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Painting, Unknown Event, Open1

Date30 July – 14 August 1932
LocationLos Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, Los Angeles, California
Participants311 from 18 countries

For most of the painting competitors, it is unknown in which of the three events they entered. A notable entrant in painting was former tennis player Helen Wills, who had won two gold medals in 1924.

ACAdrienne JouclardFRABoxeurs
ACAdrienne JouclardFRARugby Football
ACAdrienne JouclardFRAAviron
ACAdrienne JouclardFRAHockey
ACAgnes CantaNEDDiscobole
ACAnna AiryGBRThe Lucky Tipser
ACBeata BeachUSAGirls' Rules
ACCharlotte Berend-CorinthGERThe Boxer (Adolf Weigant)
ACCharlotte Berend-CorinthGERBoxer
ACCharlotte Berend-CorinthGERIm Boxkampf
ACEdith MagonigleUSAA Public Session
ACEdith MagonigleUSAPair Skating
ACFelicie HowellUSAStart of the Bermuda Race
ACFelicie HowellUSAInternational Fishermen's Race, Gloucester
ACFrances J. KellyIRLDr. Hayes Dockrell, Swimming and Boxing Champion
ACHelen WillsUSACilly Aussem I
ACHelen WillsUSASelf Portrait No. 1
ACHelen WillsUSASelf Portrait No. 2
ACHelen WillsUSAEileen Bennett
ACHelen WillsUSAWilliam T. Tilden
ACHelen WillsUSAEllsworth Vines
ACHelen WillsUSAHenri Cochet
ACHelen WillsUSACilly Aussem II
ACHelen WillsUSASenorita Lili de Alvarez
ACHelen WillsUSAEileen Bennett No. 1
ACHelen WillsUSAEileen Bennett No. 2
ACHelen WillsUSASelf Portrait
ACHélène DufauFRANageurs au Cap d'Antibes
ACHélène GérardBELThrowing the Javelin
ACHélène GérardBELTango
ACHélène GérardBELGolf
ACHélène GérardBELTennis
ACHélène GérardBELAquaplaning
ACHélène GérardBELPerch Shooting
ACHermine DavidFRALes Six Jourshors concours
ACHermine DavidFRAMatche de Boxehors concours
ACHilda RobertsIRLWatching the Curragh Races
ACHilda RobertsIRLThe Little Hurler
ACIsabel BishopUSAGolf Match
ACJadwiga HładkiPOLCanoe
ACJadwiga UmińskaPOLBox
ACKathryn LeightonUSAThe Cherokee Athlete
ACKathryn LeightonUSAA Sure Shot
ACLaura KnightGBRBetween the Rounds
ACLeonią NadelmanPOLThe Cyclists
ACLilian Westcott HaleUSAPortrait of Taylor Scott Hardin in Riding Clothes
ACLouise NimmoUSALilian Copeland Throws the Javelin
ACMargaret Fitzhugh BrowneUSAPortrait of Bobby Jones
ACMarja ObrębskaPOLThe Alpinist
ACMarja ObrębskaPOLBathing
ACMarjorie PhillipsUSABaseball
ACMary WesselhoeftUSARunner, American
ACPolly HillUSASkater
ACRuth PeabodyUSAJohn Jehle, A Ringer
ACSuzanne ChristopheBELPlage
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSATo the Meet
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSAFour-in-Hand and Coach
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSAAt Top Speed
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSABefore the Race
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSASpeed
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSAPolo
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSAThe Meet
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSAA Field Trial Winner
ACSybilla Mittell WeberUSATaking the Jump
ACVerna RueggUSAFigures I
ACVerna RueggUSAFigures II
ACVerna RueggUSAThe Race
