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Large Hill, Individual, Men

Date12 – 13 February 2002
LocationUtah Olympic Park, Park City, Utah (Ski Jumps)
Participants66 from 22 countries
Judge #1Randy LundeUSA
Judge #2Gert AigmüllerAUT
Judge #3Janež FrelihSLO
Judge #4Klaus-Dieter GötzeGER
Judge #5Kolbjørn AsphaugNOR
DetailsK-Point: 120 m

The overwhelming favourite coming in to the Olympics was the 23 year old German Sven Hannawald. Hannawald had done the unprecedented feat of winning all four events of the Four Hills Tournament earlier in the year and was a runaway leader of the World Cup. It was true that he had suffered a shocking defeat to the unheralded Swiss Simon Ammann on the smaller hill but he was expected to bounce back and claim victory in this event. Again Amman proved a thorn in the side of the German favourite and the two man finished dead level after round one with the Pole Adam Małysz in close contact in third. As on the normal hill event it all came down to the final jumps of Ammann and Hannawald to decide the championships. Amman’s leap of 133 m was the best of the competition and heaped the pressure on his German rival. Hannawald could not match the Swiss jumper but his leap of 131 m would have been enough to win the silver medal had he not slipped on landing and lost valuable style points. Małysz took a second medal of the games whilst the bronze went to Matti Hautamäki, who upheld Finland’s ski jumping tradition. Ammann, who had never won a World Cup event, thus became the third man to win the individual ski jumping double at an Olympic Winter Games.

1Simon AmmannSUIGold
2Adam MałyszPOLSilver
3Matti HautamäkiFINBronze
4Sven HannawaldGER
5Stefan HorngacherAUT
6Andreas KüttelSUI
7Kazuyoshi FunakiJPN
8Martin KochAUT
9Janne AhonenFIN
10Martin SchmittGER
11Robert KranjecSLO
12Stephan HockeGER
13Peter ŽontaSLO
14Martin HöllwarthAUT
15Primož PeterkaSLO
16Michael UhrmannGER
17Valery KobelevRUS
18Risto JussilainenFIN
19Roberto CeconITA
20Masahiko HaradaJPN
21Andreas WidhölzlAUT
22Damjan FrasSLO
23Nicolas DessumFRA
24Hideharu MiyahiraJPN
25Anders BardalNOR
26Tommy IngebrigtsenNOR
27Sylvain FreiholzSUI
28Emmanuel ChedalFRA
29Robert MatejaPOL
30Stanislav FilimonovKAZ
31Kim Hyeon-GiKOR
32Roar LjøkelsøyNOR
33Rémi SantiagoFRA
34Alan AlbornUSA
35Ildar FatkullinRUS
36Jan MazochCZE
37Veli-Matti LindströmFIN
38Lars BystølNOR
=39Dmitry ChvykovKGZ
=39Tomisław TajnerPOL
41Noriaki KasaiJPN
42Clint JonesUSA
43Tomasz PochwałaPOL
44Jakub JandaCZE
45Marco SteinauerSUI
46Choi Yong-JikKOR
47Gang Chil-GuKOR
48Maksim PoluninKAZ
49Jens SalumäeEST
50Aleksandr BelovRUS
37 r1/2Jan MaturaCZE
38 r1/2Pavel GaydukKAZ
39 r1/2Georgi ZharkovBUL
40 r1/2Jaan JürisEST
=41 r1/2Choi Heung-CheolKOR
=41 r1/2Michal DoležalCZE
43 r1/2Brendan DoranUSA
44 r1/2Florentin DurandFRA
45 r1/2Andrei LyskovetsBLR
46 r1/2Aleksandr KorobovKAZ
47 r1/2Anton KalinichenkoRUS
48 r1/2Glynn PedersenGBR
49 r1/2Volodymyr HlyvkaUKR
50 r1/2Kakha TsakadzeGEO
51 r1/2Tommy SchwallUSA
52 r1/2Tambet PikkorEST

Qualifying Round (12 February 2002 — 9:30)

Top 36 finishers advanced to final. Fourteen jumpers pre-qualified based on World Cup points.

