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Doubles, Open

Date15 February 2002
LocationUtah Olympic Park, Park City, Utah (Bobsleigh/Skeleton/Luge Track)
Participants38 from 12 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 12
Length: 1140 m
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: 77 m

Germany’s strength in depth was shown by the fact that although the reigning World Championship gold medallists, André Florschütz and Torsten Wustlich, were denied a place on the Olympic team, but the two German pairs were still considered gold medal favourites.

The big question of the 2002 Olympic luge doubles concerned whether the home track advantage of the American pairs would be enough to topple the Europeans and earn a first US Olympic gold in the sport. The answer was to be no but the margin of victory for the German pair of Alexander Resch and Patric Leitner was small. Resch and Leitner, the 2004 world champions, set the best time of the first run with Clay Ives and Chris Thorpe leading US teammates, the Mark Grimmette / Brian Martin combination, for second and third. The Americans were both faster than the German leaders over the final run but not by enough to overhaul them for the gold medal. Grimmette and Martin were fast enough to put themselves ahead of their compatriots and into the silver medal position.

PosNrSliderNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
16Alexander Resch / Patric LeitnerGER1:26.08242.953 (1)43.129 (2)Gold
27Brian Martin / Mark GrimmetteUSA1:26.21643.111 (3)43.105 (1)Silver
34Chris Thorpe / Clay IvesUSA1:26.22043.013 (2)43.207 (3)Bronze
43Steffen Skel / Steffen WöllerGER1:26.37543.121 (4)43.254 (5)
59Chris Moffat / Eric PothierCAN1:26.50143.285 (8)43.216 (4)
61Markus Schiegl / Tobias SchieglAUT1:26.51843.208 (5)43.310 (6)
78Gerhard Plankensteiner / Oswald HaselriederITA1:26.61643.278 (7)43.338 (7)
810Andreas Linger / Wolfgang LingerAUT1:26.68443.330 (9)43.354 (8)
912Ľubomír Mick / Walter MarxSVK1:26.70643.248 (6)43.458 (10)
1019Ivars Deinis / Sandris BerzinšLAT1:26.90643.413 (10)43.493 (11)
1118Danylo Panchenko / Oleh AvdieievUKR1:27.32743.727 (13)43.600 (12)
1216Grant Albrecht / Mike MoffatCAN1:27.36643.645 (11)43.721 (13)
1311Danil Chaban / Yevgeny ZykovRUS1:27.58643.691 (12)43.895 (15)
1417Mikhail Kuzmich / Yury VeselovRUS1:27.65943.815 (14)43.844 (14)
1514Eugen Radu / Marian TicanROU1:27.84643.901 (15)43.945 (16)
1615Ion Cristian Stanciu / Robert TaleanuROU1:27.95643.977 (16)43.979 (17)
175Christian Oberstolz / Patrick GruberITA1:29.30345.882 (18)43.421 (9)
DNF2Anders Söderberg / Bengt WaldenSWE45.589 (17)– (DNF)
DNF13Takahisa Oguchi / Kei TakahashiJPN– (DNF)