ACVerna RueggUSAAthletes
ACElla ModrakowskaUSAGreek Athlete
ACElla ModrakowskaUSATakiing the Cure
ACPeter ColfsBELGolf
ACJoseph ConrardyBELHockey
ACD. DumortierBELRégates
ACAndré Dunoyer de SegonzacFRABoxeur, K.O.hors concours
ACAndré Dunoyer de SegonzacFRADeux Boxeurs Combattanthors concours
ACAndré Dunoyer de SegonzacFRACorps à Corpshors concours
ACAnton van AnrooyGBRJavanese Court Dancer
ACAlfred MunningsGBRShooting Party in Fields of Turnips
ACArchibald HartrickGBRFootball at Fettes School, Scotland
ACAcke ÅslundSWETrotting Horses
ACAcke ÅslundSWEPolo Players (print)
ACAdo BaltusBELCourse Automobile piste
ACAdo BaltusBELCourse auto route
ACAdo BaltusBELFootbaal
ACAdo BaltusBELAccident Automobile
ACAlbert MatignonFRAMlle. L.S., Championne de natation
ACAlexander TiranoffUSARiding
ACAlfred PoorUSAWrestlers
ACAndreas FriisDENRiders in the Forest
ACAndrzej StypińskiPOLWoman Skiing
ACAnshelm SchultzbergSWESki Runner
ACAnshelm SchultzbergSWEBlizzard in the Mountain
ACAnton RäderscheidtGERBadeanstalt
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School I
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School II
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School III
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School IV
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School V
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School VI
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School VII
ACAntonín LandaTCHDrawings from State Course for rhythmical gymnastics and A. Duncan School VIII
ACArnold FriedmanUSARace Track No. 2hors concours
ACArnold FriedmanUSAPolohors concours
ACArnold FriedmanUSAJamaica Race Trackhors concours
ACArnold FriedmanUSAPolo Player
ACArnold WiltzUSAThe Saddle Post
ACArthur BurgessGBRSpring
ACArthur BurgessGBRSkiing down the Bernina Pass
ACArthur FreedlanderUSAReady to Play
ACArthur WellmannGERDoppeldrolle
ACArthur WellmannGERRhön-Rad
ACArthur WellmannGERReiter am Meer
ACAxel SjöbergSWESeabird Hunters
ACAxel SjöbergSWEHayharvest
ACBenjamin BrownUSAThe Ski Jumper
ACBruno LiljeforsSWESkipping
ACCornelis KloosNEDSparta
ACCecil Ross BurnettGBRRugby Football
ACCecil Ross BurnettGBRPolo
ACCornelis MensionNEDBig Game
ACChris van der HoefNEDDiploma
ACCarl SprinchornUSASix-Day Bicycle Race, No. I
ACCarl SprinchornUSASix-Day Bicycle Race, No. II
ACCarl SprinchornUSAMembers of the Rowing Crew, Poughkeepsiehors concours
ACCarlo TestiITAMarciatori
ACCharles CundallGBRThe Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race
ACCharles LambIRLThe Fisherman
ACCharles PayneGBRCounty Galway
ACCharles SimpsonGBRWild Duck and Water Lilies
ACCharles SimpsonGBRDoncaster Racecourse, St. Leger Meeting, 1931
ACCharles SimpsonGBRGrand National
ACCharles Morris YoungUSAHuntsmen and Hounds (Painting)
ACCharles Morris YoungUSABrown's Meadow
ACCharles Morris YoungUSADrawing the Cover
ACCharles Morris YoungUSAThe Hounds at White Horse
ACCharles Morris YoungUSAWhite Horse Blacksmith Shop
ACCharles Morris YoungUSAHuntsmen and Hounds (Prints and Drawings)
ACCharles Paul GruppéUSAFishing Schooner Races at East Gloucester, Mass.
