| Event type

Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date11 February 1998
LocationHakuba Ski Jumping Stadium, Hakuba
Participants62 from 19 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.
Olympic Record 104.0 / Espen Bredesen NOR / 25 February 1994
Judge #1Peter ÖbergSWE
Judge #2Tapio JunnonenFIN
Judge #3Maurice ArbezFRA
Judge #4Yukio KasayaJPN
Judge #5Walter VogelGER
DetailsK-Point: 90 m

Expectations of a home victory where high as the Olympic Games visited Japan for a second time and the knowledge that the greatest moment in Japanese winter sports history came in this very event in Sapporo, when the Japanese jumpers swept the medals, meant that eyes of the host nation were firmly fixed on this competition and the nation’s quartet of world class jumpers. Masahiko Harada, the world champion on the large hill, was joined by 1998 Four hills champion Kazuyoshi Funaki and Hiroya Saito, who had produced an impressive run of form in the early part of 1998. Standing between Japan and the ultimate prize were a host of strong European challengers. World Cup winner Primož Peterka hoped to win a first winter medal for Slovenia, World Champion Janne Ahonen flew the flag for Finland and spearheaded by Dieter Thoma, the German team were once again strong.

At the halfway point in the competition the Japanese dream appeared to be coming true. Harada, with a leap of 91.5 m, held the lead and his three teammates all placed within the top seven. The foreign threat came from the fast improving Austrian Andreas Widhölzl and Jani Soininen, a Finn with a reputation for producing wildly varying distances within the same competition. Kazuyoshi Funaki overtook Widhölzl with his second round and led with only the two first round leaders to jump. Soininen’s leap, though not as far as Funaki’s, was enough to put him a point of Funaki but this left a clear opportunity for Harada to clinch the title. Needing a jump of around 88 m to win, Harada fell short and posted just 84.5 m sending him down from 1st to 5th and, for the second successive Games, the image of a distraught Harada was flashed around the World.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1Jani SoininenFIN234.5118.5 (2)116.0 (4)Gold
2Kazuyoshi FunakiJPN233.5114.0 (4)119.5 (2)Silver
3Andreas WidhölzlAUT232.5114.5 (3)118.0 (3)Bronze
4Janne AhonenFIN231.5110.0 (8)121.5 (1)
5Masahiko HaradaJPN228.5121.0 (1)107.5 (8)
6Primož PeterkaSLO223.0109.0 (=9)114.0 (5)
7Noriaki KasaiJPN221.5113.5 (5)108.0 (7)
8Kristian BrendenNOR215.5112.0 (6)103.5 (=12)
9Hiroya SaitoJPN213.5110.5 (7)103.0 (14)
10Stefan HorngacherAUT212.5107.0 (11)105.5 (9)
=11Michal DoležalCZE211.098.5 (20)112.5 (6)
=11Reinhard SchwarzenbergerAUT211.0109.0 (=9)102.0 (16)
13Dieter ThomaGER208.5106.0 (12)102.5 (15)
14Sven HannawaldGER207.5103.0 (=13)104.5 (10)
15Ari-Pekka NikkolaFIN205.5101.5 (=15)104.0 (11)
16Nicolas DessumFRA202.0101.5 (=15)100.5 (18)
17Hansjörg JäkleGER200.599.5 (19)101.0 (17)
18Bruno ReutelerSUI200.096.5 (23)103.5 (=12)
19Martin SchmittGER199.5100.0 (18)99.5 (=19)
20Mika LaitinenFIN199.0100.5 (17)98.5 (22)
21Robert MatejaPOL197.598.0 (21)99.5 (=19)
22Andi GoldbergerAUT196.597.5 (22)99.0 (21)
23Henning StensrudNOR193.096.0 (24)97.0 (23)
24František JežCZE192.5103.0 (=13)89.5 (29)
25Artur KhamidulinRUS186.590.5 (=26)96.0 (=24)
26Jaroslav SakalaCZE185.089.0 (28)96.0 (=24)
27Aleksandr VolkovRUS184.090.5 (=26)93.5 (28)
28Jakub SucháčekCZE183.587.5 (29)96.0 (=24)
29Sylvain FreiholzSUI182.086.0 (30)96.0 (=24)
30Dmitry ChvykovKAZ177.093.5 (25)83.5 (30)
31Ivan KozlovUKR85.585.5 (31)
=32Stanislav FilimonovKAZ85.085.0 (=32)
=32Wojciech SkupieńPOL85.085.0 (=32)
=32Roberto CeconITA85.085.0 (=32)
35Simon AmmannSUI83.583.5 (35)
36Espen BredesenNOR82.582.5 (36)
37Jérôme GayFRA82.082.0 (37)
38Blaž VrhovnikSLO81.081.0 (38)
39Peter ŽontaSLO80.580.5 (39)
=40Aliaksei ShybkoBLR80.080.0 (=40)
=40Roar LjøkelsøyNOR80.080.0 (=40)
=42Nikolay PetrushinRUS79.579.5 (=42)
=42Alan AlbornUSA79.579.5 (=42)
=42Casey ColbyUSA79.579.5 (=42)
=42Urban FrancSLO79.579.5 (=42)
46Choi Heung-CheolKOR77.577.5 (46)
47Volodymyr HlyvkaUKR77.077.0 (47)
48Pavel GaydukKAZ76.576.5 (48)
49Randy WeberUSA74.574.5 (49)
50Aliaksandr SiniauskiBLR71.571.5 (50)
51Adam MałyszPOL70.570.5 (51)
52Brendan DoranUSA69.569.5 (52)
53Choi Yong-JikKOR69.069.0 (53)
54Valery KobelevRUS68.068.0 (54)
55Kakha TsakadzeGEO66.566.5 (55)
=56Liubym KohanUKR63.563.5 (=56)
=56Marco SteinauerSUI63.563.5 (=56)
58Aleksandr KolmakovKAZ63.063.0 (58)
59Kim Hyeon-GiKOR61.561.5 (59)
60Martin MesíkSVK61.061.0 (60)
61Kim Heung-SooKOR59.559.5 (61)
62Krystian DługopolskiPOL45.045.0 (62)