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Flyweight, Freestyle (≤52 kilograms), Men

Date8 – 10 August 1984 — 12:00-15:00-18:00-20:30 (all days)
LocationAnaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA
Participants17 from 17 countries
FormatTwo groups of competitors. Placement within each group decided by a series of matches with positive points awarded for each result, from 4.0 for victory by fall, to 0.0 for defeat by fall. When three wrestlers remained within a group, they wrestled a round-robin series to determine the top three placements within the group. The winners of each group then wrestled for 1st and 2nd place. Runners-up in each group wrestled for 3rd and 4th place. Third-place finishers within each group wrestled for 5th and 6th place..

The top wrestler in this class world-wide was Bulgarian Valentin Yordanov, but he was not in Los Angeles due to the Eastern Bloc boycott. Yordanov succeeded Japan’s Yuji Takada, the 1976 Olympic champion and multiple World Champion, who had been forced to miss the 1980 Olympics because of the American-led boycott. Takada was back in 1984, as was Yugoslav Macedonian Šaban Trstena, who had won the 1984 European title. Trstena and Takada met in the final of Group B, with Trstena winning a decision on criteria. This gave him the gold medal, because the winner of Group A, Korean Kim Jong-Gyu, was injured winning his final match against West German Fritz Niebler, and could not compete in the gold medal match. Takada won bronze by defeating Canadian Ray Takahashi, 12-0, winning his second Olympic medal eight years after his first. Through 2012, Trstena is the youngest ever male wrestling gold medalist.

1Šaban TrstenaYUGGold
2Kim Jong-GyuKORSilver
3Yuji TakadaJPNBronze
4Ray TakahashiCAN
5Aslan SeyhanlıTUR
6Mahabir SinghIND
7Fritz NieblerFRG
8Liang DejinCHN
ACIván GarcésECUEliminated r3/5 Group A5,0
ACJesmond GiordemainaMLTEliminated r3/5 Group A3,5
ACThierry BourdinFRAEliminated r2/5 Group A1,5
ACLou Wie-KiTPEEliminated r2/5 Group A0,5
ACJoe GonzalesUSAEliminated r3/3 Group B5,0
ACGary MooresGBREliminated r3/3 Group B4,0
ACFarag AliEGYEliminated r2/3 Group B0,0
ACBernardo OlveraMEXEliminated r2/3 Group B0,0
ACTalla DiawSENEliminated r2/3 Group B0,0

Group A - Round One (8 August 1984)

=1Iván GarcésECU4,0
=1Kim Jong-GyuKOR4,0
3Aslan SeyhanlıTUR3,5
4Ray TakahashiCAN3,0
5Fritz NieblerFRG1,0
6Thierry BourdinFRA0,5
=7Liang DejinCHN0,0
=7Jesmond GiordemainaMLT0,0
=7Lou Wie-KiTPE0,0

Match #1 Iván GarcésECU
decision (14-2) (3:36)
Lou Wie-KiTPE
Match #2 Kim Jong-GyuKOR
decision (12-0) (1:41)
Jesmond GiordemainaMLT
Match #3 Aslan SeyhanlıTUR
decision (14-4)
Thierry BourdinFRA
Match #4 Ray TakahashiCAN
decision (13-11)
Fritz NieblerFRG
Match #5 Liang DejinCHN bye

Group A - Round Two (8 August 1984)

1Kim Jong-GyuKOR7,0
2Iván GarcésECU5,0
3Aslan SeyhanlıTUR4,5
4Fritz NieblerFRG4,0
5Jesmond GiordemainaMLT3,5
=6Ray TakahashiCAN3,0
=6Liang DejinCHN3,0
8Thierry BourdinFRA1,5eliminated
9Lou Wie-KiTPE0,5eliminated

Match #1 Liang DejinCHN
decision (16-11)
Iván GarcésECU
Match #2 Jesmond GiordemainaMLT
decision (11-3)
Lou Wie-KiTPE
Match #3 Kim Jong-GyuKOR
criteria (6:00)
Aslan SeyhanlıTUR
Match #4 Fritz NieblerFRG
decision (5-4)
Thierry BourdinFRA
Match #5 Ray TakahashiCAN bye

Group A - Round Three (8 August 1984)