ACChikatoshi EnomotoJPNPlay in Garden
ACCorneille LentzLUXWintersport
ACCorneille LentzLUXJavelin Thrower
ACKees Van DongenFRABoxing Exhibition
ACKees Van DongenFRABalancing
ACCuthbert OrdeGBRWing-Commander Orlebar A.F.C. (Holder of World's Speed Record)
ACDavid GhilchikGBROriginal 'Punch' Drawing I
ACDavid GhilchikGBROriginal 'Punch' Drawing II
ACDavid GhilchikGBROriginal 'Punch' Drawing III
ACDavid GhilchikGBROriginal 'Punch' Drawing IV
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise I
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise II
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise III
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise IV
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise V
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise VI
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise VII
ACNelly DegouyBELDo exercise VIII
ACDésiré AcketBELTennis
ACDésiré AcketBELRowing
ACDonald WoodGBRJodhpur Ponies ready for the Second Chukker
ACDuncan GleasonUSAReach for the Finish Line
ACIrving CouseUSAIndian Hunter
ACEarl PurdyUSAThe Wrist Lock
ACEarl PurdyUSASmelling Down
ACEarl PurdyUSAThe Uppercut
ACEben CominsUSAThe Swimmer
ACEdgar SeligmanGBRCalisthenics
ACEdith HorleUSAAdvancing
ACEdmund BartłomiejczykPOLSki
ACÉdouard FraisseFRAAthlete
ACEdward BoreinUSAThe Long Throw
ACEdward BoreinUSAA Broncho
ACEdward BoreinUSAThe End of the Race
ACEdward BoreinUSAAfter the Buffalo Hunt
ACEdward BoreinUSANavajos
ACEdward BoreinUSACharging Hawk
ACEdward ManteuffelPOLRiding
ACHide KawanishiJPNThe Baseball Match at Koshien
ACHide KawanishiJPNThe Baseball Match at Toynen in Kobe
ACEigil SchwabSWESailing in Fresh Breeze
ACErich HeckelGERIm Stadion Berlin
ACErik RaadalDENBoxing
ACErnest FieneUSARegatta
ACErnest MooreGBRBrigadier-General Reginald John Kentish (Member IOC)
ACErnest BakerUSAAllegorical Representation of Sports
ACErnst BöhmGEREhrenurkunden für die Verfassungswettkämpfe
ACErnst HansenDENHunting Polar Bears
ACErnst HansenDENPortrait: Knud Rasmussen
ACEugène PéchaubèsFRAGrand Prix de Paris
ACEugeniusz GeppertPOLJumping
ACFrancis ChapinUSATennis
ACFrancis ChapinUSAPolo - Argentines vs. Old Aiken
ACFrancis HodgeGBRSwimmers
ACFrancis HodgeGBRThe Bathing Pool
ACFrancis HodgeGBRAfter the Bath
ACFrank BensonUSABlack Ducks Towering
ACFrank BensonUSAWinter Wild Fowlinghors concours
ACFrank BensonUSAOld Tomhors concours
ACFrank BensonUSAWaders
ACFrank BensonUSATwo Gunners
ACFrank BensonUSADory Fisherman
ACFrank BensonUSAThe Gunner's Blind
ACFrank BensonUSASupper
ACFrank BensonUSARiver in Floodhors concours
ACFrank BensonUSAOn the Restigouchehors concours
ACFrank BensonUSASalmon Fishermanhors concours
ACFrank MasonGBRRacing at Cowes
ACFrantišek HoplíčekTCHFinish
ACFrederick WightUSACape Cod Hunters
ACFrederick WightUSAHunter with Goose
ACFriedrich BaurLATThe Rivals
ACFriedrich BaurLATThe Race
ACFriedrich BaurLATHomewards
ACFritz GöhringGERKugelstossen
ACFritz HeinsheimerGERHürdenlauf bei der IX. Olympiade in Amsterdam
ACDenholm ArmourGBRStag Hunting in Devonshire
ACDenholm ArmourGBRStag Hunting in Devon, at Porlock Weir
ACHoward K. ElcockGBRPolo in the Argentine
ACGeorg LagerstedtSWEThe Skating Princess
ACGeorg LagerstedtSWEJuniors Boxing
ACGeorg LagerstedtSWESchoolgirls in the Athletic Meeting
ACGeorg LagerstedtSWEGreco-Roman Wrestlers
ACGeorge CollieIRLStony Broke
ACGeorg GelbkeGERHockey
ACGeorg GelbkeGERBoxkampf I
ACGeorg GelbkeGERBoxkampf II
ACGeorg GelbkeGERBoxkampf III
ACGeorge GibbsUSAThe Haymaker
ACGeorge JacobsUSAThe Riders
ACGeorge LuksUSAThe Wrestlers
ACGeorge SheringhamGBRSea Fish
ACGeorge SheringhamGBRFlies
ACGeorge SheringhamGBRCoarse Fish
ACGeorges BaltusBELAthletes
ACGeorges DantuFRALe Skieur - Ciel d'Engadine
ACGerald FosterUSAThe First Mark
ACGerardo DottoriITA1° tempo - Il Via
ACGerardo DottoriITA2° tempo - In Corsa
ACGerardo DottoriITA3° tempo - L'Arrivo
ACGert WollheimGERTennisspieler
ACGilbert HolidayGBRThe Try Hards and the Die Hards
