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Large Hill, Individual, Men

Date15 February 1976
LocationBergiselschanze, Innsbruck
Participants54 from 15 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form.
Olympic Record 111.0 / Wojciech Fortuna POL / 11 February 1972
Judge #1Valentin TatarintsevURS
Judge #2Heikki TeljamoFIN
Judge #3Karl MartitschCAN
Judge #4Kurt BecherAUT
Judge #5Gerhard HochmuthGDR
DetailsK-Point: 104 m

The Austrian home crowd hoped for revenge on the Large Bergisel hill after the double East German victory in the Normal hill in Seefeld one week earlier. And the audience went wild when the 17-year old Austrian wonderboy Toni Innauer delivered a perfect first jump, 102.5 m, the longest in the competition. With high style notes he was in a clear lead, 7.7 points ahead of the East German silver medalist from the normal hill, Jochen Danneberg. Danneberg jumped 102.0 m, but a poor landing gave him low style points. With Karl Schnabel in third, veteran Reinhold Bachler in fourth, and Hans Wallner in seventh place, everything looked good for Austria, even if the East Germans had all their four jumpers among the ten best.

In the second round, the duel between the two leading ski jumping nations came to a climax. Bernd Eckstein from East Germany, lying fifth after the first round, took an early lead with a jump of 91.5, but Wallner brought the lead back to Austria with 92.5 m. Then Bachler jumped 91.0 m, bettering Wallner’s total points by 0.5, and Austria now held the first two spots. But Henry Glaß countered back for Eastern Germany. Lying tenth after the first round, he produced the best jump of the round with 97.0 m. The gold medalist from the normal hill, Hans-Georg Aschenbach, disappointed with 89.0 m, placing fifth to that point. Everybody’s eyes were then focused on the young Innauer. He jumped 91.0 m, a little disappointing to the crowd, but due to his excellent first jump, he brought the lead back to Austria. Danneberg was next, but he could only jump 89.5 m and was behind both Innauer and Glaß. The last of the favorites to jump was Schnabl, third after the first round, seven points behind Innauer. Could he secure an Austrian double? The 21-year old from Villach did. After copying Glaß’s length and style points, he won the gold medal, beating Innauer by 1.9 points. The Austrians had countered back, won a double and, with the other jumpers placing fourth and fifth, had their revenge on East Germany. The German quartet placed 3-4-7-8, meaning that the top eight placements were taken by jumpers from Austria and East Germany, a feat still unique in the history of ski jumping. Schnabl and Innauer ended their successful season by taking another double at Holmenkollen, this time with the best East German Danneberg a distant seventh.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1Karl SchnablAUT234.8117.5 (3)117.3 (=1)Gold
2Toni InnauerAUT232.9126.5 (1)106.4 (6)Silver
3Henry GlaßGDR221.7104.4 (10)117.3 (=1)Bronze
4Jochen DannebergGDR221.6118.8 (2)102.8 (8)
5Reinhold BachlerAUT217.4111.5 (4)105.9 (7)
6Hans WallnerAUT216.9109.4 (7)107.5 (4)
7Bernd EcksteinGDR216.2109.6 (5)106.6 (5)
8Hans-Georg AschenbachGDR212.1109.5 (6)102.6 (9)
9Walter SteinerSUI208.599.8 (14)108.7 (3)
10Jouko TörmänenFIN204.9105.4 (8)99.5 (10)
11Sergey SaychikURS200.0101.5 (12)98.5 (11)
12Esko RautionahoFIN197.8103.5 (11)94.3 (15)
13Johan SætreNOR195.299.2 (15)96.0 (13)
14Jaroslav BalcarTCH194.698.7 (17)95.9 (14)
15Aleksandr KarapuzovURS193.5104.9 (9)88.6 (23)
16Alfred GroscheFRG193.1100.3 (13)92.8 (16)
17Yukio KasayaJPN192.395.9 (20)96.4 (12)
18Jim DenneyUSA191.199.1 (16)92.0 (=17)
19Aleksey BorovitinURS187.595.5 (=22)92.0 (=17)
20Hans SchmidSUI186.395.6 (21)90.7 (19)
21Rauno MiettinenFIN185.496.2 (19)89.2 (21)
22Takao ItoJPN183.295.5 (=22)87.7 (24)
23Ernst von GrünigenSUI182.493.3 (29)89.1 (22)
24Yury KalininURS181.594.0 (=27)87.5 (=25)
25Odd BrandseggSWE181.496.9 (18)84.5 (30)
26Per BergerudNOR179.789.6 (35)90.1 (20)
27Jindřich BalcarTCH178.194.7 (26)83.4 (=31)
28Bogdan NorčičYUG178.090.5 (31)87.5 (=25)
29Minoru WakasaJPN177.590.4 (32)87.1 (27)
30Terry KernUSA176.289.7 (34)86.5 (29)
31Karel KodejškaTCH175.895.2 (25)80.6 (37)
32Jerry MartinUSA175.794.0 (=27)81.7 (36)
33Hiroshi ItagakiJPN175.295.4 (24)79.8 (39)
34Rudolf HöhnlTCH175.192.7 (30)82.4 (=34)
35Finn HalvorsenNOR173.290.0 (33)83.2 (33)
36Jim MakiUSA171.489.0 (36)82.4 (=34)
37Stanisław BobakPOL168.081.4 (44)86.6 (28)
38Robert MöschingSUI167.787.6 (38)80.1 (38)
39Janusz WaluśPOL167.584.1 (42)83.4 (=31)
40Marek PachPOL164.788.5 (37)76.2 (41)
41Harri BluménFIN160.784.4 (41)76.3 (40)
42Branko DolharYUG160.285.2 (40)75.0 (43)
43Janez DemšarYUG157.886.7 (39)71.1 (49)
44Francesco GiacomelliITA157.683.4 (43)74.2 (44)
45Peter WilsonCAN154.779.4 (47)75.3 (42)
46Richard GradyCAN153.380.4 (46)72.9 (45)
47Lido TomasiITA152.180.8 (45)71.3 (48)
48Donald GradyCAN149.578.1 (49)71.4 (47)
49Leo De CrignisITA143.371.4 (52)71.9 (46)
50Odd HammernesNOR142.378.4 (48)63.9 (52)
51Marcello BazzanaITA138.072.1 (51)65.9 (51)
52Tadeusz PawlusiakPOL130.874.0 (50)56.8 (54)
53Kim FrippCAN125.968.6 (53)57.3 (53)
54Ivo ZupanYUG119.452.2 (54)67.2 (50)
DNSSepp SchwinghammerFRG