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Bantamweight, Freestyle (≤57 kilograms), Men

Date9 – 11 August 1984 — 12:00-15:00-18:00-20:30 (all days)
LocationAnaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA
Participants16 from 16 countries
FormatTwo groups of competitors. Placement within each group decided by a series of matches with positive points awarded for each result, from 4.0 for victory by fall, to 0.0 for defeat by fall. When three wrestlers remained within a group, they wrestled a round-robin series to determine the top three placements within the group. The winners of each group then wrestled for 1st and 2nd place. Runners-up in each group wrestled for 3rd and 4th place. Third-place finishers within each group wrestled for 5th and 6th place..

The world’s top bantamweight was Soviet Sergey Beloglazov, World Champion in 1981 and 1983 who had won the gold medal in 1980, and would win again in 1988. His 1980 gold was won in the absence of Japan’s Hideaki Tomiyama, who at that time was the best bantamweight in the world. Beloglazov could not compete in Los Angeles but Tomiyama did, and achieved some measure of solace for missing the 1980 Olympics by finally winning an Olympic gold medal. The final matched Tomiyama against American Barry Davis, but ended in an 8-3 victory on points for the Japanese. Davis would later win bronze and silver medals at the1986 and 1987 Worlds, but Beloglazov continued to dominate the class, winning the 1985-87 World titles.

1Hideaki TomiyamaJPNGold
2Barry DavisUSASilver
3Kim Ui-GonKORBronze
4Orlando CáceresPUR
5Rohtas SinghIND
6Zoran ŠorovYUG
7Guanbunima CHN
8İbrahim AkgülTUR
ACBrian AspenGBREliminated r3/4 Group A6,0
ACMarwan Suhail AboudIRQEliminated r2/4 Group A1,0
ACSaúl LesliePANEliminated r2/4 Group A0,5
ACSimon N'KondagCMREliminated r2/4 Group A0,0
ACGraeme HawkinsNZLEliminated r3/4 Group B4,0
ACLarry HolmesCANEliminated r2/4 Group B1,0
ACMiguel Ángel GarcíaESPEliminated r2/4 Group B0,0
ACServio SeverinoDOMWithdrew r2/4 Group B0,0

Group A - Round One (9 August 1984)

=1Rohtas SinghIND4,0
=1Hideaki TomiyamaJPN4,0
3Orlando CáceresPUR3,5
4Brian AspenGBR3,0
5Marwan Suhail AboudIRQ1,0
6Saúl LesliePAN0,5
=7Simon N'KondagCMR0,0
=7İbrahim AkgülTUR0,0

Match #1 Brian AspenGBR
decision (5-2)
Marwan Suhail AboudIRQ
Match #2 Hideaki TomiyamaJPN
fall (6:00)
İbrahim AkgülTUR
Match #3 Orlando CáceresPUR
decision (14-4)
Saúl LesliePAN
Match #4 Rohtas SinghIND
fall (1:03)
Simon N'KondagCMR

Group A - Round Two (9 August 1984)

=1Rohtas SinghIND8,0
=1Hideaki TomiyamaJPN8,0
3Orlando CáceresPUR7,5
4İbrahim AkgülTUR4,0
5Brian AspenGBR3,0
6Marwan Suhail AboudIRQ1,0eliminated
7Saúl LesliePAN0,5eliminated
8Simon N'KondagCMR0,0eliminated

Match #1 İbrahim AkgülTUR
grand superiority (4:55)
Marwan Suhail AboudIRQ
Match #2 Hideaki TomiyamaJPN
fall (3:51)
Brian AspenGBR
Match #3 Orlando CáceresPUR
fall (1:04)
Simon N'KondagCMR
Match #4 Rohtas SinghIND
grand superiority
Saúl LesliePAN

Group A - Round Three (9 August 1984)

1Hideaki TomiyamaJPN11,5
=2Rohtas SinghIND8,0
=2Orlando CáceresPUR8,0
4Brian AspenGBR6,0eliminated
5İbrahim AkgülTUR5,0eliminated

