinRSA4:16.920.77
61Justin NorrisAUS4:17.870.81
76Cezar BădițăROU4:20.910.87
87Shinya TaniguchiJPN4:20.930.90