147Robert KranjecSLO119.1Q
240Masahiko HaradaJPN116.1Q
350Veli-Matti LindströmFIN114.3Q
449Alan AlbornUSA114.1Q
533Robert MatejaPOL111.4Q
641Michael UhrmannGER111.2Q
746Janne AhonenFIN111.0Q
844Andreas KüttelSUI109.6Q
942Primož PeterkaSLO105.3Q
1035Nicolas DessumFRA104.4Q
1151Valery KobelevRUS103.6Q
1216Kim Hyeon-GiKOR102.7Q
1339Ildar FatkullinRUS102.3Q
1448Noriaki KasaiJPN101.9Q
1543Damjan FrasSLO100.8Q
=1636Anders BardalNOR99.5Q
=1619Jens SalumäeEST99.5Q
1829Tomisław TajnerPOL98.0Q
1952Hideharu MiyahiraJPN97.7Q
2037Tommy IngebrigtsenNOR97.6Q
2127Emmanuel ChedalFRA97.3Q
2234Clint JonesUSA97.2Q
=2338Roar LjøkelsøyNOR96.8Q
=2311Jan MazochCZE96.8Q
2526Stanislav FilimonovKAZ96.3Q
2632Tomasz PochwałaPOL94.4Q
2728Sylvain FreiholzSUI93.6Q
2820Maksim PoluninKAZ92.2Q
2945Jakub JandaCZE89.4Q
=3030Lars BystølNOR88.5Q
=309Dmitry ChvykovKGZ88.5Q
322Choi Yong-JikKOR85.8Q
3324Rémi SantiagoFRA84.0Q
3417Aleksandr BelovRUS83.0Q
357Marco SteinauerSUI82.1Q
3622Gang Chil-GuKOR81.0Q
375Jan MaturaCZE79.5
3810Pavel GaydukKAZ76.2
3914Georgi ZharkovBUL75.3
4021Jaan JürisEST74.4
=4131Choi Heung-CheolKOR73.1
=4125Michal DoležalCZE73.1
4318Brendan DoranUSA68.1
4413Florentin DurandFRA66.7
4512Andrei LyskovetsBLR66.3
466Aleksandr KorobovKAZ65.2
471Anton KalinichenkoRUS61.3
488Glynn PedersenGBR56.3
4923Volodymyr HlyvkaUKR54.9
5015Kakha TsakadzeGEO54.0
514Tommy SchwallUSA44.0
523Tambet PikkorEST39.0
PRQ66Adam MałyszPOL120.8
PRQ65Sven HannawaldGER119.1
PRQ53Roberto CeconITA118.0
PRQ63Matti HautamäkiFIN117.3
PRQ55Kazuyoshi FunakiJPN112.4
PRQ58Simon AmmannSUI110.6
PRQ57Stefan HorngacherAUT107.6
PRQ64Andreas WidhölzlAUT103.6
PRQ54Peter ŽontaSLO103.5
PRQ59Stephan HockeGER100.8
PRQ61Martin SchmittGER99.4
PRQ60Martin KochAUT99.0
PRQ62Martin HöllwarthAUT95.9
PRQ56Risto JussilainenFIN87.1

Final Round (13 February 2002 — 09:30)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

142Simon AmmannSUI281.4
250Adam MałyszPOL269.7
347Matti HautamäkiFIN256.0
449Sven HannawaldGER255.3
541Stefan HorngacherAUT247.2
628Andreas KüttelSUI245.6
739Kazuyoshi FunakiJPN245.5
844Martin KochAUT244.5
930Janne AhonenFIN241.5
1045Martin SchmittGER240.4
1131Robert KranjecSLO237.6
1243Stephan HockeGER236.9
1338Peter ŽontaSLO234.2
1446Martin HöllwarthAUT233.3
1526Primož PeterkaSLO233.0
1625Michael UhrmannGER232.4
1735Valery KobelevRUS231.5
1840Risto JussilainenFIN226.2
1937Roberto CeconITA225.6
2024Masahiko HaradaJPN222.8
2148Andreas WidhölzlAUT222.6
2227Damjan FrasSLO221.2
2319Nicolas DessumFRA220.1
2436Hideharu MiyahiraJPN215.4
2520Anders BardalNOR212.9
2621Tommy IngebrigtsenNOR207.8
2713Sylvain FreiholzSUI205.8
2812Emmanuel ChedalFRA204.9
2917Robert MatejaPOL202.2
3011Stanislav FilimonovKAZ197.4
315Kim Hyeon-GiKOR108.5
3222Roar LjøkelsøyNOR107.2
3310Rémi SantiagoFRA106.1
3433Alan AlbornUSA105.4
3523Ildar FatkullinRUS103.1
364Jan MazochCZE102.7
3734Veli-Matti LindströmFIN102.1
3815Lars BystølNOR99.4
=3914Dmitry ChvykovKGZ98.4
=393Tomisław TajnerPOL98.4
4132Noriaki KasaiJPN97.5
4218Clint JonesUSA94.4
4316Tomasz PochwałaPOL93.9
4429Jakub JandaCZE91.3
452Marco SteinauerSUI87.2
461Choi Yong-JikKOR86.7
479Gang Chil-GuKOR83.2
488Maksim PoluninKAZ83.1
497Jens SalumäeEST78.9
506Aleksandr BelovRUS66.7