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Team, Open

Date18 – 21 October 1968
LocationClub de Golf Avándaro, Avándaro, Valle de Bravo
Participants48 from 12 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

There were 12 teams of four riders each, with the top three scorers from the individual event counting towards the team score. The Soviet Union led after the dressage phase, followed by East Germany (GDR) and West Germany (FRG). As always, the endurance is critical in the three-day to determine the overall winners, and Great Britain led this phase, with the United States second and Australia third. That put Great Britain ahead going into the jumping, trailed by the USA, the Soviet Union, and Australia. Great Britain finished second in jumping, behind France, to comfortably win the gold medal, with silver going to the United States and bronze to Australia. The Soviets had lost one rider in the endurance phase and when only two of their riders finished the jumping they were eliminated. Eight of the 12 teams finished the event. Jane Bullen on the British team was the first event female eventing gold medalist. Her teammate, Derek Allhusen, won his gold medal 20 years after he had first competed at the Olympics, in the demonstration sport of Winter Pentathlon at the 1948 St. Moritz Winter Pentathlon.

1Great BritainGBR-175.93-240.03 (5)103.60 (1)-29.00 (2)Gold
Derek Allhusen Lochinvar-41.61-85.0144.40-1.00
Richard Meade Cornishman V-64.46-97.0154.80-22.25
Ben Jones The Poacher-69.86-68.514.40-5.75
Jane Bullen Our Nobby-164.01-86.51-52.00-25.50non-scoring
2United StatesUSA-245.87-241.52 (6)76.40 (2)-50.25 (6)Silver
Michael Page Foster-52.31-107.5159.20-4.00
Jimmy Wofford Kilkenny-74.06-101.5171.20-43.75
J. Michael Plumb Plain Sailing-119.50-63.00-54.00-2.50
Kevin Freeman ChalanDNF-77.01DQnon-scoring
3AustraliaAUS-331.26-302.51 (11)24.10 (3)-31.25 (4)Bronze
Wayne Roycroft Zhivago-94.95-103.5021.30-12.75
Brien Cobcroft Depeche-108.76-115.0122.00-15.75
Bill Roycroft Warrathoola-127.55-84.00-40.80-2.75
James Scanlon The Furtive-162.21-122.01-19.20-21.00non-scoring
4FranceFRA-505.83-236.53 (4)-248.80 (8)-20.50 (1)
Jean-Jacques Guyon Pitou-38.86-73.0144.40-10.25
André le Goupil Olivette B-107.26-83.01-14.00-10.25
Jean Sarrazin Joburg-359.71-80.51-279.200.00
Jean-Louis Martin Quel FeuDNF-87.51DQnon-scoring
5West GermanyFRG-518.22-236.03 (3)-231.20 (6)-43.00 (5)
Horst Karsten Adagio-102.96-74.01-23.20-5.75
Jochen Mehrdorf Lapislazuli-199.41-68.01-108.40-23.00
Klaus Wagner Abdulla-215.85-102.00-99.60-14.25
Lutz Gössing ArvedDNF-94.01-127.20DQnon-scoring
6MexicoMEX-631.56-327.51 (12)-228.80 (5)-75.25 (7)
Ernesto del Castillo Codicioso-170.60-117.00-19.60-34.00
Ramón Mejía Centinela-182.90-112.50-60.40-10.00
Evaristo Ávalos Ludmila II-278.06-98.01-148.80-31.25
Eduardo Higareda Samuray AztecaDNFDQnon-scoring
7East GermanyGDR-690.72-202.52 (2)-353.20 (9)-87.00 (8)
Karl-Heinz Fuhrmann Saturn-218.25-70.50-104.00-43.75
Uwe Plank Kranich-231.01-79.01-132.00-20.00
Helmut Hartmann Ingwer-241.46-101.01-117.20-23.25
Ulrich Vité HubertusDNF-53.01DQnon-scoring
8CanadaCAN-787.68-299.02 (10)-438.40 (10)-30.00 (3)
Robin Hahn Taffy-95.41-97.0111.60-10.00
Norman Elder Questionnaire-332.46-106.01-203.20-23.25
Barry Sonshine Durlas Eile-359.81-103.01-246.80-10.00
Alan Ehrlick The Nomad-400.60-99.00-291.60-10.00non-scoring
DNFIrelandIRL-243.53 (7)– (DNF)
Juliet Jobling-Purser Jenny-79.11-72.51-5.60
Diana Willson Chianti Rosso-228.91-122.51-106.40
Penelope Moreton LoughlinDNF-74.01DQ
Tommy Brennan March HawkDNF-97.01DQ
DNFSoviet UnionURS-157.01 (1)-166.40 (4)– (DNF)
German Gazyumov Fugas-95.70-49.50-27.20-19.00
Aleksandr Yevdokimov Fat-192.60-48.00-117.60-27.00
Pavel Deyev PaketDNF-59.51-21.60DQ
Svetozar Glushkov BalerinaDNF-86.51DQ
DNFItalyITA-271.53 (9)-236.00 (7)– (DNF)
Alessandro Argenton Diambo de Nora-160.41-83.51-76.40-0.50
Paolo Angioni King-210.01-106.01-84.00-20.00
Giuseppe Ravano Lord JimDNF-111.00-75.60DQ
Mauro Checcoli SunbeamDNF-82.01DQ
DNFArgentinaARG-249.51 (8)-599.20 (11)– (DNF)
José Eugenio Acosta Oligarca-277.96-110.01-155.20-12.75
Carlos Moratorio Hijo Manso-363.26-68.01-294.00-1.25
Roberto Pistarini WartiDNF-90.00-150.00DQ
Jorge Bedoya NaranjoDNF-91.50DQ