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100 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date25 – 27 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants45 from 38 countries

American Lilly King and Russian Yuliya Yefimova had gone 1-2 in this event at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and were still considered the favorites. Yefimova had won the 2019 World Championship at 200 metres but did not have the fastest times in 2021 in the 100. King had won the US Olympic Trials over young high schooler Lydia Jacoby, and they had the fastest times of the year, followed by Sweden’s Sophie Hansson and South African Tatjana Schoenmaker.

Those five all qualified easily for the final. Schoenmaker took the early lead in the final, followed by King and Jacoby as Yefimova never factored in the medal chase. Coming home, Jacoby surprised everybody by finishing the fastest and taking gold. Schoenmaker hung on for second with King getting the bronze medal.

Jacoby had been touted as the first American Olympic swimmer from the state of Alaska, not exactly a hotbed of swimming talent. A student at Seward High School, she had committed to swim at the University of Texas in 2022 but had been home schooled in 2020-21 for much of the pandemic year, as she also struggled to find places to swim in Alaska during that time.

Three days after the final of this event, Schoenmaker would win the 200 breaststroke with a world record, as King took silver. Jacoby and King would both win silver medals in the women’s medley relay, as King swam the heats and Jacoby the final.

1Lydia JacobyUSA1:05.52 (2 h5)1:05.72 (1 h1)1:04.95 (1)Gold
2Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA1:04.82 (1 h5)1:05.07 (1 h2)1:05.22 (2)Silver
3Lilly KingUSA1:05.55 (1 h6)1:05.40 (2 h2)1:05.54 (3)Bronze
4Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC1:06.16 (4 h6)1:06.47 (4 h1)1:05.90 (4)
5Yuliya YefimovaROC1:06.21 (1 h4)1:06.34 (3 h1)1:06.02 (5)
6Sophie HanssonSWE1:05.66 (2 h6)1:05.81 (2 h1)1:06.07 (6)
7Martina CarraroITA1:05.85 (3 h6)1:06.50 (3 h2)1:06.19 (7)
8Mona McSharryIRL1:06.39 (3 h5)1:06.59 (4 h2)1:06.94 (8)
9Chelsea HodgesAUS1:06.70 (4 h5)1:06.60 (5 h1)
10Tang QiantingCHN1:06.47 (2 h4)1:06.63 (6 h1)
11Sarah VaseyGBR1:06.61 (6 h6)1:06.87 (5 h2)
12Ida HulkkoFIN1:06.19 (5 h6)1:07.02 (6 h2)
13Anna ElendtGER1:06.96 (2 h3)1:07.31 (7 h1)
14Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU1:06,82 (1 h3)1:07.39 (7 h2)
15Lisa MamiéSUI1:06.76 (5 h5)1:07.41 (8 h2)
16Eneli JefimovaEST1:06.79 (6 h5)1:07.58 (8 h1)
17Kanako WatanabeJPN1:07.01 (3 h4)
18Jessica VallESP1:07.07 (7 h5)
19Reona AokiJPN1:07.29 (4 h4)
20Jessica HansenAUS1:07.50 (5 h4)
21Alina ZmushkaBLR1:07.58 (6 h4)
22Alia AtkinsonJAM1:07.70 (3 h3)
23Kelsey WogCAN1:07.73 (7 h4)
24Kierra SmithCAN1:07.87 (7 h6)
25Tes SchoutenNED1:07.89 (4 h3)
26Fanny LecluyseBEL1:07.93 (5 h3)
27Emelie FastSWE1:07.98 (8 h6)
28Andrea PodmaníkováSVK1:08.36 (1 h2)
29Phee Jinq EnMAS1:08.40 (2 h2)
30Melissa RodríguezMEX1:08.76 (6 h3)
31Julia SebastiánARG1:09.35 (7 h3)
32Tilali ScanlanASA1:10.01 (3 h2)
33Ema RajićCRO1:10.02 (4 h2)
34Diana PetkovaBUL1:10.61 (8 h3)
35Emily SantosPAN1:12.10 (5 h2)
36Kirsten Fisher-MarstersCOK1:13.98 (6 h2)
37Emilie Grand'PierreHAI1:14.82 (1 h1)
38Alicia KokMRI1:15.42 (7 h2)
39Darýa SemýonowaTKM1:16.37 (2 h1)
40Jayla PinaCPV1:16.96 (3 h1)
41Taeyanna AdamsFSM1:25.36 (4 h1)
42Nuna Ba MatrafYEM1:27.79 (5 h1)
43Aishath SajinaMDV1:33.59 (6 h1)
DQBenedetta PilatoITA– (DQ h4)
DQClaudia VerdinoMON– (DQ h2)
DNSAnastasia GorbenkoISR– (DNS h5)
DNSMariama TouréGUI– (DNS h1)

Round One (25 July 2021 — 19:34)

15Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA0.00Q OR
24Lydia JacobyUSA1:05.52Q
34Lilly KingUSA0.00Q
45Sophie HanssonSWE0.00Q
53Martina CarraroITA0.00Q
66Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC0.00Q
78Ida HulkkoFIN0.00Q
84Yuliya YefimovaROC0.00Q
96Mona McSharryIRL0.00Q
103Tang QiantingCHN0.00Q
112Sarah VaseyGBR0.00Q
123Chelsea HodgesAUS0.00Q
137Lisa MamiéSUI0.00Q
142Eneli JefimovaEST0.00Q
151Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU0.00Q
162Anna ElendtGER0.00Q
172Kanako WatanabeJPN1:07.01
181Jessica VallESP1:07.07
196Reona AokiJPN1:07.29
201Jessica HansenAUS1:07.50
217Alina ZmushkaBLR1:07.58
226Alia AtkinsonJAM1:07.70
238Kelsey WogCAN1:07.73
247Kierra SmithCAN1:07.87
254Tes SchoutenNED1:07.89
265Fanny LecluyseBEL1:07.93
271Emelie FastSWE1:07.98
283Andrea PodmaníkováSVK1:08.36
295Phee Jinq EnMAS1:08.40
307Melissa RodríguezMEX1:08.76
313Julia SebastiánARG1:09.35
327Tilali ScanlanASA1:10.01
334Ema RajićCRO1:10.02
348Diana PetkovaBUL1:10.61
356Emily SantosPAN1:12.10
368Kirsten Fisher-MarstersCOK1:13.98
373Emilie Grand'PierreHAI1:14.82
382Alicia KokMRI1:15.42
395Darýa SemýonowaTKM1:16.37
404Jayla PinaCPV1:16.96
412Taeyanna AdamsFSM1:25.36
427Nuna Ba MatrafYEM1:27.79
436Aishath SajinaMDV1:33.59
DNS8Anastasia GorbenkoISR
DNS1Mariama TouréGUI
DQ5Benedetta PilatoITA
DQ1Claudia VerdinoMON

Heat One (19:34)

13Emilie Grand'PierreHAI1:14.820.67
25Darýa SemýonowaTKM1:16.370.65
34Jayla PinaCPV1:16.960.69
42Taeyanna AdamsFSM1:25.360.73
57Nuna Ba MatrafYEM1:27.790.73
66Aishath SajinaMDV1:33.590.72
DNS1Mariama TouréGUI

Heat Two (19:37)

13Andrea PodmaníkováSVK1:08.360.66
25Phee Jinq EnMAS1:08.400.70
37Tilali ScanlanASA1:10.010.71
44Ema RajićCRO1:10.020.71
56Emily SantosPAN1:12.100.69
68Kirsten Fisher-MarstersCOK1:13.980.68
72Alicia KokMRI1:15.420.60
DQ1Claudia VerdinoMON

Heat Three (19:40)

11Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU1:06,820.70Q
22Anna ElendtGER1:06.960.72Q
36Alia AtkinsonJAM1:07.700.67
44Tes SchoutenNED1:07.890.66
55Fanny LecluyseBEL1:07.930.71
67Melissa RodríguezMEX1:08.760.65
73Julia SebastiánARG1:09.350.66
88Diana PetkovaBUL1:10.610.74

Heat Four (19:43)

14Yuliya YefimovaROC1:06.210.69Q
23Tang QiantingCHN1:06.470.73Q
32Kanako WatanabeJPN1:07.010.69
46Reona AokiJPN1:07.290.62
51Jessica HansenAUS1:07.500.72
67Alina ZmushkaBLR1:07.580.70
78Kelsey WogCAN1:07.730.63
DQ5Benedetta PilatoITA

Heat Five (19:46)

15Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA1:04.820.67Q OR
24Lydia JacobyUSA1:05.520.67Q
36Mona McSharryIRL1:06.390.67Q
43Chelsea HodgesAUS1:06.700.70Q
57Lisa MamiéSUI1:06.760.71Q
62Eneli JefimovaEST1:06.790.67Q
71Jessica VallESP1:07.070.69
DNS8Anastasia GorbenkoISR

Heat Six (19:49)

14Lilly KingUSA1:05.550.71Q
25Sophie HanssonSWE1:05.660.72Q
33Martina CarraroITA1:05.850.61Q
46Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC1:06.160.71Q
58Ida HulkkoFIN1:06.190.65Q
62Sarah VaseyGBR1:06.610.67Q
77Kierra SmithCAN1:07.870.76
81Emelie FastSWE1:07.980.65

Semi-Finals (26 July 2021 — 10:50)

14Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA0.00Q
25Lilly KingUSA0.00Q
34Lydia JacobyUSA0.00Q
45Sophie HanssonSWE0.00Q
56Yuliya YefimovaROC0.00Q
63Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC0.00Q
73Martina CarraroITA0.00Q
82Mona McSharryIRL0.00Q
97Chelsea HodgesAUS1:06.60
102Tang QiantingCHN1:06.63
117Sarah VaseyGBR1:06.87
126Ida HulkkoFIN1:07.02
138Anna ElendtGER1:07.31
148Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU1:07.39
151Lisa MamiéSUI1:07.41
161Eneli JefimovaEST1:07.58

Heat One (10:50)

14Lydia JacobyUSA1:05.720.71Q
25Sophie HanssonSWE1:05.810.71Q
36Yuliya YefimovaROC1:06.340.71Q
43Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC1:06.470.67Q
57Chelsea HodgesAUS1:06.600.72
62Tang QiantingCHN1:06.630.71
78Anna ElendtGER1:07.310.69
81Eneli JefimovaEST1:07.580.65

Heat Two (10:56)

14Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA1:05.070.67Q
25Lilly KingUSA1:05.400.66Q
33Martina CarraroITA1:06.500.62Q
42Mona McSharryIRL1:06.590.66Q
57Sarah VaseyGBR1:06.870.67
66Ida HulkkoFIN1:07.020.64
78Kotryna TeterevkovaLTU1:07.390.69
81Lisa MamiéSUI1:07.410.70

Final (27 July 2021 — 11:17)

13Lydia JacobyUSA1:04.950.67
24Tatjana SchoenmakerRSA1:05.220.66
35Lilly KingUSA1:05.540.65
47Yevgeniya ChikunovaROC1:05.900.70
52Yuliya YefimovaROC1:06.020.71
66Sophie HanssonSWE1:06.070.72
71Martina CarraroITA1:06.190.63
88Mona McSharryIRL1:06.940.64