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Super G, Women1

Date18 February 1992 — 12:15
Participants59 from 26 countries
Course SetterErnst HagerUSA
DetailsGates: 45
Length: 1510 m
Start Altitude: 1930 m
Vertical Drop: 498 m

The women’s super-G had to be delayed one because of rain and soft snow. The French favorite was Carole Merle, who had won the super-G World Cup in 1990 and 1991 and was leading in 1992. The fourth starter, she opened a big lead of almost two seconds when she finished. The other major challengers, Ulrike Maier, 1991 World Champion, and Katja Seizinger, came and went, with Seizinger moving into second, over ½-second behind Merle. The final major contender to ski was Italy’s Deborah Compagnoni, who had won a World Cup super-G earlier in 1992, but was still outside the seeds, starting 16th. She shattered the field, besting Merle’s time by 1.41 second, to win the gold medal, with Seizinger holding on for the bronze. Compagnoni would later win gold medals at the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics, making her the first Alpine skier to win gold medals in three Olympic Winter Games. Ulrike Maier finished only fifth, but it was a better day than was to come for her on 29 January 1994. Readying herself for the Lillehammer Olympics at a race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, she crashed badly, breaking her neck, and dying instantly.

116Deborah CompagnoniITA1:21.22Gold
24Carole MerleFRA1:22.63Silver
37Katja SeizingerGER1:23.19Bronze
415Petra KronbergerAUT1:23.20
512Ulrike MaierAUT1:23.35
66Kerrin Lee-GartnerCAN1:23.76
78Michaela Gerg-LeitnerGER1:23.77
823Eva TwardokensUSA1:24.19
99Anita WachterAUT1:24.20
1010Zoë HaasSUI1:24.31
112Heidi ZellerSUI1:24.51
1227Pernilla WibergSWE1:24.58
1324Bibiana PerezITA1:24.69
145Regine MösenlechnerGER1:24.85
1514Barbara SadlederAUT1:24.91
1631Barbara MerlinITA1:25.13
1725Hilary LindhUSA1:25.37
1813Miriam VogtGER1:25.40
1918Florence MasnadaFRA1:25.42
2022Michelle McKendryCAN1:25.43
2133Anne BergeNOR1:25.65
2217Cathy ChedalFRA1:25.66
2338Morena GallizioITA1:26.19
2426Varvara ZelenskayaEUN1:26.39
2529Svetlana GladyshevaEUN1:26.51
2628Régine CavagnoudFRA1:26.69
2730Lucia MedzihradskáTCH1:26.76
2840Tatyana LebedevaEUN1:26.92
2941Ainhoa IbarraESP1:26.96
3039Birgit HeebLIE1:27.22
3120Emi KawabataJPN1:27.31
3237Nataša BokalSLO1:27.42
3334Sachiko YamamotoJPN1:27.54
3448Ľudmila MilanováTCH1:27.61
3543Emma BoschESP1:28.45
3644Valerie ScottGBR1:29.74
3746Vicky GrauAND1:30.07
3847Mihaela FeraROU1:31.78
3949Carolina EirasARG1:32.33
4050Astrid SteverlynckARG1:33.48
4154Marina VidovićYUG1:34.35
4253Thomai LefousiGRE1:37.61
4351Annamária BónisHUN1:37.68
4452Vera GöncziHUN1:37.90
4556Liu YaliCHN1:43.50
4655Evelyn SchulerBRA1:48.74
4757Li XueqinCHN1:48.86
4859Nacera BoukamoumALG1:56.07
DNF1Diann Roffe-SteinrotterUSA
DNF3Merete FjeldavlieNOR
DNF11Chantal BournissenSUI
DNF19Heidi ZurbriggenSUI
DNF32Astrid LødemelNOR
DNF36Špela PretnarSLO
DNF42Barbara BrlecSLO
DNF45Debbie PrattGBR
DQ21Julie ParisienUSA[1:24.45]
DQ35Urška HrovatSLO[1:26.42]
DQ58Nawal SlaouiMAR
DNS60Karolina FotiadouCYP