ACGordon StevensonUSAOn the Willowemoc
ACGordon StevensonUSAHung Up
ACGordon StevensonUSASunset
ACGuy Pène du BoisUSAApproaching Storm, Racetrack
ACGyörgy KürthyHUNOlympic Poster
ACHans PapeGEREhrenurkunde für die Reichsjugendwettkämpfe und Urkunde der Stadt Munster (Kohlurkunde)
ACHarald HansenDENHorseman I
ACHarald HansenDENHorseman II
ACHarald HansenDENHorseman III
ACHarald HansenDENBoxing I
ACHarald HansenDENBoxing II
ACHarald HansenDENBoxing III
ACHarald HansenDENSporting Man
ACHarold ShurtleffUSAComing Through
ACHarold ShurtleffUSAA Backhander
ACHarold ShurtleffUSAPaired Offhors concours
ACHarry WatsonGBRThe Rink, Villars, Switzerland
ACHarry WatsonGBRThe Skater
ACHayley LeverUSANew York Fortieshors concours
ACHeizo KanayamaJPNSkating
ACHelmer OsslundSWEThe Rocky Lapland (Hundalen)
ACHelmer OsslundSWEA Laplander from Sea Falls
ACHenri PinguenetFRARugby I
ACHenri PinguenetFRARugby II
ACHenri RoyerFRAPecheurs
ACHenri ZoFRAPartie de Pelote
ACHenri ZoFRACourse de taureaux
ACHenry PooreUSAThe End of a 'Good Morning'
ACHenry PooreUSAFull Cry
ACHenry PooreUSAHunter's Reverie
ACHenry PooreUSARendezvoushors concours
ACHerman TrunkUSAThe Regatta
ACHermann KeimelGERDeutsche Skimeisterschaft
ACHoward E. SmithUSAJack Grant, Huntsman
ACHoward E. SmithUSAPolo at Myopia
ACHoward E. SmithUSAThe Water Jump
ACHoward E. SmithUSAWell Taken
ACHoward E. SmithUSAGo
ACHoward E. SmithUSABefore the Start
ACHugo BallinUSAContrasts
ACHugo NicholsonUSAAfter Big Game
ACHugo SiegmüllerTCHSki-runners
ACHugo SiegmüllerTCHSkiing in Bohemia
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Athlete
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Daddy Long Legs
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Mounted Archer
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Polo I
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Polo II
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: The Chase
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Dancing Goat
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Goats on Mountain
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Stag at Bay
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Bull Fight No. 1
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Bull Fight No. 2
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Bull Fight No. 3
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Matador
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Picador
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Fighting Bucks
ACHunt DiederichUSASilhouette: Let Her Buck
ACIsaac GrünewaldSWESwimmer after the Bath
ACIsaac IsraëlsNEDBoxing Lesson
ACIsaac IsraëlsNEDSpectators at a Match
ACIsaac IsraëlsNEDBoxing Match
ACIsamu ToyofujiJPNRugby
ACAlfred DuriauBELAviation
ACAlfred DuriauBELTennis
ACJoachim HellgreweGEROberhof
ACJānis TīdemanisBELSwimming
ACHumbert CraigIRLAfter a Fresh on the Dun River
ACMortimer LichtenauerUSARecreation
ACMortimer LichtenauerUSAThe Archerhors concours
ACJulius EngelhardGERSportclub Riessersee
ACJack YeatsIRLThe Small Ring
ACJames ChapinUSABatter Up
ACJames ChapinUSAA Prize Fighter and His Manager
ACJames ChapinUSAThe Negro Boxerhors concours
ACJames NewellUSAArchers
ACJames QuinnAUSSir Hubert Wilkins (Archtic Explorer)
ACJames QuinnAUSSteve Fairbairn (famous Cambridge Rowing Coach)
ACJay MaddoxUSAGallant Fox
ACJean JacobyLUXIce Hockey
ACJean JacobyLUXFootball Association in Winter
ACJean JacobyLUXWater Polo
ACJean JacobyLUXAt the Mark
ACJean JacobyLUXIn the Ring
ACJean JacobyLUXBefore the Goal (Ice Hockey)
ACJean JacobyLUX110 Meter Hurdles
ACJean MacLaneUSAThe Starthors concours
ACJean MacLaneUSABathers
ACJean MacLaneUSAYoung Swimmers - Beach Life, Devonhors concours
ACJean MacLaneUSAPortrait of Mr. John C. Johansen
ACJeremi KubickiPOLRowers
ACAndrzej Stypiński / Jerzy SkolimowskiPOLTennis Player
ACJohan BullUSAHalf Volley
ACJohan BullUSAPony Exhibition
ACJohan BullUSAFoul!
