Olympians With a Disability (52)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Era Notes
Jim Abbott USA BSB 1988 Abbott was born without a right hand.
Edgar Adams USA SWM 1904 Severely injured when, as a child, a shotgun blast accidentally hit him in the left leg, leaving him with difficulty walking due to that leg being 4-6 inches shorter than the right leg.
Tony Ali-Ally GBR DIV 1996—2004 Deaf.
Max Baldwin AUS CMA 1956 Lost left leg to polio as a baby.
Frank Bartolillo AUS FEN 2004 Born profoundly deaf.
Bobby Bridge GBR ATH 1912 Left arm amputee.
Harold Brooke AUS SAL 1960 Had the use of only his left arm.
Tamika Catchings USA BKB 2004—2016 Hearing disability.
Chris Colwill USA DIV 2008—2012 Born with 60 percent hearing loss.
Hal Connolly USA ATH 1956—1968 His left arm was more than 11 centimetres shorter than his right arm and his left hand was two-thirds smaller than his right hand.
Georges Conraux FRA FEN/Referee 1924 Competed left-handed in fencing as his right arm was amputated at the elbow, possibly from a war injury.
Jack Dearlove GBR ROW 1948 Right leg amputee.
Gus Erker USA ROW 1904 Only one eye.
George Eyser USA GAR 1904 Left leg amputee.
Ignazio Fabra ITA WRE 1952—1964 Deaf since birth.
Neroli Fairhall NZL ARC 1984 Paraplegic, competed in wheelchair.
Paola Fantato ITA ARC 1996 Confined to a wheelchair following polio
Jeff Float USA SWM 1984 Deaf.
Pedro Frías DOM BOX 1988 Legally blind in one eye.
Paul Gnaier GER
FEN/Referee 1960—1972 Right hand amputee.
Donald Gollan GBR ROW 1928 Deaf.
Shirley Gordon CAN ATH 1948 Born with a deformed left foot.
Olivér Halassy HUN SWM/WPO 1928—1936 Left leg amputee.
Lis Hartel DEN EDR 1952—1956 Paralyzed below her knees after struck by polio.
Lou Heim USA ROW 1904 Deaf.
Piero Italiani ITA DIV 1984—1988 Deaf since birth.
Bill Jones CAN SHO 1960 Deaf.
Assunta Legnante ITA ATH 2008 Visually impaired.
Whitly Loper USA SHO 2004 Born blind in her right eye.
Luo Wenao CHN ATH 1948 Deaf and mute.
Zahra Nemati IRI ARC 2016 Paralyzed after a car accident in 2008, competed in wheelchair.
Max Ordman RSA WRE 1960 Deaf.
Carlo Orlandi ITA BOX 1928 Deaf.
Terence Parkin RSA SWM 2000—2004 Profoundly deaf.
Natalia Partyka POL TTE 2008—2020 Born without a right hand and forearm
Hugo Passos POR WRE 2004 Deaf.
Brian Pickworth NZL FEN 1960 Left arm amputee.
Oscar Pistorius RSA ATH 2012 Double leg amputee.
Ildikó Rejtő-Ujlaky-Sági HUN FEN 1960—1976 Profoundly deaf.
Marla Runyan USA ATH 2000—2004 Legally blind.
Michel Salesse FRA FEN 1980—1984 Competed left-handed as right arm was severely affected from polio as a child.
Mark Scott GBR ROW 1948 Loss of sight in one eye and partial sight in the other following a mortar bomb explosion in World War II
Vyacheslav Skomorokhov URS
ATH 1968 Deaf.
David Smith USA VVO 2012—2020 Born nearly deaf.
Dean Smith AUS ATH 1992 Deaf.
Walker Smith USA ATH 1920 Competed with an artificial right eye.
Károly Takács HUN SHO 1948—1956 Competed in 1936 right-handed. Lost his right hand to a grenade blast in World War ii, and then converted to shooting left-handed, at which he won his two gold medals.
Natalie du Toit RSA OWS/SWM 2008 Left leg amputee.
Sonia Vettenburg BEL SHO 1992 Wheelchair user.
Ray Watson USA ATH 1920—1928 Competed without a right hand which he lost in a shooting accident at age 13.
Oskar Wetzell FIN DIV 1908—1912 Deaf
Yeo Gek Huat SGP BKB 1956 Deaf and mute.