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10 kilometres Sprint, Men

Date14 February 1984 — 08:45
LocationVeliko Polje, Igman
Participants64 from 25 countries
FormatPenalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 69 m
Maximum Climb: 23 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 3.7 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Standing at 7.5 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 300 m

This event was expected to be a close duel between defending Champion Frank Ullrich and Erik Kvalfoss, World Champion in the event in 1982 and 1983. But the 20 km race three days earlier had shown that Ullrich was far from his former self regarding speed on the cross-country track.

After the first shooting round, 16 out of 64 competitors had perfect shooting scores, and the Soviet Union’s Algimantas Šalna, a 24-year-old Lithuanian, had taken the lead, five seconds ahead of Yvon Mougel from France. Two of the earliest starters, 20-year-old Yury Kashkarov from the USSR, and Norway’s Kjell Søbak followed as third and fourth. Two of the main favorites, Kvalfoss and the Olympic 20 km champion from three days earlier, Peter Angerer, followed in the next places, Kvalfoss being the only one who had to ski a penalty lap. At the final shooting round, Kashkarov missed twice and seemed out of the medal contention. Søbak, with one missed target, took over the lead until East Germany’s Matthias Jacob, lying ninth after the first shooting, had a perfect series of shots and bettered Søbak’s time by seven seconds. Both the leader Šalna, and Mougel, missed twice and were behind Jacob and Søbak. Next of the favorites to the final set of targets was Kvalfoss. He missed one target and had to ski one penalty lap, but due to his skiing speed he took over the lead, four seconds ahead of Jacob. The last of the favorites to arrive was Angerer. With a perfect shooting round he could challenge Kvalfoss’ leading time, but he missed one target and left as third, only one second behind Jacob. Over the last 2.5 km Kvalfoss extended his lead to nine seconds and won Norway’s first Olympic biathlon gold in twelve years. Angerer was faster than Jacob in the final ski segment and won his second individual Olympic medal, and Jacob, having won two World Championships relay gold medals in 1981 and 1982, won his first individual Olympic medal by securing the bronze. Søbak and Šalna were nine and ten seconds too late, respectively, for a medal. Ullrich had to ski three penalty laps and was once again skiing far slower than normal, finishing a distant 17th, 1:47 behind the winner Kvalfoss.

145Eirik KvalfossNOR30:53.82Gold
252Peter AngererFRG31:02.41Silver
318Matthias JacobGDR31:10.50Bronze
43Kjell SøbakNOR31:19.711
537Algimantas ŠalnaURS31:20.82
643Yvon MougelFRA31:32.92
763Frank-Peter RoetschGDR31:49.82
830Fritz FischerFRG32:04.72
958Jan MatoušTCH32:10.53
101Yury KashkarovURS32:15.22
1154Sergey BulyginURS32:19.112
1214Toivo MäkikyröFIN32:22.523
1342Vítězslav JurečekTCH32:26.50
1451Vladimir VelichkovBUL32:27.60
1532Tapio PiipponenFIN32:28.71
1613Walter PichlerFRG32:30.21
1728Frank UllrichGDR32:40.23
1821Terje KrokstadNOR33:00.94
1917Gottlieb TaschlerITA33:04.91
2010Bill CarowUSA33:05.80
219Sven FahlénSWE33:12.92
2262Alfred EderAUT33:17.92
236Zdeněk HákTCH33:19.33
2464Leif AnderssonSWE33:21.93
2536Ronnie AdolfssonSWE33:27.04
2647Jim WoodGBR33:40.22
2741Francis MougelFRA33:50.44
282Éric ClaudonFRA34:05.12
2956Andreas ZingerleITA34:07.55
3044Shoichi KinoshitaJPN34:12.21
3134Yuri MitevBUL34:17.41
3253Beat MeierSUI34:22.14
3355Zsolt KovácsHUN34:23.91
3446Risto PunkkaFIN34:28.54
3525Johann PasslerITA34:31.44
3635Rudi HornAUT34:46.04
3733Gábor MayerHUN34:46.33
385Spas ZlatevBUL34:51.22
3919Walter HörlAUT35:02.65
4039Josh ThompsonUSA35:10.54
4150Gheorghe BerdarROU35:20.23
4249Don Nielsen, Jr.USA35:23.33
434Yoshinobu MuraseJPN35:35.93
4431Graeme FergusonGBR35:37.34
4516Song YongjunCHN35:49.42
4638Liu HongwangCHN35:56.33
4722Isao YamaseJPN35:57.04
4820Francisc ForikaROU35:59.84
4948Andrej LanišekYUG36:16.05
5027Andrew PaulAUS36:32.43
5111Trevor KingGBR36:34.45
5223Imre LestyanROU36:42.84
5357Song WenbinCHN36:53.43
5426Marjan VidmarYUG37:08.13
5540Cecilio FernándezESP39:27.52
5659Manuel GarcíaESP40:16.66
5712Tomislav LopatićYUG40:18.29
587József LihiHUN40:21.06
598Óscar di LoveraARG40:25.73
6024Luis RíosARG40:36.54
6161Víctor FigueroaARG41:04.25
6260Hwang Byung-DaeKOR44:43.26
6329Ueng Ming-YihTPE45:38.14
DNF15Hernán CarazoCRC