ACJohannes BoehlandGEREntwurf für die Internationale 10,000 km Fahrt des A.v.D. I
ACJohannes BoehlandGEREntwurf für die Internationale 10,000 km Fahrt des A.v.D. II
ACJos LussenburgNEDWeight Thrower
ACJos LussenburgNEDBoxer Resting
ACJos LussenburgNEDPassing the Finish
ACJohn W. DunnUSAPolo
ACJohn KoopmanUSATrout Fishing
ACJohn LaveryGBRThe Earl of Lonsdale K.G.
ACJohn LaveryGBRSchooling the Pony
ACJohn MacGilchristUSAYankee Doodle
ACJohn MacGilchristUSAZooming
ACJohn MacGilchristUSAThe Race
ACJohn RichUSAThe Trojans in Action
ACJohn Taylor ArmsUSAMan of War
ACJózef KorolkiewiczPOLBox
ACJos SeckelNEDTraining at the Bar I
ACJos SeckelNEDTraining at the Bar II
ACJulius BlochUSAAviation 1930
ACJulius PaulsenDENPortrait of a Young Athlete
ACJulius PaulsenDENMan in Posture of Defense
ACJulius PaulsenDENThe Archer
ACJunpei EtoJPNThe Rugger
ACKarl HahnGERAm Tor
ACKatsundo KosakaJPNShoot the Bird
ACKees RooversNEDSki
ACKerr EbyUSAPolo
ACKerr EbyUSASurf Fishing
ACKerr EbyUSARiding to Cover
ACKerr EbyUSAThe Ford
ACYoshie NakadaJPNA Swimming Race at Night
ACHitoshi IkebeJPNA Wrestling Match
ACKnud MerrildDENTennis
ACKnud MerrildDENSwimming
ACKnud MerrildDENSoccer
ACKonrad SrzednickiPOLWind
ACKonstantīns VisotskisLATBear Sticking
ACKonstantīns VisotskisLATHunting Snow Hare
ACKonstantīns VisotskisLATExercising Hounds
ACKonstantīns VisotskisLATHunting Wolves with Borzois
ACKonstantīns VisotskisLATBeaters
ACKonstantīns VisotskisLATFox Shooting with Flags
ACKonstantīns VisotskisLATGunner Awaiting Driven Game
ACKoshiro OnchiJPNAn Instant
ACKotaro IkedaJPNFishing
ACKojin KozuJPNThe Golf
ACKunzo MinamiJPNThe Preparation of the Descent
ACLudwig WaldschmidtGERLong Run
ACLeo WhelanIRLThe Village Champion
ACLeonardo BorgeseITABoxe
ACLeonardo BorgeseITATennis
ACLevon WestUSAThe White North
ACLevon WestUSAEarly Gunner
ACLevon WestUSABlizzard Coming
ACLevon WestUSAClean Shot
ACLewis BaumerGBRThe Novice
ACLewis BaumerGBRThe Hill Top
ACLewis BaumerGBRAchtung
ACLewis BaumerGBRThe English School Skater
ACLewis BaumerGBRThe Girl who Skated on the Curling Rink
ACLewis BaumerGBRThe Girl who Believed in the Catalogues
ACLionel EdwardsGBRThe end of 40 minutes
ACLionel EdwardsGBRSignalling for the Pack - Devon and Somerset Staghounds
ACLouis Denis-ValvéraneFRALa Championne de natation
ACLouis Denis-ValvéraneFRAMlle. Lenglen
ACLouis HechenbleiknerUSAThe Tackle
ACLouis HechenbleiknerUSADown the Field
ACLouis HechenbleiknerUSAForward Pass
ACLouis HechenbleiknerUSAThrough the Center
ACLouis HechenbleiknerUSABoxing Match
ACLouis MalespinaFRALongchamp
ACLouis MalespinaFRAQuadrige
ACLouis MalespinaFRATrotteur
ACLucien JonasFRALe Coureur Cycliste
ACLucien JonasFRALe Champion
ACLucien JonasFRALes joueurs de tennis
ACLudvík VacátkoTCHJeu de Barre
ACLudwig AngererGERFussball I
ACLudwig AngererGERFussball II
ACLudwig AngererGERFussball III
ACLudwig AngererGERFussball IV
ACLudwig HohlweinGERWinter in Deutschland
ACLudwig HohlweinGERPlaying Golf in Germany
ACMenno van Meeteren BrouwerNEDClassic and Modern
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAAt the Top of the Gonghors concours
