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Road Race, Team, Men

Date23 July 1924
LocationStade Olympique de Colombes, Colombes
Participants60 from 15 countries
Format188 kilometre time trial. Four-man teams with fastest three times to count towards the team result.

While course reconnaissance is fairly common for time trials nowadays, it was rare in 1924, giving a huge advantage to the French riders, who had trained on the course nearly daily in the months prior to the Games. The training paid off, with the four French riders finishing 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 9th. The winner of the individual road race, Armand Blanchonnet, won that race by almost 10 minutes and was so dominant that it would have been difficult for any other team to overcome that margin. But with the other French cyclists finishing in the top 10, France won the gold medal by over 16 minutes, with Sweden 29 minutes back in 3rd place.

Armand Blanchonnet 6-20:48.0
René Hamel 6-30:51.6
Georges Wambst 6-38:34.4
André Leducq 6-39:16.0
Rik Hoevenaers 6-30:27.0
Auguste Parfondry 6-35:57.0
Jean Van Den Bosch 6-40:31.4
Fernand Saivé 6-48:46.4
Gunnar Sköld 6-33:36.2
Erik Bohlin 6-36:12.4
Ragnar Malm 6-49:53.0
Erik Bjurberg AC/DNF
Albert Blattmann 6-34:09.0
Otto Lehner 6-43:39.0
Georges Antenen 6-53:27.0
Fritz Bossi 7-05:43.4
Arturo Bresciani 6-41:39.4
Antonio Negrini 6-48:09.8
Nello Ciaccheri 6-50:10.0
Luigi Magnotti 6-53:25.0
Cor Heeren 6-41:50.8
Jan Maas 6-51:05.0
Philippus Innemee 7-04:32.0
Martinus Vlietman 7-07:32.4
7Great BritainGBR20-44:46.8
Andy Wilson 6-53:52.4
Ernie Pilcher 6-54:02.0
Dave Marsh 6-56:52.4
Samuel Hunter 7-16:35.0
Georges Schiltz 7-00:34.4
Nic Rausch 7-04:46.0
Louis Pesch 7-19:51.4
Jean-Pierre Kuhn 7-22:12.4
Cosme Saavedra 7-09:16.2
Luis de Meyer 7-14:10.4
José Zampicchiatti 7-24:17.0
Julio Polet AC/DNF
Đuro Dukanović 7-17:23.6
Ivan Kosmatin 7-18:24.0
Koloman Sović 7-21:35.0
Milan Truban 7-53:40.0
Antonín Perič 7-14:47.8
Karel Červenka 7-20:20.0
Antonín Charvát 7-26:09.0
František Kundert AC/DNF
12United StatesUSA22-43:33.0
John Boulicault 7-15:51.6
Iggy Gronkowski 7-34:41.8
Gustav Hentschel 7-52:59.6
Victor Hopkins 8-29:02.0
Ilmari Voudelin 7-41:03.4
Erik Frank 8-04:53.0
Toivo Hörkkö 8-18:00.0
Anton Collin AC/DNF
Oswald Miller 7-46:56.0
Feliks Kostrzębski 8-14:53.6
Kazimierz Krzemiński 8-40:18.6
Wiktor Hoechsmann AC/DNF
Georgi Abadzhiev 8-08:35.0
Mihail Klaynerov 8-23:18.0
Mihail Georgiev AC/DNF
Atanas Atanasov AC/DNF