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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date21 July 1996
LocationGeorgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants43 from 20 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Russian hopes seemed to have taken a big hit with the exit of top seed and reigning World Champion Grigory Kiriyenko at the hands of Poland’s Rafał Sznajder in round 3. However the other members of the Russian team, Stanislav Pozdnyakov and Sergey Sharikov, rose to the occasion spectacularly and faced off against each other for the gold medal. Pozdnyakov opened up a big lead, Sharikov fought back to 13-12 but Pozdnyakov killed off his hopes by scoring two more hits to win the gold medal. All three Russians were amongst the top five seeds in the competition. There was an upset in the bronze medal match where Damien Touya of France beat the higher ranked Hungarian József Navarrete.

12Stanislav PozdnyakovRUSGold
25Sergey SharikovRUSSilver
39Damien TouyaFRABronze
43József NavarreteHUN
56Felix BeckerGER
610Vadym HuttsaitUKR
716Rafał SznajderPOL
820Steffen WiesingerGER
91Grigory KiriyenkoRUS
104Tonhi TerenziITA
117Luigi TarantinoITA
128Jean-Philippe DaurelleFRA
1311Franck DucheixFRA
1414Norbert JaskotPOL
1518Fernando MedinaESP
1621Vilmoș SzaboROU
1712Bence SzabóHUN
1813Csaba KövesHUN
1915Raffaello CasertaITA
2017Florin LupeicăROU
2119Frank BleckmannGER
2222Janusz OlechPOL
2323Raúl PeinadorESP
2424Volodymyr KaliuzhnyiUKR
2526Mihai CovaliuROU
2625Antonio GarcíaESP
2728James WilliamsGBR
2827Peter Cox, Jr.USA
2929Jean-Paul BanosCAN
3030Tony PlourdeCAN
3132Jean-Marie BanosCAN
3234Yu Sang-JuKOR
3331Seo Seong-JunKOR
3433Tom StrzalkowskiUSA
3535Yan XiandongCHN
3636Archil LortkipanidzeGEO
3737Peter WestbrookUSA
3838Lee Hyo-GeunKOR
3940Carlos BravoVEN
=4041Elxan MəmmədovAZE
=4043Bruno CornetPAR
=4042Miguel RoblesBOL
=4039Raouf Salim BernaouiALG

Round One

Date21 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #121 JulGrigory Kiriyenko (1)RUSbye
Bout #221 JulJean-Marie Banos (32)CAN15 – 11Tom Strzalkowski (33)USA
Bout #321 JulFlorin Lupeică (17)ROUbye
Bout #421 JulRafał Sznajder (16)POLbye
Bout #521 JulDamien Touya (9)FRAbye
Bout #621 JulVolodymyr Kaliuzhnyi (24)UKR15 – 5Elxan Məmmədov (41)AZE
Bout #721 JulAntonio García (25)ESP15 – 11Carlos Bravo (40)VEN
Bout #821 JulJean-Philippe Daurelle (8)FRAbye
Bout #921 JulSergey Sharikov (5)RUSbye
Bout #1021 JulJames Williams (28)GBR15 – 8Peter Westbrook (37)USA
Bout #1121 JulVilmoș Szabo (21)ROUbye
Bout #1221 JulBence Szabó (12)HUNbye
Bout #1321 JulCsaba Köves (13)HUNbye
Bout #1421 JulSteffen Wiesinger (20)GERbye
Bout #1521 JulJean-Paul Banos (29)CAN15 – 13Archil Lortkipanidze (36)GEO
Bout #1621 JulTonhi Terenzi (4)ITAbye
Bout #1721 JulJózsef Navarrete (3)HUNbye
Bout #1821 JulTony Plourde (30)CAN15 – 9Yan Xiandong (35)CHN
Bout #1921 JulFrank Bleckmann (19)GERbye
Bout #2021 JulNorbert Jaskot (14)POLbye
Bout #2121 JulFranck Ducheix (11)FRAbye
Bout #2221 JulJanusz Olech (22)POL15 – 2Bruno Cornet (43)PAR
Bout #2321 JulPeter Cox, Jr. (27)USA15 – 9Lee Hyo-Geun (38)KOR
Bout #2421 JulFelix Becker (6)GERbye
Bout #2521 JulLuigi Tarantino (7)ITAbye
Bout #2621 JulMihai Covaliu (26)ROU15 – 7Raouf Salim Bernaoui (39)ALG
Bout #2721 JulRaúl Peinador (23)ESP15 – 7Miguel Robles (42)BOL
Bout #2821 JulVadym Huttsait (10)UKRbye
Bout #2921 JulRaffaello Caserta (15)ITAbye
Bout #3021 JulFernando Medina (18)ESPbye
Bout #3121 JulYu Sang-Ju (34)KOR15 – 11Seo Seong-Jun (31)KOR
Bout #3221 JulStanislav Pozdnyakov (2)RUSbye