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAMain Street Athletic Club, Los Angeles
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSABeat Him at the Punch
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSADrawing a Prize Fight I
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSADrawing a Prize Fight II
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSADrawing a Prize Fight III
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSADrawing a Prize Fight IV
ACMahonri Mackintosh YoungUSADrawing a Prize Fight V
ACMario BeltramiITAMarciatori
ACMario BeltramiITAFootball
ACMaurice EhlingerFRASkieuse
ACMax ClarenbachGERRennplatz
ACMax ŠvabinskýTCHDiana
ACMichał BorucińskiPOLGirl with Bow
ACMiltiades MannoHUNStart, 100 y I
ACMiltiades MannoHUNStart, 100 y II
ACMiltiades MannoHUNStart, 100 y III
ACMiltiades MannoHUNFinish, 800 y
ACMiltiades MannoHUNThrowing the Discus
ACMiltiades MannoHUNHurdle Race
ACMiltiades MannoHUNHigh Jump
ACMiltiades MannoHUNMotorcycle Pace Maker
ACMiltiades MannoHUNRowing
ACMiltiades MannoHUNCycling (Painting)
ACMiltiades MannoHUNWrestling (Greco-Roman)
ACMiltiades MannoHUNSabre Fencing
ACMiltiades MannoHUNIce Hockey
ACMiltiades MannoHUNBoxing
ACMiltiades MannoHUNCycling (Poster)
ACMiltiades MannoHUNFootball Association
ACMiltiades MannoHUNSwimming
ACMisai KosugiJPNA Sketch of Rugby
ACOliver MilburnCANThe Home Team Wins
ACOscar HullgrenSWEFishing Village (Sweden)
ACOscar HullgrenSWEOn the West Coast of Sweden
ACOscar HullgrenSWEVikings
ACOskar NerlingerGERMotorrad in der Kurve
ACOskar NerlingerGERTennis
ACOskar NerlingerGERFussballspieler
ACOtto DillGERAm Rennplatz
ACOttorino MancioliITABoxing
ACOttorino MancioliITAHurdler
ACPiet van der HemNEDSkier
ACP. A. HayGBROn the London Tennis Court
ACPaul HeimenBELCanoers
ACPaul MorchainFRARegates dans l'Ocean Atlantique
ACPál SzűcsHUNReturn of the Olympic Winter
ACPhilip de LászlóGBRSylvia, Daughter of Count and Countess Széchényi
ACPhilip Kran PavalDENShell Race
ACPhilippe Le MoltFRABoxer Restinghors concours
ACPierre MontezinFRALes Regates
ACPierre NuyttensUSAHelen Wills Moody
ACPierre NuyttensUSASir Thomas Lipton
ACRafał MalczewskiPOLFootball
ACRafał MalczewskiPOLSki
ACRandall DaveyUSAHorse Race
ACRaoul du GardierFRACanoé Rouge
ACRené Xavier PrinetFRALe Bain
ACReynolds BealUSABecalmed, Marblehead
ACReynolds BealUSAMarblehead Yachts
ACReynolds BealUSAFisherman's Race - The 'Henry Ford'
ACRichard BishopUSAPintails
ACRichard BishopUSAComing In
ACRichard BishopUSAMallards Pitching
ACRichard BishopUSAReflectionshors concours
ACRichard BishopUSABog Spriteshors concours
ACRichard BishopUSAWhizzinghors concours
ACRichard EarleUSAThe Winner
ACRichard LaheyUSAHorse Show - Maine
ACRichard LaheyUSATennis Aboard Ship
ACRichard LaheyUSASkating in Central Park
ACRóbert BysszHUNAlbum of Sporting Caricatures
ACRobert FernierFRASkieurs
ACRoger NiveltFRAExhibition de Boxe I
ACRoger NiveltFRAExhibition de Boxe II
ACRoland ClarkUSASetting Out Decoys
ACRoland ClarkUSABluebird Weather
ACRonald GrayGBRGirl Skiing
ACRyusei FurukawaJPNA Pose of a Woman Golfer (in Reposing)
