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Super G, Men

Date17 February 1994 — 11:00
LocationKvitfjell Alpinsenter, Ringebu
Participants69 from 28 countries
Course SetterBill EganUSA
DetailsGates: 41
Length: 2574 m
Start Altitude: 823 m
Vertical Drop: 641 m

Norway had high hopes in this event, as the last World Cup winners was Norwegian, Kjetil André Aamodt in 1993 and leading the World Cup circuit in 1993-94 was his teammate, Jan Einar Thorsen. The gold medalist in the downhill from four days before, Tommy Moe, took an early lead as the third starter. Next up was German Markus Wasmeier, who had been World Champion in the 1985 giant slalom, but had won only two World Cup races since 1988. But Wasmeier edged out Moe and took the lead. Thorsen started sixth and Aamodt eighth but they could not catch either Wasmeier or Moe. When the ninth skier came down, Marc Girardelli, without catching the leaders, the gold medal was safely in Wasmeier’s hands. Moe would finish second with Aamodt winning bronze. Six days later, Wasmeier would add another gold medal by winning the giant slalom.

14Markus WasmeierGER1:32.53Gold
23Tommy MoeUSA1:32.61Silver
38Kjetil André AamodtNOR1:32.93Bronze
49Marc GirardelliLUX1:33.07
511Werner PerathonerITA1:33.10
61Atle SkårdalNOR1:33.31
76Jan Einar ThorsenNOR1:33.37
830Luc AlphandFRA1:33.39
95Günther MaderAUT1:33.50
107Marco HanglSUI1:33.75
1115Armin AssingerAUT1:33.84
1212Lasse KjusNOR1:34.02
1319Janne LeskinenFIN1:34.09
1429Paul AccolaSUI1:34.37
1520Peter RunggaldierITA1:34.44
1631Pietro VitaliniITA1:34.46
1718Christophe PléFRA1:34.50
1827Patrik JärbynSWE1:34.51
1922Tobias HellmanSWE1:34.59
2010Hans KnaußAUT1:34.65
2128Hansjörg TauscherGER1:34.71
2232Miran RavterSLO1:34.73
2317Franck PiccardFRA1:34.75
2423Cary MullenCAN1:34.84
2516Fredrik NybergSWE1:34.96
2654Brian StemmleCAN1:34.99
2735Daniel VogtLIE1:35.08
2845Mitja KuncSLO1:35.15
2921Jernej KoblarSLO1:35.16
3046Andrey FilichkinRUS1:35.26
3140Nicolas BurtinFRA1:35.28
3238Marco BüchelLIE1:35.78
3336Kiminobu KimuraJPN1:36.38
3453Vasily BezsmelnitsynRUS1:36.50
3562Lyubomir PopovBUL1:37.01
3666Luis Alberto CristóbalESP1:37.31
3743Anthony HuguetAUS1:37.44
3848Xavier UbeiraESP1:37.60
3959Vicente TomásESP1:38.02
4051Mika MarilaFIN1:38.14
4165Vedran PavlekCRO1:38.51
4261Marcin SzafrańskiPOL1:38.54
4360Víctor GómezAND1:38.64
4449Gerard EscodaAND1:38.77
4550Attila BónisHUN1:38.83
4658Ramón RossellAND1:40.25
4763Alexis RaclozCHI1:41.12
4868Gastón BegueARG1:41.21
DNF2Daniel MahrerSUI
DNF13Hannes TrinklAUT
DNF14William BesseSUI
DNF24Tobias BarnerssoiGER
DNF26Alessandro FattoriITA
DNF34Achim VogtLIE
DNF37Jürgen HaslerLIE
DNF39Chad FleischerUSA
DNF41Ralf SocherCAN
DNF42Graham BellGBR
DNF44Ed PodivinskyCAN
DNF47Georges MendesPOR
DNF52Nils LinnebergCHI
DNF55Simon Wi RuteneNZL
DNF56Federico van DitmarARG
DNF57Santi LópezAND
DNF64Spencer PessionGBR
DNF67Carlos Manuel BustosARG
DNF69Julien CastelliniMON
DQ25Kyle RasmussenUSA[1:34.25]1
DQ33A J KittUSA2