Round Two

Date21 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #121 JulGrigory Kiriyenko (1)RUS15 – 8Jean-Marie Banos (32)CAN
Bout #221 JulRafał Sznajder (16)POL15 – 11Florin Lupeică (17)ROU
Bout #321 JulDamien Touya (9)FRA15 – 11Volodymyr Kaliuzhnyi (24)UKR
Bout #421 JulJean-Philippe Daurelle (8)FRA15 – 9Antonio García (25)ESP
Bout #521 JulSergey Sharikov (5)RUS15 – 11James Williams (28)GBR
Bout #621 JulVilmoș Szabo (21)ROU15 – 8Bence Szabó (12)HUN
Bout #721 JulSteffen Wiesinger (20)GER15 – 10Csaba Köves (13)HUN
Bout #821 JulTonhi Terenzi (4)ITA15 – 7Jean-Paul Banos (29)CAN
Bout #921 JulJózsef Navarrete (3)HUN15 – 9Tony Plourde (30)CAN
Bout #1021 JulNorbert Jaskot (14)POL15 – 10Frank Bleckmann (19)GER
Bout #1121 JulFranck Ducheix (11)FRA15 – 11Janusz Olech (22)POL
Bout #1221 JulFelix Becker (6)GER15 – 12Peter Cox, Jr. (27)USA
Bout #1321 JulLuigi Tarantino (7)ITA15 – 9Mihai Covaliu (26)ROU
Bout #1421 JulVadym Huttsait (10)UKR15 – 13Raúl Peinador (23)ESP
Bout #1521 JulFernando Medina (18)ESP15 – 9Raffaello Caserta (15)ITA
Bout #1621 JulStanislav Pozdnyakov (2)RUS15 – 6Yu Sang-Ju (34)KOR

Round Three

Date21 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #121 JulRafał Sznajder (16)POL15 – 13Grigory Kiriyenko (1)RUS
Bout #221 JulDamien Touya (9)FRA15 – 7Jean-Philippe Daurelle (8)FRA
Bout #321 JulSergey Sharikov (5)RUS15 – 8Vilmoș Szabo (21)ROU
Bout #421 JulSteffen Wiesinger (20)GER15 – 8Tonhi Terenzi (4)ITA
Bout #521 JulJózsef Navarrete (3)HUN15 – 8Norbert Jaskot (14)POL
Bout #621 JulFelix Becker (6)GER15 – 8Franck Ducheix (11)FRA
Bout #721 JulVadym Huttsait (10)UKR15 – 9Luigi Tarantino (7)ITA
Bout #821 JulStanislav Pozdnyakov (2)RUS15 – 11Fernando Medina (18)ESP


Date21 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #121 JulDamien Touya (9)FRA15 – 12Rafał Sznajder (16)POL
Bout #221 JulSergey Sharikov (5)RUS15 – 6Steffen Wiesinger (20)GER
Bout #321 JulJózsef Navarrete (3)HUN15 – 7Felix Becker (6)GER
Bout #421 JulStanislav Pozdnyakov (2)RUS15 – 14Vadym Huttsait (10)UKR


Date21 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #121 JulSergey Sharikov (5)RUS15 – 14Damien Touya (9)FRA
Bout #221 JulStanislav Pozdnyakov (2)RUS15 – 7József Navarrete (3)HUN

Final Round

Date21 July 1996
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/221 JulStanislav Pozdnyakov (2)RUS15 – 12Sergey Sharikov (5)RUS
Bout 3/421 JulDamien Touya (9)FRA15 – 7József Navarrete (3)HUN