ACRyusei FurukawaJPNA Pose of a Woman Golfer (in Striking)
ACRyokichi SakaiJPNThe Football
ACSakuichi FukazawaJPNThe Baseball Match 'Waseda vs. Keio in Autumn 1931'
ACSamuel TheobaldUSABrookmead Stable Brice
ACSeán O'SullivanIRLCyclone Warren, Negro Boxer
ACSenpan MaekawaJPNRugby
ACShiko MunakataJPNWarming Up
ACShiko MunakataJPNA Horse Race
ACShintaro TakedaJPNBasket-Ball Match
ACShogo TaguchiJPNBorotra at Match
ACShuzo KandaJPNThe Baseball Player
ACStefan Osiecki / Jerzy SkolimowskiPOLSki Poster
ACJerzy Skolimowski / Stefan OsieckiPOLHockey Poster
ACChosei KawakamiJPNA Picture of Baseball Match
ACSusumu YamaguchiJPNMr Mikio Oda Holding 'The Crown Prince Cup'
ACThomas DugdaleGBRMan with a Hare
ACThomas DugdaleGBRFishing
ACTadeusz GronowskiPOLPoster for the Olympiad
ACTakamura KodamaJPNRugby
ACTensen OgyuJPNKemari (Football)
ACTom PurvisGBRHuntswoman
ACTom PurvisGBRMotorist
ACTom PurvisGBRFishing
ACTom PurvisGBRCanoeing
ACTom PurvisGBRBathing
ACTomotari SakuraiJPNThe Fighter
ACToru AraiJPNRugby
ACUlrich HübnerGERSummer Day
ACVaughn FlanneryUSATen Broeck
ACHendrika Schaap-van der PekNEDJumping Horseman
ACHendrika Schaap-van der PekNEDHarbor for Yachts
ACHerbert DuntonUSAThe Bob Cat Hunter
ACHerbert DuntonUSAHunting Party
ACHerbert DuntonUSAThe Start for the Hills
ACWalt SpeckUSASix Day Bike Race
ACWalt SpeckUSAFootball
ACWalther KlemmGEREishockey
ACWalther KlemmGEREissegeln
ACWalther KlemmGERAm Sprunghügel
ACWalther KohlhaseGERBoxen im Sportpalast
ACWayman AdamsUSAMiss Deborah Hubbard in Riding Costume
ACWharton EsherickUSAWinter Play
ACWharton EsherickUSASurf Fishinghors concours
ACWiktor PodoskiPOLFootball
ACWilhelm HölterGERHeeres-Ski-Meisterschaften
ACWilhelm HölterGERHeeres-Meisterschaften Hannover
ACCorry GallasNEDGolf Attitude
ACWilliam ByrneUSAReclining Discus Thrower
ACWilliam HaysUSAAn International Game
ACBill LittlefieldUSABoxers I
ACBill LittlefieldUSABoxers II
ACBill LittlefieldUSABoxers III
ACWilliam McNultyUSABasshors concours
ACWilliam McNultyUSAThe Race
ACWilliam McNultyUSACup Defenders
ACWilliam McNultyUSAShortening Sail
ACWilliam McNultyUSATen Metres Class
ACWilliam SchulhoffUSAThe Hunt
ACHeath RobinsonGBRClam Spearing in the Frozen North
ACHeath RobinsonGBRLearning Mountain Climbing in the Home
ACHeath RobinsonGBRMachines for clearing out Holes in Golf Courses
ACWilli BaumeisterGERHochsprung
ACWilly JaeckelGERSkiläufer
ACWilly SluiterNEDYachting
ACWilly SluiterNEDSkijumping Davos
ACWilly SluiterNEDThe Champion
ACWilly SluiterNEDCresta Run, St. Moritz
ACWilly SluiterNEDA Future Champion
ACYasuo KuniyoshiUSAGolfer - Self Portrait
ACYngve SoderbergUSAStar Boat
ACYngve SoderbergUSANip and Truck
ACYngve SoderbergUSAHauling Down the Balloon Jib
ACYoshitaro SatoJPNHit
ACZbigniew Czech / Jerzy SkolimowskiPOLRunners
ACPhilip HaleUSAMinute's Resthors concours
ACJohn JohansenUSAThe Shipbuilderhors concours
ACErich BüttnerGERTennisturnier in Heringsdorf
ACGeorge BellowsUSAStag at Sharkey'shors concours
ACGeorge BellowsUSABetween Roundshors concours
ACGlenn ColemanUSAThe Harbourhors concours
ACThomas EakinsUSAThe Oarsmenhors concours