1Kim Jong-GyuKOR11,0
2Aslan SeyhanlıTUR8,5
3Ray TakahashiCAN6,0
4Iván GarcésECU5,0eliminated
=5Liang DejinCHN4,0
=5Fritz NieblerFRG4,0
7Jesmond GiordemainaMLT3,5eliminated

Match #1 Ray TakahashiCAN
decision (7-3)
Liang DejinCHN
Match #2 Kim Jong-GyuKOR
fall (1:18)
Iván GarcésECU
Match #3 Aslan SeyhanlıTUR
decision (13-0) (4:55)
Jesmond GiordemainaMLT
Match #4 Fritz NieblerFRG bye

Group A - Round Four (9 August 1984)

1Kim Jong-GyuKOR14,0
2Aslan SeyhanlıTUR8,5
3Fritz NieblerFRG7,5
4Ray TakahashiCAN7,0
5Liang DejinCHN4,0

Match #1 Fritz NieblerFRG
decision (11-0)
Liang DejinCHN
Match #2 Kim Jong-GyuKOR
decision (15-10)
Ray TakahashiCAN
Match #3 Aslan SeyhanlıTUR bye

Group A - Final (9 August 1984)

1Kim Jong-GyuKOR17,0
2Ray TakahashiCAN10,0
3Aslan SeyhanlıTUR9,5
4Fritz NieblerFRG8,5

Match #1 Ray TakahashiCAN
criteria (6:00)
Aslan SeyhanlıTUR
Match #2 Kim Jong-GyuKOR
decision (13-6)
Fritz NieblerFRG

Group B - Round One (8 August 1984)

=1Gary MooresGBR4,0
=1Mahabir SinghIND4,0
=1Yuji TakadaJPN4,0
4Šaban TrstenaYUG3,0
5Joe GonzalesUSA1,0
=6Farag AliEGY0,0
=6Bernardo OlveraMEX0,0
=6Talla DiawSEN0,0

Match #1 Gary MooresGBR
fall (2:04)
Farag AliEGY
Match #2 Šaban TrstenaYUG
decision (6-3)
Joe GonzalesUSA
Match #3 Mahabir SinghIND
decision (12-0) (2:39)
Bernardo OlveraMEX
Match #4 Yuji TakadaJPN
fall (1:27)
Talla DiawSEN

Group B - Round Two (8 August 1984)

=1Mahabir SinghIND8,0
=1Yuji TakadaJPN8,0
3Šaban TrstenaYUG7,0
4Joe GonzalesUSA5,0
5Gary MooresGBR4,0
=6Farag AliEGY0,0eliminated
=6Bernardo OlveraMEX0,0eliminated
=6Talla DiawSEN0,0eliminated

Match #1 Joe GonzalesUSA
fall (2:14)
Gary MooresGBR
Match #2 Šaban TrstenaYUG
fall (2:14)
Farag AliEGY
Match #3 Yuji TakadaJPN
decision (12-0) (3:58)
Bernardo OlveraMEX
Match #4 Mahabir SinghIND
fall (5:09)
Talla DiawSEN

Group B - Round Three (8 August 1984)

1Mahabir SinghIND12,0
2Šaban TrstenaYUG11,0
3Yuji TakadaJPN8,0
4Joe GonzalesUSA5,0eliminated
5Gary MooresGBR4,0eliminated

Match #1 Šaban TrstenaYUG
fall (1:59)
Gary MooresGBR
Match #2 Mahabir SinghIND
fall (0:58)
Joe GonzalesUSA
Match #3 Yuji TakadaJPN bye

Group B - Final (9 August 1984)

1Šaban TrstenaYUG7,0
2Yuji TakadaJPN5,0
3Mahabir SinghIND0,0

Match #1 Šaban TrstenaYUG
criteria (6:00)
Yuji TakadaJPN
Match #2 Yuji TakadaJPN
decision (14-2) (2:51)
Mahabir SinghIND
Match #3 Šaban TrstenaYUG
fall (1:13)
Mahabir SinghIND

Final Round (10 August 1984)

Match 1/2 Šaban TrstenaYUG walkover (injury)
Match 3/4 Yuji TakadaJPN
decision (12-0) (4:34)
Ray TakahashiCAN
Match 5/6 Aslan SeyhanlıTUR
decision (14-5)
Mahabir SinghIND