| Event type

Doubles, Open

Date15 February 2006
LocationCesana Pariol
Participants42 from 13 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 17
Length: 1233 m
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: 98 m

Armin Zöggeler and Sylke Otto had already successfully defended the Olympic titles they had won in Salt Lake City and it was expected that the German pair of Patric Leitner and Alexander Resch would follow this pattern, although their team-mates André Florschütz and Torsten Wustlich had beaten them at the 2005 World Championships. The other medal challengers appeared to come from the USA, Italy and Austria.

The first run produced a series of shocks. At the head of the field were two Austrian family pairings and it was the Linger brothers who led from the more experienced Schiegl cousins. Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin, silver medallists in Salt Lake City, crashed out on turn 14 and minutes later the Ukrainian pairing went airborne on the same curve. Oleh Zherebytskiy was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Pinerolo after sustaining a head injury.

The second part of the competition was just as unpredictable as the first. The expected charge from Leitner and Resch failed to materialise and instead they dropped down the field to seventh. The Schiegls also had a poor run and with only the Lingers to come the Florschütz and Wustlich team held onto the top position. Andreas and Wolfgang Linger needed only to finish within a tenth of a second of the Germans to become Olympic champions but instead they took a further two tenths off their rivals. The first Austrians to win this title since 1964, the Linger brothers had won the 2003 World Championships, but had not figured prominently in a major championship since then. Wolgang Linger was one of the victims of the first test event at the Cesena Pariol track as he suffered a broken ankle following a violent crash in January 2005.

PosNrSliderNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
15Andreas Linger / Wolfgang LingerAUT1:34.49747.028 (1)47.469 (2)Gold
22André Florschütz / Torsten WustlichGER1:34.80747.141 (3)47.666 (3)Silver
36Gerhard Plankensteiner / Oswald HaselriederITA1:34.93047.236 (5)47.694 (5)Bronze
43Tobias Schiegl / Markus SchieglAUT1:34.95147.108 (2)47.843 (10)
511Christian Oberstolz / Patrick GruberITA1:34.95647.620 (9)47.336 (1)
610Patric Leitner / Alexander ReschGER1:34.96047.198 (4)47.762 (7)
79Andris Šics / Juris ŠicsLAT1:35.11447.353 (6)47.761 (6)
84Preston Griffall / Dan JoyeUSA1:35.41047.722 (11)47.688 (4)
98Chris Moffat / Mike MoffatCAN1:35.54147.715 (10)47.826 (9)
101Grant Albrecht / Eric PothierCAN1:35.56147.478 (7)48.083 (12)
117Mikhail Kuzmich / Yury VeselovRUS1:35.65047.556 (8)48.094 (13)
1213Goro Hayashibe / Masaki ToshiroJPN1:35.86048.067 (12)47.793 (8)
1320Ľubomír Mick / Walter MarxSVK1:36.26948.412 (13)47.857 (11)
1419Andriy Kis / Yuriy HaidukUKR1:37.17748.850 (15)48.327 (14)
1515Eugen Radu / Marian LăzărescuROU1:37.88349.526 (17)48.357 (15)
1617Antonín Brož / Lukáš BrožCZE1:38.11249.415 (16)48.697 (17)
1718Marcin Piekarski / Krzysztof LipińskiPOL1:38.44549.829 (18)48.616 (16)
1814Cosmin Chetroiu / Ionuț ȚăranROU1:39.59348.625 (14)50.968 (18)
DNF21Oleh Zherebytskyi / Roman YazvinskyiUKR50.897 (19)– (DNS)
DNF12Mark Grimmette / Brian MartinUSA– (DNF)
DNF16Dmitry Khamkin / Vladimir BoytsovRUS– (DNF)