Match #1 Brian AspenGBR
decision (8-5)
İbrahim AkgülTUR
Match #2 Hideaki TomiyamaJPN
decision (11-3)
Orlando CáceresPUR
Match #3 Rohtas SinghIND bye

Group A - Round Four (10 August 1984)

1Hideaki TomiyamaJPN15,5
2Orlando CáceresPUR12,0
3Rohtas SinghIND8,0

Match #1 Hideaki TomiyamaJPN
fall (2:19)
Rohtas SinghIND
Match #2 Orlando CáceresPUR walkover

Group A - Final (10 August 1984)

1Hideaki TomiyamaJPN7,5
2Orlando CáceresPUR4,0
3Rohtas SinghIND0,5

Match #1 Hideaki TomiyamaJPN Rohtas SinghIND
Match #2 Orlando CáceresPUR
decision (12-4)
Rohtas SinghIND
Match #3 Hideaki TomiyamaJPN Orlando CáceresPUR

Group B - Round One (9 August 1984)

=1Kim Ui-GonKOR4,0
=1Graeme HawkinsNZL4,0
=1Barry DavisUSA4,0
=1Zoran ŠorovYUG4,0
=5Larry HolmesCAN0,0
=5Guanbunima CHN0,0
=5Servio SeverinoDOM0,0
=5Miguel Ángel GarcíaESP0,0

Match #1 Graeme HawkinsNZL
fall (1:35)
Miguel Ángel GarcíaESP
Match #2 Barry DavisUSA
decision (24-10) (6:00)
Guanbunima CHN
Match #3 Zoran ŠorovYUG
decision (17-5) (5:13)
Servio SeverinoDOM
Match #4 Kim Ui-GonKOR
decision (13-1)
Larry HolmesCAN

Group B - Round Two (9 August 1984)

1Barry DavisUSA8,0
2Zoran ŠorovYUG7,0
=3Guanbunima CHN4,0
=3Kim Ui-GonKOR4,0
=3Graeme HawkinsNZL4,0
6Larry HolmesCAN1,0eliminated
7Miguel Ángel GarcíaESP0,0eliminated

Match #1 Barry DavisUSA
grand superiority (1:57)
Graeme HawkinsNZL
Match #2 Guanbunima CHN
grand superiority (1:50)
Miguel Ángel GarcíaESP
Match #3 Zoran ŠorovYUG
decision (8-3)
Larry HolmesCAN
Match #4 Kim Ui-GonKOR bye

Group B - Round Three (9 August 1984)

1Barry DavisUSA11,5
2Guanbunima CHN8,0
3Zoran ŠorovYUG7,0
4Kim Ui-GonKOR4,5
5Graeme HawkinsNZL4,0eliminated

Match #1 Barry DavisUSA
decision (9-1)
Kim Ui-GonKOR
Match #2 Guanbunima CHN
decision (15-3) (3:22)
Graeme HawkinsNZL
Match #3 Zoran ŠorovYUG bye

Group B - Round Four (10 August 1984)

1Barry DavisUSA14,5
2Kim Ui-GonKOR8,5
=3Guanbunima CHN8,0
=3Zoran ŠorovYUG8,0

Match #1 Barry DavisUSA
decision (6-4)
Zoran ŠorovYUG
Match #2 Kim Ui-GonKOR
decision (12-0)
Guanbunima CHN

Group B - Final (10 August 1984)

1Barry DavisUSA6,5
2Kim Ui-GonKOR4,0
3Zoran ŠorovYUG1,5

Match #1 Kim Ui-GonKOR
decision (10-2)
Zoran ŠorovYUG
Match #2 Barry DavisUSA Zoran ŠorovYUG
Match #3 Barry DavisUSA Kim Ui-GonKOR

Final Round (11 August 1984)

Match 1/2 Hideaki TomiyamaJPN
decision (8-3)
Barry DavisUSA
Match 3/4 Kim Ui-GonKOR
decision (7-4)
Orlando CáceresPUR
Match 5/6 Rohtas SinghIND
decision (3-2)
Zoran ŠorovYUG