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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date 8 February 1964 — 9:00
LocationLanglaufstadion, Seefeld
Participants60 from 15 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 140 m
Maximum Climb: 43 m
Total Climbing: 354 m

The 4x10 km cross country relay was expected to be a close battle between defending Champion Finland, 1962 World Champion Sweden and the Olympic champion from 1956, Soviet Union, with Norway, second to Finland in 1960 after a very tight fight, as a dangerous outsider.

In the first leg, Soviet Union’s Ivan Utrobin started extremely fast, after 6 km he had a lead by around one minute, but then he faded badly. Finland’s Väinö Huhtala caught Utrobin just before the exchange and finished with a six seconds lead with Norway’s Magnar Lundemo in third position another six seconds back. Sweden and Italy were still in contention in fourth and fifth position.

On the second leg, Finland’s Arto Tiainen was struggeling and overtaken by four other teams. At the exchange Soviet Union’s Gennady Vaganov had the lead, 12 seconds ahead of Norway. The fastest man on the second leg was Italy’s Marcello De Dorigo who brought his team into third position, gaining 21 seconds on the leading Soviet team. Sweden’s Sixten Jernberg could not hold off the Italian, but passed Finland and was still in fourth place, 10 seconds behind Italy.

On the third leg Igor Voronchikhin was able to hold off Norway’s Einar Østby, who was 12 seconds behind at the exchange. Italy dropped down to fifth position almost two minutes behind the leading team, but Finland and Sweden was still fighting for the gold. Finland’s Kalevi Lauria had the fastest leg time and caught the Swede Janne Stefansson at the exchange, both teams 32 seconds behind Soviet Union.

The anchor leg developed into a very close battle between Sweden’s Assar Rönnlund and the double Olympic Champion Eero Mäntyranta. They soon passed Norway’s Harald Grønningen and one kilometer from home they caught the leading Soviet team. Pavel Kolchin was not able to follow, and in the final stages Rönnlund went away from Mäntyranta. Sweden won, eight seconds ahead of Finland, with the Soviet Union another four seconds back. Norway finished fourth, over two minutes ahead of Italy. It was a great victory for Sweden, and Sixten Jernberg ended his great Olympic career with his fourth gold medal and a total of nine Olympic medals.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
6-1Karl-Åke Asph35:14.235:14.2 (4)
6-2Sixten Jernberg35:00.01-10:14.2 (4)
6-3Janne Stefansson34:16.81-44:31.0 (3)
6-4Assar Rönnlund34:03.62-18:34.6 (1)
7-1Väinö Huhtala34:52.834:52.8 (1)
7-2Arto Tiainen35:37.61-10:30.4 (5)
7-3Kalevi Laurila34:01.41-44:31.8 (4)
7-4Eero Mäntyranta34:10.62-18:42.4 (2)
310Soviet UnionURS2-18:46.9Bronze
10-1Ivan Utrobin34:58.734:58.7 (2)
10-2Gennady Vaganov34:42.81-09:41.5 (1)
10-3Igor Voronchikhin34:18.01-43:59.5 (1)
10-4Pavel Kolchin34:47.42-18:46.9 (3)
14-1Magnar Lundemo35:04.835:04.8 (3)
14-2Erling Steineide34:48.31-09:53.1 (2)
14-3Einar Østby34:19.81-44:12.9 (2)
14-4Harald Grønningen34:59.02-19:11.9 (4)
2-1Giuseppe Steiner35:36.235:36.2 (5)
2-2Marcello De Dorigo34:28.21-10:04.4 (3)
2-3Giulio De Florian35:57.51-46:01.9 (5)
2-4Franco Nones35:14.92-21:16.8 (5)
11-1Victor Arbez36:30.136:30.1 (6)
11-2Félix Mathieu36:08.91-12:39.0 (6)
11-3Roger Pires35:46.61-48:25.6 (6)
11-4Paul Romand38:05.82-26:31.4 (6)
715Unified Team of GermanyGER2-26:34.4
15-1Heinz Seidel38:00.638:00.6 (9)
15-2Helmut Weidlich36:49.41-14:50.0 (8)
15-3Enno Röder36:43.31-51:33.3 (8)
15-4Walter Demel35:01.12-26:34.4 (7)
9-1Józef Gut Misiaga37:46.437:46.4 (8)
9-2Tadeusz Jankowski37:06.31-14:52.7 (9)
9-3Edward Budny36:25.61-51:18.3 (7)
9-4Józef Rysula36:08.72-27:27.0 (8)
5-1Konrad Hischier37:32.737:32.7 (7)
5-2Alois Kälin37:05.11-14:37.8 (7)
5-3Franz Kälin38:18.31-52:56.1 (10)
5-4Hans-Sigfrid Oberer38:56.72-31:52.8 (9)
12-1Hidezo Takahashi38:02.038:02.0 (10)
12-2Kazuo Sato37:18.41-15:20.4 (10)
12-3Tatsuo Kitamura37:18.11-52:38.5 (9)
12-4Chogoro Yahata39:27.02-32:05.5 (10)
4-1Günther Rieger39:05.839:05.8 (11)
4-2Hansjörg Farbmacher39:11.01-18:16.8 (11)
4-3Anton Kogler38:47.01-57:03.8 (11)
4-4Andreas Janc37:45.12-34:48.9 (11)
1-1Roman Seljak39:43.139:43.1 (12)
1-2Mirko Bavče39:41.61-19:24.7 (13)1
1-3Janko Kobentar39:38.51-59:03.2 (13)
1-4Cveto Pavčič38:27.42-37:30.6 (12)
1313United StatesUSA2-39:17.3
13-1Mike Gallagher39:48.739:48.7 (14)
13-2Mike Elliott39:27.61-19:16.3 (12)
13-3Jim Shea39:45.81-59:02.1 (12)
13-4John Bower40:15.22-39:17.3 (13)
148Great BritainGBR2-42:55.8
8-1John Moore39:46.039:46.0 (13)
8-2John Dent41:26.51-21:12.5 (14)
8-3David Rees41:50.72-03:03.2 (14)
8-4Roderick Tuck39:52.62-42:55.8 (14)
3-1Don MacLeod41:07.241:07.2 (15)
3-2Martti Rautio41:23.11-22:30.3 (15)
3-3Eric Luoma42:58.82-05:29.1 (15)
3-4Franz Portmann39:00.02-44:29.1 (15)