ACThomas EakinsUSABetween Roundshors concours
ACThomas EakinsUSATurning the Stake Boathors concours
ACPop HartUSAThe Cock Fighthors concours
ACPop HartUSACroquet Playershors concours
ACGari MelchersUSAThe Fencing Masterhors concours
ACCharles Sheeler, Jr.USAYachtshors concours
ACEugene SpeicherUSAThe Hunterhors concours
ACEdmund TarbellUSAMy Children in the Woodshors concours
ACSears GallagherUSAHome in Twohors concours
ACSears GallagherUSAFoursomehors concours
ACSears GallagherUSAAll Ewenhors concours
ACAnne GoldthwaiteUSAPolohors concours
ACAnne GoldthwaiteUSASkatershors concours
ACAnne GoldthwaiteUSAThe Finishhors concours
ACAlexander KruseUSAEast Side A.C.hors concours
ACReginald MarshUSAWrestlershors concours
ACRodney ThomsonUSAHurdleshors concours
ACGerald Spencer PryseGBROtter Hunting
ACGerald Spencer PryseGBRThe Knock Out
ACGerard WestermannNEDHorsewoman
ACGerard WestermannNEDHorseman (b)
ACJaap WeyandNEDSkating in Holland
ACJanina Konarska-SłonimskaPOLSki
ACGösta von HennigsSWESteeplechase
ACGösta von HennigsSWEAtheltic Girl
ACDavid WallinSWEGirl with Racket
ACDavid WallinSWEWoman Descending into Bath
ACDavid WallinSWESun Bath
ACDavid WallinSWERepose After the Bath
ACLee BlairUSATennis Still Life
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAPolo at Meadow Brook - No. 1
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAPolo at Meadow Brook - No. 2
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAPolo at Meadow Brook - No. 3
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAPolo at Meadow Brook - No. 4
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAPolo at Meadow Brook - No. 5
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAPolo at Meadow Brook - No. 6
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAThe Manassa Mauler
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSABeak it Off
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSAReverse Headlock
ACJoseph Webster GolinkinUSATear 'I'm Apart!'
ACWinslow HomerUSACastinghors concours
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAWarrior Fighting
ACAcee Blue EagleUSABuffalo Dancer
ACAcee Blue EagleUSABow and Arrow Contestant
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAIndian Ball Player
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAPeace Pipe Dancer
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAWarrior on Horseback
ACAcee Blue EagleUSASpear Thrower
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAWarrior Dancing
ACAcee Blue EagleUSACharging Buffalo
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAIndians Duelling with Coo-Sticks
ACAcee Blue EagleUSADeer Hunters
ACAcee Blue EagleUSABuffalo Hunt
ACAcee Blue EagleUSASpear and Wheel Game
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAHunter's Dream
ACAcee Blue EagleUSASmoke Signal
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAFeather Dancer
ACAcee Blue EagleUSAShield Dancer
ACPercy CrosbyUSAA Shot at Goal
ACPercy CrosbyUSADown the Field
ACPercy CrosbyUSAThe Punt
ACPercy CrosbyUSAIntercepting a Pass
ACPercy CrosbyUSAThe Figure Skater
ACLewis DanielUSAHalf Nelson